Can You Wear Sequins To A Wedding: Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

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Today, we’re going to be answering the question: can you wear sequins to a wedding? When you receive an invitation to a wedding, after the initial excitement, one question will come to mind: what do I wear? Some invitations will incite a dress code and others won’t. Regardless of whether a dress code is given, there are some guidelines to follow when choosing your wedding attire.

You may have found the perfect sequin dress – but is it appropriate? Which other outfits and styles are appropriate for a wedding? We’ll be covering it all in this post.

What Is A Sequin Dress?

Sequins are small reflective pieces of plastic that are sewn into a dress to make it glittery and glamorous. Wearing a fully sequined dress will make for dazzling photographs and are often seen as very formal. There is definitely nothing casual about a sequin dress and sequins are often work to the most prestigious events.

 can you wear sequins to a wedding

Should I Be Wearing A Sequin Dress (Wedding Guest)?

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, guidelines about wedding attire suggest that staying away from sequins is the best option. This is especially important if you’re an all-day guest. This is because you’re likely one of the couple’s nearest and dearest, and none of the attention should be taken away from the happy couple.

However, if you do wish to wear sequins to the evening of the ceremony, this is seen as slightly more acceptable. Especially if you veer away from light color sequins, and go shorter, rather than full-length gowns. This Sequin Wrap Skater Dress from Boohoo would work perfectly for an evening guest.

 sequin dress wedding guest

If you do decide to opt for sequins, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Do not match the color scheme of the wedding – you do not want to be confused as a bridesmaid
  • Opt for a shorter dress, as full-length dresses are seen as more formal
  • Stay away from light-colored sequins

The most important thing you can do…is ask the bride! If you’re unsure whether a dress is suitable and you have your heart set on wearing it, the best thing to do is ask. The bride may be casual about wedding attire and be more than happy for you to wear sequins. Or the dress code itself is glitz and glam, or sequins…don’t be afraid to adorn the bling!

Many bridal and bridesmaids’ dresses are full of sequins, so do be sure to check with the couple before you rock up wearing your gorgeous glittery gown!

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What Should I Wear To A Wedding? Do’s And Don’ts

There’s a certain set of guidelines you usually follow when attending a wedding (unless the dress code says otherwise). Let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing your wedding outfit.

 what should i wear to a wedding

Wedding Do’s: What To Wear

When you’re invited as a day guest, if there is no dress code, it may be best to decide on your outfit depending on where the wedding is taking place.

For example:

  • Casual Wedding: Floaty dress with small heels
  • Formal Wedding: Cocktail dress (or similar floor-length gown) or a tuxedo
  • Semi-Formal Wedding: Maxi dress or a suit with no blazer
  • Barn Wedding: Flowy dress with cowboy boots
  • Beach Wedding: Sundress or linen shirt with smart shorts

If you’re attending as an evening guest, you have a bit more freedom. Shorter evening dresses or more casual outfits are more standard at the reception, and you do not often have to adhere to a dress code (if there is one). So have fun with your outfit!

If you’re given a dress code on your invitation, it is seen as polite to adhere to the guidelines, even if you’re not a lover of the color scheme! If you’re unsure whether an outfit is suitable, ask the couple before the wedding – they’ll likely be more than happy to help.

Wedding Don’ts: What Not To Wear

There’s a few things to avoid when choosing your wedding guest outfit, and some items you should absolutely never wear to a wedding! Here are some guidelines to follow as a guest:

  • Avoid white or any variation of white (cream, ivory, champagne). These colors are usually strictly for the bride and should not be worn under any circumstances – unless requested by the dress code.
  • Avoid anything too glamorous or extravagant. You do not want to be taking any attention away from the happy couple, so don’t dress like you’re the one getting married!
  • Do not match the Bridal party. The Bridal party will usually be wearing the same color, and so not to confused as a member of the Bridal party – avoid that color. If you’re unsure of the color, check with the Bride.
  • Do not wear anything too revealing. You do not want to be remembered at the wedding for the wrong reasons. Maybe save your plunging necklines and open-back dresses for another occasion.
  • Avoid Jeans and Sweatpants. This goes without saying, but do not dress too casual. Even the most casual weddings deserve some effort!

If you need any clarification on any of your outfit, just ask. However, the dress code of the wedding is usually clear from the invitation.

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I hope this article has helped to answer the question: can you wear sequins to a wedding? It may feel overwhelming to follow the wedding attire guidelines, but you’ll choose the perfect outfit in no time! As long as you’re comfortable, and adhering to the dress code – you’ll get through the wedding without a hitch!

What do you think is the best outfit to wear to a wedding? Do you have a go-to outfit that always comes out around wedding season? If so, let me know any suggestions in the comments below. I love reading through them – and you may be helping out a fellow wedding guest with their outfit!

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