Catholic Church Wedding Costs: How Much?

Catholic Church Wedding Costs

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Today we’re going to be looking at Catholic Church wedding costs and how much a church wedding will be likely to set you back. There are quite a few factors to bear in mind when it comes to the cost of a wedding and we’ll be covering them all.

What Is A Catholic Church Wedding?

A Catholic Church wedding is just like any other marriage but is often known as holy matrimony. At least one member of the couple should be a Catholic Christian. And the wedding should be held in the parish of either the bride or the groom. Before a Catholic Church approves your wedding, you’ll often need to submit specific documents, partake in activities more often at the church and have regular meetings. Marriage preparation can take anywhere from 6 months to one year.

How Much Do Churches Charge For Weddings?

It’s a well-known fact that weddings are expensive. Between the food, the drinks, the dress, the flowers – the prices rack up quickly. And many couples spend thousands on their wedding. However, if you or your partner (or both) are religious and marrying somewhere important to your faith is an option for you both – the cost will often be much lower.

The cost of a church wedding will depend on many factors. The main factors you’ll need to consider are:

  • The size of the church
  • The location of the church
  • The church you wish to get married in

These factors will mean a significant difference in the price. Most churches consider the price a donation, and some may not even specify a donation price. But the average cost you’ll be looking to pay in the US is anywhere between a few hundred dollars, to $1000. However, these prices are not firm and it will be different for every church. If you have a church in mind, it may be best to ask.

Church Of England Weddings

Church of England weddings are different and can be much more expensive. For example, in the UK, the minimum fee in 2021 is £495, providing you marry in your home parish. This does not take into account additional fees such as heating, an organist, bell ringers, flowers, etc. So be sure to keep this in mind if you’re planning a Church of England wedding. You can find out more about Your Church Wedding here.

How Much To Donate To Catholic Church For Wedding?

In theory, a Catholic Church wedding costs nothing. The sacrament of marriage is free and has no price tag. However, a donation should be made if you’re having a Catholic Church wedding. Your church may already have a set price they share with you, or they may leave the donation cost down to you. If you grew up in the church, the price is likely to be much less than if you’re not a member.

The average price if you grew up in the church is around $200. And the average price for non-members can be anywhere between $400-$2000! But again, this all comes down to the church, where it’s located, and how many guests you’re having. It’s best to ask if you’re unsure. If the donation is left for you to choose from, I would recommend following the average guidelines above.

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Additional Costs For Catholic Church Weddings

It’s important to note that the donation cost is just for the church itself and the ceremony. But there are many additional costs that the donation will not cover and you need to bear these in mind; as these can really take a lot out of your wedding budget!

Some additional costs to bear in mind are:

  • Organists/Musicians. Some Catholic Churches may offer this as part of your wedding package. However, more often than not, it’s an additional fee. If you ask your church, they’ll likely have some recommendations for you. If the organists/musicians are extra, the average price is around $300-$900. This will all depend on their experience and how many you’re looking for.
  • Bells. Most couples like the church bells to announce their wedding. However, this is not often free! And can set you back anywhere between $100-$250!
  • Décor. While some churches may already be perfect as they are, at others you may wish to decorate yourself. This is something you organize yourself. However, check everything with your church before you make any decisions. This will include items such as flowers for the pew, signage, candles, etc. The Bridal Association of America predicts it will cost around $391 for these additional extras.
  • Deposit. This may not be at every church, but sometimes you may be asked to pay a small deposit. This will be refunded after the wedding but is taken in case any damage takes place throughout the time that you’re there. On average, this may be around $200.
  • Flowers. Of course, the church will not provide any flowers. So if you’d like flowers down the aisle or any kind of decoration which involves flowers – this will often take out a large chunk of your budget. Particularly fresh flowers.

There may be other additional costs, depending on what you’re having at your wedding. But these are all things you can discuss with your church once you’ve set your heart on a location.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with Catholic Church wedding costs and what is seen as an appropriate donation to give if you’re unsure. A church wedding cost will vary massively depending on the size and location – and also if it’s the church you’ve grown up in. The best course of action is to book a meeting with your church and discuss everything that you’re unsure of.

Did you have your wedding in a Catholic Church? If you’re comfortable sharing your donation or how much you paid, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. You may be helping out future brides and grooms with their own weddings.

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