How To Do Wedding Bouquets Yourself: DIY

Today, we’re going to be looking at how to do wedding bouquets yourself. Your wedding will more than likely be the most expensive day of your life and if you’re like me, you’ll be looking for ways to help limit the cost as much as possible. The best way to help make the most of your budget is to take on some of the work yourself.

Whether that be making your own favors, designing your own centerpieces, or creating your own wedding bouquet – all of these options will help to save money. But how do you make your own wedding bouquet? Is it even possible? Let’s take a closer look.

Can You Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet?

Absolutely! If you have enough time and patience to perfect the skill – you can do just about anything for your wedding day; including making your bouquet. I would highly advise doing a few practice runs and getting as much knowledge as possible before diving into making your own bouquet; especially if you have little experience. But it’s definitely possible.

Who Wears Flowers At A Wedding?

Before we start making the flowers, we need to know who wears flowers at a wedding. Of course, the bride herself and the bridal party (maid of honor, bridesmaids, etc.) will have a bouquet each. However, that isn’t all! The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom often wear flowers to match the bridal party. As well as the groom, best man, usher(s), page boy(s), father of the bride, and the father of the groom! If you decide to make all of your flowers yourself – it won’t be easy!

What Flowers To Wear At A Wedding?

It’s important to note that not all of the guests wearing flowers need a bouquet. Traditionally, the only ones that have a bouquet are the bride and her bridal party. The mothers usually wear a corsage and the male members of the wedding party usually wear a buttonhole or boutonniere. This can be a small spray of flowers or a single bud – it’s entirely up to the couple.

What Flowers are Most Popular for Bouquets?

You may be wondering which flowers to include in your bouquet and quite frankly, you can use whichever flowers you’d like, but there are a few that are more popular to use than others. Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular flowers.

  • roses
  • peonies
  • dahlias
  • lilacs
  • anemones
  • orchids
  • sweet pea
  • hydrangeas
  • ranunculus
  • tulips

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How To Make A Bridal Bouquet: Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’ve sourced your flowers, decided on the color scheme, and ensured it’s the right season for your chosen flowers, you’ll need the following materials to start your bouquet prep:

  • scissors
  • string
  • decorative choice for the handle (lace, ribbon, etc.)
  • clean tea towel
  • flowers (and foliage)
  • bottle spray of water

Step-By-Step Guide

This guide is courtesy of hitched, and it’s a great starting point to learn the basic skills. All you need to do is:

  1. Whichever flower you want at the center of your bouquet, this is the best place to begin. Tie string to the stem, as this will be the base of your bouquet. Now decorate around the center flower with foliage and bind with string
  2. Building your bouquet once you have your base is relatively easy. Try to keep the blooms evenly spaced and try working in front of a mirror so you can see how the bouquet will look to others at all times
  3. Be sure to place each new additional stem at a diagonal angle. And it’s important to keep binding with string as you go to secure the bouquet into place
  4. Once you’re happy, leave the bouquet in deep water overnight
  5. The morning after, dry stems with a tea towel. Attach whatever you’re using for your handle with pearl or diamante pins to make it look bridal
  6. Your bouquet is ready!

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I hope this article has helped you to learn how to do wedding bouquets yourself. What’s great about making your own bouquet is that you can tailor it exactly how you want, down to every final detail. And it’s far more rewarding on the day, knowing you made the flowers yourself.

Did you make your own wedding day flowers? Do you have any tips for any brides wanting to do the same? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


How Do You Make a Bridal Bouquet?

It's actually easier than you may think to make your bridal bouquet. Preparation is actually the most important aspect of making a bridal bouquet! Choosing your flowers, ensuring their in the right season and sourcing them, is probably the hardest part about making your own bouquet. We'll be taking a look at a step-by-step guide on how to make a bridal bouquet in this post.

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquets?

Typically, it's much more affordable to make your own bouquets. But when you factor in the equipment you need to buy and the time it will take you, some people will prefer to buy them from a florist. However, if you're looking for ways to save money, making your own wedding flowers is definitely one of the best ways to go about it.

How Long Before Wedding Can You Make Bouquet?

Your bouquet should be made as close to the wedding as possible. Within 24 hours of the wedding is seen as the ideal window for the best bouquet. However, it does all depend on the flowers you're using. There are several blooms that can last up to 48 hours after being cut. It's best to research whichever flowers you choose, for best results.

How Many Stems Do You Need for a Bridal Bouquet?

The amount of stems you'll need will all depend on how extravagant you would like your bouquet to be. Typically, a florist will recommend anywhere from 24-36 stems. Usually, one bunch of foliage is more than enough. A bridesmaid bouquet will usually look very similar, but will instead have between 20-24 stems.

How To Use Cricut Vinyl On Glass

Today, we’re going to be looking at how to use cricut vinyl on glass. If you’re looking to keep the prices down on your wedding, you may be wanting to make your own favors. And the perfect favor is a wine glass. However, if you want your glasses personalized for your wedding day – it can become quite expensive. So why not try doing it yourself? It’s actually easier to use cricut vinyl than you may think. It just requires time and patience. Let’s take a look at how to use cricut vinyl on glass.

What Is Cricut Vinyl?

You may be wondering what cricut vinyl actually is! Cricut vinyl is permanent. This makes it perfect for DIY projects such as wine glasses, mugs, signs – and so much more. Not only is the film water-resistant, but it’s also UV-resistant too. This means that it’s the perfect choice for projects that you want to go the distance. Cricut vinyl can last up to 3 years if looked after correctly.

What Do You Need For Using Cricut Vinyl On Glass?

It’s best to be as prepared as possible before you start work on your cricut vinyl, so I recommend having the following items laid out in a clear area, so you have the space and equipment necessary.

