How to Address Save the Date Invitations?

A Save the Date invitation is a letter that you send to someone, announcing your intention of getting married. It allows for advance planning and long-term organization about an upcoming event or celebration. Today’s save the date cards are typically sent out in 12 weeks before the wedding, which can be frustrating when you have … Read more

How to Decorate Cake with Flowers?

This is a guide on how to decorate cakes with flowers and other decorative materials. You can use a variety of different techniques to decorate your cake with flowers. You can use real flowers or edible ones, and you can also use frosting for the same effect. Read more in detail here: cake with real … Read more

How Many Bridesmaids Are There In a Wedding?

The number of bridesmaids in a wedding can vary, but typically there will be six. With the modern trend towards smaller weddings that are more intimate and personal affairs, it is not uncommon for this figure to drop even lower. The “how many groomsmen in a wedding” is the question that everyone wants to know. … Read more

How to Wear Cathedral Veil?

Cathedral veils are traditionally worn by nuns and pious women of a Catholic or Christian faith. They’re usually white with gold trim, but can be made from any color fabric that extends to cover the entire face. A cathedral veil is a type of head covering which covers all but the area around one’s eyes.. … Read more

How To Choose Your Best Man?

You’ve been dating for six months; you’re happy and have found a man that fits your needs, but there are still questions about whether or not he’s the one. This topic will help you identify which traits make up a good relationship partner. The “best man responsibilities” is a question that many people ask themselves … Read more

How Long Are Honeymoons?

The honeymoon phase is supposed to be a time of happiness and tranquility, when couples focus on each other. But what if you’re not getting along with your partner? Is it too late to fix the relationship before things get worse? Honeymoons are a time for couples to get away from the daily grind and … Read more

How To Write Son In Law?

The son-in law is one of the most important relationships in any family, so it’s important to make sure that you know what makes a good son-in law. Here are some tips for writing your own story about becoming part of the family. Son-in-law is a word that means the son of one’s spouse. In … Read more

How To Do A Wedding Without Bridal Party?

Weddings are expensive, and one of the first things that couples always put on their list is to hire a professional wedding planner. That said, there’s no need for this as you can serve your own needs without an expert in hand. Below we’ll be looking at some tips for how to plan your perfect … Read more