  • Premium Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Cricut Maker
  • Scissors
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Paper Towels
  • Painters Tape
  • Blow Dryer (or Heat Gun)
  • Sewing Pin

How To Use Cricut Vinyl On Glass

  1. Before you start sticking, the best way to figure out where to place your design is to half fill the glass with water.
  2. Use a small amount of painter’s tape to work out where you want your design to be.
  3. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and dry with paper towels before you start sticking.
  4. Measure your design on the workspace in front of you. You may want to check this several times to ensure you have the right size. Be sure to place the design in the center
  5. Using transfer tape, you can now move the design from the backing, to the glass
  6. Be sure that the bottom edge of the design is in line with the top of the water line
  7. Once the design is stuck down, remove the tape and burnish (polish) the design. It’s worth noting that as you’ll likely be making a few glasses, use the same water from the first design in every glass; this ensures that every glass will look the same
  8. If there are any bubbles in your vinyl, you can use a blow dryer and a pin to remove them, so don’t worry too much if it isn’t perfect
  9. Leave for at least 48 hours before you use it so it has time for the adhesive to work, and the design to stay in place

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What Cricut Vinyl Can I Use?

There are actually two varieties of cricut you can use when it comes to wine glasses. Sticky vinyl and iron-on vinyl. Let’s have a look at the two.

  • Sticky Vinyl. Be sure to use the permanent vinyl, instead of the removable ones – that is if you want it to be permanent at your wedding. You may want it removable so you can use it for other events after
  • Iron-On Vinyl. You can use iron-on vinyl on glass using heat transfer. However, if you’re new to the world of cricut vinyl, it may not be best to do this, as you need to have some knowledge around the subject. To find out more about using iron-on vinyl for wine glasses, check out this article.

It’s worth noting that whatever cricut vinyl you use, it’s always best to stick to handwashing. Although the glass may be dishwasher safe, the vinyl will peel off much quicker if you choose to wash it in the dishwasher.


I hope this article has helped you to learn how to use cricut vinyl on glass. If cricut vinyl is new to you, it may be best to buy a few trial glasses so you can practice before you start work on the real deal. That way, there’s much less pressure to get it perfect the first time. As long as you have patience and time on your side, you’ll have the most amazing wedding favor wine glasses in no time at all!

Do you have any recommendations for using cricut vinyl on glass? Or have your own method you’d like to share? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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How Do I Get My Cricut Vinyl to Stick to Glass?

There are a few tips to ensure your cricut vinyl sticks to the glass. Before you do anything, be sure the surface that you're sticking onto is completely clean, using rubbing alcohol. The cleaner the better. Any oil from your fingers can stop the vinyl from sticking. Once you've stuck the vinyl down, it's very important to burnish (polish) the area well; this will ensure the adhesion is better. 

How Do You Add Cricut Vinyl to Wine Glass?

Using transfer paper, with graph paper on the inside of the glass to be sure you place the vinyl in the correct position. They'll be a more in depth tutorial in this post.

How Do You Keep Vinyl From Peeling Off Glass?

There are a few things you can do to ensure that the vinyl doesn't begin peeling off shortly after applied. Ensure that the glass is dry and then clean with rubbing alcohol. Once you've stuck the vinyl, it's best to leave it for at least 48 hours; that way it'll have time to set in place.

What Kind of Cricut Vinyl is Used for Wine Glasses?

If you're looking for the perfect cricut vinyl to use on your glasses, I highly recommend Oracal 651. It has a strong adhesive, which is perfect for long lasting designs. It's also good at lasting after handwashing, which is definitely something you'll need for a wine glass. You can find the Oracal 651 permanent adhesive on stores such as Amazon, in a range of shapes and sizes.

5 Year Anniversary Gift For Him: What To Get

Today, we’re going to be looking at what to get for your 5 year anniversary gift for him. I’ve found that the longer you’re together, the more difficult it is to find deep and meaningful gifts for one another. However, this is why wedding anniversaries are also great because every year of marriage has a different symbol or gift idea. And the 5th year anniversary is no different!

Whether you’re looking for something sentimental, or something to make your husband laugh, we’ll be taking a look at lots of creative ideas in this article. But first, let’s take a look at the traditional gifts and symbols for the five-year wedding anniversary.

What Is The Modern Gift For 5th Anniversary?

There is also a modern gift to go alongside the traditional gift for every year of marriage. The modern gift is silverware. While your mind may instantly jump to thinking of cutlery, silverware can be so much more than that!

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What Is The Flower For 5th Anniversary?

The flower for the 5th anniversary is the humble daisy. Did you know that daisies symbolize love and loyalty? This makes them perfect for half a decade of marriage.

What Is The Color For 5th Anniversary?

The colors for the 5th anniversary vary dramatically. While some claim the color is pink, others claim it’s blue or turquoise! You can theme your gift around one of these colors if you’d prefer.

Gift Ideas For Him – 5th Anniversary

While you can buy your partner anything for the 5th year anniversary, some people prefer to stick to the yearly theme. There are some beautiful wooden gifts you can buy for him. Here are our top picks.

5th Year Anniversary Plaque

This hand crafted plaque is absolutely gorgeous and can be bought for him or for her. It’s $28.95 and already comes presented in a gift box, making it the perfect gift. The plaque itself is engraved with words around 5 years of marriage and ends with the line, “five years down, forever to go”. You can find this plaque from Kate Posh here.

Wooden Chessboard

If you and your husband like to play games together, a chessboard is an ideal gift. I love this Retro Wooden Chessboard from IADUMO. The models themselves are terracotta warriors and it’s uniquely different from a traditional chessboard. It comes highly rated and comes in at $55.99 for the medium-sized board. You can find this wooden chessboard here.

Some other ideas include:

  • wooden desk tidy
  • wooden furniture
  • figurines made from wood
  • fragrances that have a woody scent
  • woody scented candles
  • bonsai plant
  • wooden canvas photo of you both
  • wooden couple coasters
  • chopping board (for any budding chefs)

If you’re looking for a modern anniversary gift (silverware), you can even cut the corners and just buy your husband a piece of silver jewelry. It may be cheating, but we won’t tell if you won’t!

Do You Need To Buy Something From The 5th Anniversary Symbol?

While you may feel like you must buy something themed around one of the 5th-anniversary symbols, don’t feel under any pressure. If you know your partner would prefer another gift, or you’d rather buy something else – you can do that! The symbols for every year of marriage are just a tradition, and it can be one of the traditions you choose not to follow if you wish.

Do You Need To Buy Gifts Every Anniversary?

Honestly? No. I’ve been married 6 years in 2022 and we don’t ever buy each other gifts on our anniversary! However, we do often go out for a meal or stay over in a hotel. Do what suits you best as a couple. If you’d rather put the money for gifts towards a holiday, or a night out-do it! While there may feel like pressure to spoil your partner with gifts on your anniversary, this doesn’t have to be the case.


I hope this article has helped to give you some ideas of what to get for your 5-year anniversary gift for him. You can take the yearly anniversary gifts seriously, or with a pinch of salt – it’s all down to you and your partner! However you decide to celebrate, I hope you both have an amazing day.

What will you be buying for your partner on your five-year wedding anniversary? Are there any ideas I missed which you’d like to share? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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What Do You Get Your Husband for 5th Anniversary?

When you're choosing the gift for your husband, it's important to keep his interests in mind. While it's a lovely idea to stick to the theme every year, try to incorporate the theme with your partner's likes to make the gift more special. To me, nothing beats a thoughtful gift, but not everyone is the same - and it's important to keep that in mind when choosing your gift. 

What is the Traditional Gift For 5 Year Anniversary?

For every year of marriage, there is a traditional gift and a modern gift. The traditional gift for your five year anniversary is wood. While this may seem like a difficult symbol to work with, there are plenty of great gift ideas you can buy with wood as the central theme.

What Stone Represents 5 Years of Marriage?

You may not know, but there's actually a gemstone or two that's associated with every year of marriage too. This is perfect if you're looking to buy jewellery. The gemstone for the 5th year is sapphire or pink tourmaline.

What is the Symbol for 5th Anniversary?

As we've seen, wood is the symbol for the 5th anniversary. But why wood? Well, wood is not only strong, but also durable, which is a great foundation of any love and marriage. Other reasons why wood is chosen is because it takes time and effort to create a long-lasting tree and also trees are known for their wisdom and strength. 

Push Up Corset Bra For Wedding Dress: What To Wear

Today, we’re going to be looking at a push up corset bra for wedding dress and how to find the best undergarments to wear on your wedding day. Depending on the shape and style of your wedding dress, you’ll need a specific bra for each design. There are certain bras and undergarments that are better suited for particular dresses – but don’t worry, we’ll be covering it all! And do you even need to wear a bra on your wedding day? Let’s take a look.

What Is A Push Up Corset Bra?

We all know what a push-up bra is, it helps to give our breasts more shape and volume, which is something you may want on your wedding day. However, a push-up corset bra does more than that! As well as giving more volume and shape to your breasts, it also helps to contour and shape your torso. It’s worth noting that corset bras can be extremely restrictive, and may take some getting used to if you’ve never worn one before.

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How To Choose The Right Undergarments For Your Wedding Day

Dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to choose the right bra or shapewear for you, to ensure you get the intended shape from your dress. Whether you’ve got a backless dress or a dress with a mermaid silhouette – the perfect undergarment for you is out there. Let’s take a look!

Open Back

If your dress has a gorgeous open back, not only do you need to go strapless, but you’ll also need to go backless too! So a backless bra that’s adhesive is an absolute must-have. They’re often made from silicone and come in a range of colors and patterns. You can find backless bras in stores such as Invisibra which are around £40 – they even come with matching underwear too!

Strapless Dress

If you have a strapless dress, this is the perfect time to wear a push-up corset bra, otherwise known as a longline strapless bra. They’re perfect for accentuating your figure and showing off your gorgeous curves! This longline corset from Corset Story is stunning and is ideal under most strapless wedding dresses. It’s worth noting that if you’ve never worn a corset before, be sure to practice beforehand – they can be hard work!

Mermaid Dress

Bridal shapewear is perfect if your dress is a mermaid silhouette. It can cover your thighs, tummy, and hips, and give the experience that everything is extra smooth. Let’s be honest, not many of us are blessed with being naturally smooth everywhere!

Plunging Neckline

If your dress has a gaping neckline, a plunge bra is perfect. They often have a cutout in between the cups which allows for your cleavage to be on full display. You may worry that you won’t have enough support, particularly if you have big breasts – but don’t worry, the support you’re losing from the front is moved to the sides of the bra.

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Do You Need To Wear White Undergarments For Your Wedding?

It’s traditional to wear white undergarments on your wedding day, but you absolutely don’t have to. It’s recommended you do so that if part of your bra is seen, or is on show (no matter how brief), it’s far less noticeable if your underwear is white or a nude color. So be sure to choose nude colors if there’s a chance of any mishaps!

How To Put On A Corset

Putting on a corset can be really tricky, especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. So if corsets are new to you, be sure you practice a few times before the big day. Or have a friend or family member on hand to help you – but be sure they practice too. If you’re unsure where to start, Angela Friedman has a fantastic post on how to put a corset on yourself. The article is full of tips and tutorials to help make it as easy as possible. Remember – practice makes perfect!


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with a push-up corset bra for a wedding dress and also what to wear underneath your dress, no matter what the design is. The most important tip to remember is to find something that’s comfortable for you. You’ll be in the dress (and your undergarments) for much of the day, so you want something you can relax in. It may be worth wearing your undergarments in, so your body can adjust to them.

Did you wear a push-up corset bra for your wedding day? How did you manage? If you have any tips or tricks to help fellow brides make it through the day, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


Do You Wear a Bra With a Corset Wedding Dress?

If your dress has been altered correctly, there is no need to wear a bra with a corset wedding dress. However, this will all depend on how comfortable you are going braless. If you're comfortable doing so, a corset wedding dress is usually enough support, without the need for a bra. 

What Bra Do You Wear With a Backless Wedding Dress?

A backless bra for wedding dress that's got an open back is the perfect choice. Backless bras often have no straps, as well as no backs. It may feel scary wearing a bra that doesn't have all that much material, but they offer a surprising amount of support, and they'll take your dress to the next level on your wedding day. 

Can You Go Braless in a Wedding Dress?

If your dress is tight enough - of course! I went braless on my own wedding day and I loved it. It's worth noting that unless you're used to not wearing a bra, it's probably not best to go braless for your wedding day. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole day, and this may make you feel anxious if it's something you're not used to. 

Cheap Boutonniere For Wedding: Do It Yourself

Today, we’re going to be looking at a cheap boutonniere for wedding, and how you can even do it yourself at home! With most things you may need for your wedding day, the cheapest way to go about doing it – is to do it yourself. However, that requires you to put aside time and effort to get the job done before the wedding. So whether you want to make your own, or buy them readymade – let’s take a look at how to get the best value for your money.

What Is A Boutonniere?

If you’ve been to a wedding before, you’ll likely already know what a boutonniere is. It’s a spray of flowers (or a singular flower) that is often worn in the buttonhole of your blazer jacket or your lapel. More often than not, it’s the male members of the wedding party that wear a boutonniere; however, anyone can choose to wear one if the happy couple choose so. Boutonnieres are more commonly worn at weddings, but they’re also worn at formal dances too, such as prom and homecoming.

How To Pin A Boutonniere

Whether you’re using the lapel or shirt method, pinning a boutonniere can be quite tricky if you’re unsure what you’re doing. However, FTD has an amazing step-by-step guide on how to secure your boutonniere safely for the big day.

Some suits already have a buttonhole in the lapel of the jacket. If so, it’s super easy to attach a boutonniere using the buttonhole. All you need to do is:

  1. Put the stem through the buttonhole. There’s usually string behind the lapel to keep the stem secure after you tuck it in.
  2. Tuck the stem into the string.
  3. Position the flower the way you’d like. It’s important to note that traditionally, the boutonniere for a male is always worn on the left and should always be facing towards you.
  4. Ensure the boutonniere is secure and you’re ready to go!

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Making Your Own Boutonniere

If you’re choosing to make your own boutonnieres, it’s definitely the cheapest option; although certainly the most time-consuming. The groom should always have a different boutonniere from the groomsmen so that he’s easily identifiable. The groomsmen can wear similar flowers in their boutonnieres – just something a little less extravagant! Let’s take a look at how to make your own boutonniere from this amazing tutorial from Blooms by the Box.

You Will Need:

  • 1 stem of Freedom Rose
  • 2 stems of Pittosporum
  • Two stems of Eucalyptus
  • 2 stems of Thistle Eryngium
  • Floral Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Straight Pins
  • Boutonniere Pins
  • Floral Scissors
  • Paring Knife


  1. Grab your Freedom Rose stem (it can be any flower) and cut to leave around 3-4 inches of stem.
  2. Get the Pittosporum stem and cut the same length. Arrange together.
  3. Add the thistle to the arrangement and hold it in place.
  4. Grab the Eucalyptus and add to the arrangement – you may need to cut small pieces for this.
  5. Hold together in place and wrap with floral tape, just under the bloom of the rose. Tape downwards and leave a third of the stem on show.
  6. Trim stems with scissors.
  7. Use ribbon of choice (should be 5/8″ in width) and cut to around 8 inches.
  8. Hold the ribbon under the bloom and pin it in place. Repeat until you can no longer see the tape, and can only see the ribbon. Secure in place and pin on the lapel/buttonhole.

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I hope this article has helped to answer the question: how to make or find a cheap boutonniere for a wedding. Whether you’re making them yourself or buying them made, be sure to shop around and find quotes from a selection of local suppliers; that way you’ll know you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Did you make your own boutonnieres? Or did you buy ones that were ready to go on your wedding day? If you’re comfortable sharing how much you paid for them, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


How Much Do Boutonnieres Cost For a Wedding?

On average, boutonnieres can cost anywhere from $5-$20. This will all depend on the style of flower you choose, and how big the spray of flowers you choose is. For example, flowers like daisies and carnations start from around $5. Roses are in the mid-range at around $10-$15. And flowers like Gerberas can be between $20-$25! These prices are all based on fresh flowers. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, try opting for a silk flower boutonniere. They don't look quite as realistic, but they're around $5-$10.

What Can I Use Instead of a Boutonniere?

Some people don't want flowers at their wedding for a range of reasons. If you're one of those people, but you'd still like a boutonniere, you can try one of the following quirky ideas: shell boutonniere, paper and ribbons boutonniere, pinwheel boutonniere, button boutonniere and even a cone boutonniere! 

Is a Boutonniere Necessary for a Wedding?

Absolutely not! If you don't want to have boutonnieres at your wedding, you don't need to. You need to remember that it's your wedding and you must choose whatever you feel happiest with at your wedding. While it's popular at weddings for the male members of the party to wear boutonnieres, it's not compulsory - and it doesn't have to be an important part of your day! 

Who Should Wear Boutonnieres at a Wedding?

The most important person that should be wearing a boutonniere at your wedding is the groom. However, it doesn't stop there! There's a surprisingly amount of people that wedding experts suggest wear a boutonniere - but you can choose as many, or as few as you wish. Typically, the groomsmen and bridesmen (male members of the bridal party) wear boutonnieres. Alongside the groomsmen, the fathers and stepfathers of the couple tend to wear one, as well as the grandfathers of the couple. Also, it can be a nice idea to include the ring bearers, ushers and officiants in this too, as it often makes them feel like they're part of the wedding party. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Pregnant Bride: Top Picks

Today, we’re going to be looking at our top picks for bachelorette party ideas for pregnant brides. There’ll be many events to celebrate before the wedding day itself, and one of the most anticipated events pre-wedding is the bachelorette party. However, if you’re an expectant mother, as well as a bride-to-be, you may think it’ll be difficult to enjoy your bachelorette party. But there’s a huge selection of alcohol-free ideas to choose from – you don’t need alcohol to have the most incredible bachelorette party! Let’s take a closer look at all things planning a bachelorette party for a pregnant bride.

What Is A Bachelorette Party?

You may know it is a hen night or a bachelorette party – but however you know it, it’s the same kind of celebration. It’s a party that’s held for the bride-to-be, to celebrate the start of her new adventure…and mourn the end of her singledom! Traditionally, the event occurs in the evening and female guests are the only guests permitted. However, some couples choose to have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party or to invite men and women to the party.

Alcohol-Free Bachelorette Party Ideas For Pregnant Bride

There’s a range of ideas to choose from, which don’t need to involve any alcohol at all. You can choose to put a ban on alcohol, make up some mocktails, or let some guests drink alcohol if they wish. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks.

  1. Spa Day. Whether this be at a local spa, or from the comfort of your own home, it’s probably exactly what she needs right now. She can take some time to get her nails done, have a massage, have a face mask, and most importantly – catch up with her girlfriends!
  2. Beach Day. Depending on where you are in the world, a trip to the beach could be welcome. Make up some mocktails, get yourself into a swimsuit, and have a relaxing day on the beach with your nearest and dearest.
  3. Arts and Crafts. If you have an artsy bride, why not try something creative? Making floral crowns, flower arranging, painting, pottery – you’ll likely make some great memories doing an activity together.
  4. Slumber Party. This is my favorite option. Take yourself back to your high school days, get some matching PJs, and most importantly…some alcohol-free spirits! Lyre has an incredible range of alcohol-free drinks, including gin, amaretto, cocktails, rum, wine – you name it, they’ve got it. Create your own wedding mocktails and play some games together.

Top Tips For Your Pregnant Bride To Feel Special

Making her feel included is the most important thing when hosting her bachelorette party. She’ll likely feel a bit hesitant about the party, so make sure it’s a whole load of fun for her!

  • She may be tempted to skip it – tell her absolutely not. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time with your friends!
  • Make her some mocktails using an alcohol-free store like Lyre. She’ll feel as though thought and care has gone into the planning of her party
  • Don’t skimp on the sexiness! She won’t always be pregnant, so still splash out on sexy lingerie to make her feel like the queen she is
  • Check-in on her. Being pregnant is hard work! If she needs a break or an early night – give her the freedom to do so

Games To Play With A Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Most games don’t require you to drink/be drunk, and if they do – just substitute the drinking for a dare, or eat food that’s particularly gross! There are ways around not being able to drink alcohol, and everyone still having the best time.

Try games such as scavenger hunts, never have I ever, adult Pictionary and how well do you know the bride? They’ll all go down with a bang!


I hope this article has given you some bachelorette party ideas for a pregnant bride. The most important thing to do is to lift the bride’s spirits up and to get her excited about her bachelorette party – she’ll likely only ever one, so be sure to give her a night to remember. (And hey, no alcohol, so she will actually remember it!).

Were you a pregnant bride at your bachelorette party? If so, I would love to hear your experiences and what you chose to do. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


How Do I Make My Bride Feel Special Bachelorette Party?

Making the bride feel special is the most important thing - whether she's pregnant or not! There's a few ways you can do this. For example, surprises are always a great way to make people feel special. If she's a pregnant bride, a good idea could be to plan a weekend getaway with the other bachelorettes, so she can have time to rest and completely relax. Another cute idea is to make matching wedding attire. Of course, make the bride's outfit the biggest and the best! 

Does the Bride Do Anything for the Bachelorette Party?

Traditionally, it's the maid of honor's job to organize the bachelorette party. Or it can be the bridesmaids, or a group of her closest female friends. The bride doesn't typically do anything for her bachelorette party, but if she wants to assist in planning her perfect party - she absolutely can! 

How Much is Too Much For Bachelorette Party?

There's no such thing as too much! The best things to consider are the financial situations of the group of bachelorettes and agree on a budget per person before you start planning. Some guests are happy to spend a large sum of money, while others won't be - so try to be compromising. 

What Can You Do Instead of a Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party doesn't have to be a party at all - it can be absolutely anything! If she wants to have a slumber party with all her best friends and a pamper session, she absolutely can. Just plan with the bride's interests at heart - no matter if she's pregnant or not. 

Little Sister Of The Groom Speech

Today, we’re going to be looking at how to perfect your little sister of the groom’s speech. Traditionally, only the best man and father of the bride made a speech, but nowadays it’s far more common for there to be a handful of speeches, from important people in the happy couple’s lives. Whether that be godparents, siblings, mothers – you can choose anyone you’d like to make a speech at your wedding; tradition doesn’t always have to be followed!

If you’ve been asked by your brother to give a speech at his wedding – this is a real honor. He obviously feels as though you’re one of the closest people in his life and has a really special bond with you. While it may feel intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll be running through how to plan the perfect speech, and some tips to ensure it’s heartfelt, funny, and personal. Let’s take a look.

How To Plan Your Speech: Step By Step

It may feel overwhelming putting pen to paper, but this is a real privilege and if you’re confident enough to do so, should take this opportunity and take this chance to show your brother how much he means to you.

  1. The first thing to do is PLAN. Brainstorm some stories, anecdotes, jokes you’d like to include and roughly make a draft. This doesn’t have to be perfect – so don’t stress too much!
  2. Much like a story, your speech should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should be an introduction to yourself and a hello to the happy couple. The middle is where to add some jokes, some personal stories, and be sure to include some moments that include the bride – this speech isn’t just for your brother. The ending is where you should honor your parents and initiate a toast for the happy couple
  3. Once you’ve planned a beginning, middle, and end – type your speech out, write it out, put it onto your phone, however you want to read it on the day…and practice!
  4. Rehearse the speech several times. Practice with a friend if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. On the big day, be sure to have tissues at hand a glass of wine to calm your nerves – and enjoy every moment!

Tips For The Sister Of The Groom Speech

  1. I know it’s tempting, especially on a day where your emotions are so heightened – but try to keep it light-hearted, and not too heartfelt. While the sentiment is lovely, you don’t want to be crying throughout the speech, so leave the soppy stuff nearer the end!
  2. Talk to family members! If you’re unsure where to start, or not sure you have enough content for your speech, ask for help from your parents, other siblings, his friends – they’ll be more than happy to supply you with some embarrassing stories to share!
  3. Make it personal. I know it’s easier to use a template from Google, but if it lacks any originality, it won’t convey the right message to the groom, or the other guests
  4. Practice! You don’t need to know the speech word for word from the top of your head, but knowing a rough idea of what moments follow which throughout the speech will help to calm the nerves on the day, and help you to feel more familiar with the content
  5. While it may feel a little cliché, a lovely idea is to include some quotes from a film, a book, or a band that is special to both of you. While it may not mean much to the other guests, it can be a touching moment between siblings
  6. Try not to make the speech too dirty, or inappropriate. There’s a time and a place for those moments, and it isn’t necessarily on your brother’s wedding day!

If you’re completely stuck with where to start, The Knot has some great Sister of the Groom Speech Templates to give you some inspiration for a good starting place. If you are using one of these for inspiration, be sure to make the speech your own.


I hope this article has helped to give you some ideas on a little sister of the groom speech. The most important aspect is to make sure it’s from the heart, and try to make it as personal as possible. If it feels generic, you may not get the message across for how much you love him, and how happy you are to be introducing him into the family.

Did you have your sister do a speech at your wedding? Or did you give a speech at your brother’s wedding? If so, please feel free to leave some tips below – you may be helping out future sisters with their speeches! Sharing is caring.


How Do You Start the Sister of the Groom Speech?

The most important thing to do at the start of the speech is to introduce yourself. There's probably quite a few people at the wedding who aren't sure who you are, so greet everyone and then follow that on by congratulating the happy couple, in your own words. This is the perfect warm up to your speech, before you get into the heart of it. 

What Does the Groom's Sister Do?

There's no specific role for the sister of the groom, but don't be disheartened by this. This just means that she can take on any role that's given to her. Whether you'd like her to give a reading at the ceremony, do a speech at the reception, light a candle, or even be a groomswoman - yes, that is absolutely a thing in this modern age!

Should Groom's Sister be Bridesmaid?

Let's be clear on one thing - this is your wedding, and if you don't want bridesmaids, only want one or simply aren't close to your partner's sister, she doesn't have to be a bridesmaid at your wedding. However, if you are happy to invite her into your bridal party, it's a lovely idea and a real chance for you both to bond over a mutual love - your partner/her brother.

Non Religious Marriage Counseling: Does It Work?

Today, we’re going to be looking at non-religious marriage counseling and its success rate. We’ll also be taking a deep dive into what you can expect to talk through in your marriage counseling sessions and many other burning questions you may be itching to ask.

In the words of Shakespeare, “the course of true love never did run smooth”, and that is true, even in the happiest of marriages. There are times in our lives where we may need a sounding board, a neutral person, and a way to resolve any issues you may have in a controlled, professional environment. Many couples go to marriage counseling and it’s in no way failing your marriage. If anything, it’s the complete opposite! You’re both willing to do whatever it takes to make your marriage work – and that’s what being committed is all about. So let’s take a look into marriage counseling.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

You may not even be familiar with what marriage counseling is – and that’s completely okay! A marriage counselor is a professional therapist that focuses on just relationships and marital issues. Whether you’ve lost the spark, there’s financial worries, infidelity worries – the counselor will help to talk through it all with you as a couple, in a safe environment.

The counselor will likely use a range of techniques, including role-playing, role modeling, analyzing behavior patterns (positive or negative), and most importantly – discussions. Open discussions where you and your partner are on an equal playing field and have a chance to express how you feel with a non-religious therapist (religious therapy is, of course, available).

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

The cost of a marriage counseling session will depend on where you live, the qualifications of your counselor, and how many sessions you choose to have. The usual price range you can expect for an hour’s session is between $50-$200, depending on the variety of factors above. Some counselors may offer reduced rates if you’re low income or need additional support, so it’s worth asking if you have financial worries.

What Do You Do At Marriage Counseling?

It’s important for both of you to attend the sessions. While you can attend marriage counseling alone, it’s much more successful if you work on the problems together. The sessions are to create a space where you both feel equal, and both feel heard. You’ll do a range of various exercises to ensure you both have the chance to express how you feel, in different situations.

The counselor will then be able to give you some ways to move forward, and how to help you both with communicating on a deeper level. It can be very intense and overwhelming, so it’s best to go in with an open mind, and be aware that whatever you feel is right and valid. The marriage counselor isn’t there to judge or give her opinions on your situation; they are there to help you move past them, and offer ways to do this effectively.

It’s important to note that you’ll be exploring every layer of your relationship in-depth, and it’s best to try to go in with an open mind and willingness to share. From your sexual desires to the dynamics of your relationship, to the strengths and weaknesses of your partner. It can be brutal, and you’ll likely feel exhausted after the first session. But that just means you’re doing it right!


I hope this article has helped to give you an insight into nonreligious marriage counseling and how effective it can be when using the right professional. It’s important to note that not all couples find therapy works for them, so don’t feel disheartened if it isn’t for you and your partner.

Be sure to talk to the therapist before you commit to any sessions, so you both feel comfortable and happy with her/his outlook. If either of you feels uncomfortable with the choice of therapist, the counseling simply won’t work. Check out some tips on how to find the right therapist for you, here.

If you’re brave enough to share, did you find marriage counseling helpful? If so, I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below. You may be helping out future couples with their own marriages. Sharing is caring!


What is the Success Rate for Marriage Counseling?

The American Association of Marriage reports that the success rate of marriage is a staggering 98%! Time and time again, therapy has been proven to be a great way to resolve and work through any ongoing issues you have - whether in marriage, or other areas of your life. While these numbers are incredibly high, please remember that counseling isn't for everyone, and some people struggle to express their emotions and may take longer to express themselves - this is also completely valid.

Can a Marriage Survive Without Counseling?

Of course. While counseling is a good starting point to show that you're both committed to making the relationship better, counseling is not the only option. As long as you're both open and willing to work on your relationship, any relationship can move forward.

What Should I Not Tell a Marriage Counselor?

There aren't really any right or wrong things to tell a counselor. You should try to be as open as possible with your counselor, especially if your partner is present. One important thing not to do, is to undermine what they're telling you. They are qualified for the service they're providing, and are likely giving you the tools you need to move forward with your relationship. So try not to resist, even if what they're saying makes you angry or upset - that's completely normal.

How Long Should Marriage Counseling Last?

The typical length of a session for counseling will last around an hour, and you're looking at a minimum of around 6 sessions. This is to ensure you can get the most out of your counseling, and try out some of the tools and advice your counselor gives about how to move forward.

Rent To Own Wedding Rings

Today, we’re going to be looking at rent-to-own wedding rings and all the questions you may have when it comes to renting to own jewellery. It may not be a process that you’re familiar with, but rent to own weddings rings are surprisingly common! If you’re unsure of what the process even is, don’t worry, we’ll be covering it all in this post. But renting to own is a great idea if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to break the payments down.

It’s often looked upon negatively, but it’s the perfect solution for many couples who are desperate for their dream ring(s).

How Does Progressive Leasing Jewellery Work?

With progressive leasing, you get to take home the jewellery that you’re looking for today. The process is relatively simple and helps to protect both the customer and supplier. All you have to do is:

  • Apply online or in-store
  • You will receive an instant decision on your query
  • Choose the ring(s) you require
  • Discuss your plan with a sales associate either online, over the phone or in-store
  • Make a down payment
  • Set up payments to be taken at the intervals of your choice (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Sign the contract
  • Take your ring(s) home

The progressive programme also allows you to pay off your item within 90 days, which allows you to save money off of your lease. Be sure to discuss this with your sales associate.

Things to Avoid When Buying Rent to Own Jewellery

Some contracts may seem almost too good to be true. If this is the case, it probably is! Be sure to go through the contract with a fine-toothed comb and query anything that you’re unsure of. Some warning signs you may want to look out for are:

  1. 0% APR Introductory Rates. While this seems great at first and you’ll have a certain time period interest-free, if there is anything left to pay after that initial period, you’ll end up paying interest on the entirety of the original balance – which may be quite a hefty sum! If you know you’ll be able to pay the item off before that time period ends, it’s completely okay to go ahead with the deal
  2. Fees. When reading through your contract, there will likely be several instances where they talk of fees. Keep an eye out for the words, “late fees”, “returned payment fees” and “origination fees”. If you’re unsure of what any of the terms mean, please discuss with your sales associate before signing the agreement
  3. Low-Interest Credit Cards. Again, these are great if you have a steady income and know you’ll be able to pay off the amount on every payment date. But missing a payment can make the interest rate jump from 8%-10%, to anywhere between 25%-30%…which doesn’t seem quite as appealing!

Rent to Own Wedding Jewellery Suppliers

You may be wondering the best place to shop for rent to own jewellery, and the good news is, most companies will offer this in some way, shape or form. Even the infamous Tiffany’s have a rent-to-own option! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Tiffany’s (who doesn’t want an engagement ring or a wedding ring from here?!)
  • James Allen
  • Gage Diamonds
  • Blue Nile

Be sure to check your local jewelers, as they may be able to supply you with a better deal than some of the leading brands we’ve looked at. Shopping around for the best deal is really important, particularly if you’re on a strict budget.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with rent-to-own wedding rings. It’s a great alternative to buy your dream wedding ring, without saving a huge sum of money. As long as you’re reading the agreement thoroughly and know you’ll be able to make the payments for the agreed period of time – it’s the perfect solution.

Did you rent to own your wedding rings? Or do you know of anyone who has? If so, please feel free to leave your experiences in the comments below. I would love to read your experiences; positive or negative. Sharing is caring!


Can You Finance Jewelery With Bad Credit?

In short: yes. You may not have the same options available as those with a good credit score, but it's definitely possible to with a bad credit score. The best thing to do is to call the jewelers and ask about their qualifications for financing jewellery and ask if they're happy to set up a financial plan with yourself. It's worth shopping around and looking for the best deal, particularly with a bad credit score.

Can You Make Monthly Payments on a Wedding Ring?

Absolutely! Think of your wedding ring like a car, or a mortgage payment on a house. The more payments you make monthly, the closer you get to owning the object outright. The jewelers will often have a range of payment plans to suit your needs, and you pay the monthly amount back every month until the ring is yours! This isn't available at every jeweler's, so be sure to check before you find your dream ring.

What is Ring Rent?

It's much like financing a car, or a new couch - you sign a deal to agree to pay a certain agreed amount of money weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Some stores offer a no credit needed option, so your credit score is of little consequence. However, like any rent, if you miss a payment, the consequences could be catastrophic. So be sure to read through any contract and chat to your jeweler at length before agreeing to a plan.

Can You Lease a Wedding Ring?

Yes! And it's actually becoming increasingly popular, particularly with engagement rings, which are estimated to cost on average, a whopping $5000! It's available in many stores, and a simple Google search will give you instant options nearby - some can even be done online; it couldn't be easier.

Linen Silk Anniversary Gift Ideas: Our Top Picks

Today, we’re going to be looking at our top picks for linen silk anniversary gift ideas and what this particular anniversary represents. With every year of marriage, the traditional gift changes and represents something new. The gifts can actually differ depending on where you are in the world, but don’t worry – we’ll be covering the UK and the US today so both bases are covered! Let’s take a closer look at the linen and silk anniversary.

Symbols For 4th Wedding Anniversary

Symbols and gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary differ depending on where you are in the world. If you’re from the UK, the traditional gift for this anniversary is either silk or linen. But if you’re from the US, the traditional gift for 4 years of marriage is either fruits or flowers.

If you’re looking for a modern gift for this anniversary, it’s quite a random one! It’s electrical appliances – very romantic, right? Green and blue are the traditional colors for 4 years of marriage. The gemstone is blue topaz, along with amethyst and blue zircon.

If you’re looking to buy flowers, the flowers are geraniums and hydrangeas. These flowers represent comfort and appreciation, which are both linked to the four-year wedding anniversary.

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas Silk Or Linen

If you’re looking for ideas for either a silk or linen gift, look no further. Here’s a round-up of some of the best gifts to buy for the four-year wedding anniversary.

Personalized 4th Anniversary Linen Gift Heart

This Linen Gift Heart from A Few Home Truths is available at notonthehighstreet. It’s £39.95, which for a personalized hand sculpted product, seems a very good price. You can personalize the names, the dates, and the message. The heart itself is made from linen and flax, which are said to be the oldest fibers in the world. It’s a square shape and has received 5-star reviews.

Custom Linen Map with Personalized Pins

Paper Anniversary Love on Etsy offers this most gorgeous Custom Linen Map with Personalized Pins. Whether you need a world map, a map of the US, or a single state – all options are available. The pins have wording such as “first home”, “first date”, “honeymoon” etc., and you pin them wherever that important event occurred. It’s super thoughtful and is personalized with your names and “adventuring together since ____”.

This product comes in two sizes: small (10″ x 12″) and large (12″ x 18). The small cost £110 and the large cost around £147. This is such a thoughtful gift and something you can do together as a couple to mark your four-year anniversary.

Fresh Linen – Cotswolds Candle

If you’re looking for a simpler gift that you’ll be able to make good use of, why not something like a candle? One of the most common candle scents is fresh linen, so it ties in perfectly with the anniversary. This fresh linen candle from Home County Candle Co. is currently on offer for £17 and offers free UK shipping. It’s vegan-friendly and has a burn time of around 45-50 hours!

Silk Personalized Family Wire Tree

If you’re looking for a silk gift, I would highly recommend this Anniversary Gift Silk Wedding Family Wire Tree from Digentus Craft, which is a store from Etsy. It’s a completely handmade gift and you can add up to 7 names to the tree. Prices start from £136, and if you’re a family of 7, there’s currently a sale, which makes the 7 name tree, the same price as the 2 name tree!

The wire branches are flexible and can be molded into different positions, depending on where you’d like each name to be. While this is a pricey gift, it’s incredibly thoughtful and something that you and your entire family will be able to treasure forever.


I hope this article has given you some linen silk anniversary gift ideas. Some other alternatives you may like to try are a lovely linen or silk scarf, this would be perfect for a man or woman. Or maybe a pillowcase or two – they can even be personalized. Once you start searching, there’s a huge selection of linen and silk gifts, that can be romantic, and not boring at all!

Have you celebrated your four-year wedding anniversary? Did you follow the traditional gifts for one another? Me and my husband have been married for 6 years this year and I have to say – we very rarely buy each other gifts, let alone specific ones! Please let me know how you celebrate in the comments below, I would love to know. You may be helping out couples with their own anniversary gifts. Sharing is caring!


What Do You Buy For Linen Anniversary?

It may seem as though linen is quite a restrictive idea to base your gift around - but it's not as tricky as it may first appear. You can buy anything from luxury bedding, to a new set of towels, to some napkins for the dining room table, a linen notebook, a linen pocket square or even a linen scented candle. No matter what their preferences, their is something for everyone.

Is Linen an Anniversary Gift?

Yes it is. And although it doesn't sound very romantic, the gift of linen actually symbolizes truth and purity. Both of which are very important in any marriage. Paired with silk, which symbolizes strength and elegance - they really are the perfect pair. 

What Year is the Linen Anniversary?

The year in which you gift linen to your significant other is the four year wedding anniversary. It's important to note that this is only relevant to the UK, as the 4th year anniversary gift for the US is fruit and flowers.

What is the Silk Wedding Anniversary?

It's common to have two traditional gifts for each wedding anniversary. And while the main traditional gift is linen for the 4 year anniversary, silk is also the traditional gift too. If you're looking to buy a traditional gift for your partner after 4 years of marriage - silk or linen is definitely the way to go. 

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