Cheap Tall Vases For Wedding Receptions

Cheap Tall Vases for Wedding Reception

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Today, we’re going to be looking at cheap tall vases for wedding receptions. Glass wedding centerpieces look stunning at your wedding, but finding affordable ones can be tricky. Let’s look at how you can afford these elegant centerpieces on a budget.

You’re likely going to need quite a few tall glass vases for wedding centerpieces on your big day. Whether you’re having a modest wedding or something on a larger scale, you’ll likely need at least several – and that can take a large amount of your budget quite quickly if you’re unsure where to shop.

But never fear, there are plenty of places to shop for affordable glass vases, that will look beautiful on your wedding day. Let’s round up some of the best places to look!

Cheap Tall Vases for Wedding Receptions in Craft Stores

Wherever you’re living in the world, you’ll likely have a craft store nearby. In America, it may be somewhere like Michael’s, or in the UK, somewhere like Hobbycraft. Michael’s currently has a 20% off code sitewide too (code: 20MADEBYYOU)! If you know any other craft stores that are good options, please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.

Not only does Michael’s have a range of glass vases available that will look perfect in the middle of your tables, they even have multipacks available. For example, you can buy a 12 pack of their Libbey Clear Glass Rose Vase for just $57.20…plus 20% off!

Craft stores are a great starting place because they aren’t specifically tailoring to weddings. As soon as you venture into the world of weddings, the starting price point increases significantly!

Cheap Tall Vases for Wedding Receptions in Home Stores

While there are more expensive home stores out there, there are plenty of budget stores too, that produce top-quality products. IKEA is a good example of this. Depending on the size and shape of the vases you’re looking for, they start at a ridiculously low price, which won’t take much out of your budget at all.

They do offer slightly more expensive options too if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious.

Check Reselling Sites for Cheap Tall Vases

There are plenty of pre-loved wedding décor sites out there. When brides or grooms want to sell on items that have been used at their wedding, they can use sites such as Sell My Wedding. It’s extremely easy to navigate, choose your location, and what you’re looking for. All items are marked with prices and photos. Most prices are negotiable too, so if something seems out of your budget – make an offer!

As they’re likely wanting to shift the products quickly, you may find some high-end vases at a hugely discounted price. Who wants 50 vases lying around the house?!


Try using sites like eBay, Gumtree, and Shpock (that list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of marketplace sites out there!). Some items will be secondhand and others on sites like eBay will be unused.

It’s definitely worth browsing as you may find items nearby at a really affordable price. The good thing about sites like these is that they protect the customer, so if you have any problems with your purchases, you’re completely covered. This is great for peace of mind.

Bridal Facebook Groups

This is something I am currently doing for my sister who’s getting married next year. Facebook have a plethora of bridal groups in a variety of locations. Brides list their unwanted wedding products for their desired price and you comment if you’re interested. I actually found some glass vase centerpieces for my sister for £20 for 8 pieces!

Just type in your town/city with weddings or brides, and you’ll likely receive a lot of hits!

Charity Stores

If you’re more into doing your shopping in stores, try your local charity or thrift stores. It may be difficult to find multiple of the same style and design. However, if you’re having a casual wedding, or something that’s more quirky – why not mix and match?! That way you can buy whatever takes your fancy in your local charity store, and of course, the money will be going to a great cause.


Why not try hiring your glass wedding centerpieces?! If you go for a more basic option, prices start extremely low if you hire them. You also have the added bonus of not being stuck with an abundance of glass vases after your wedding!

The only thing you must consider when hiring is breakages. Breakages at weddings are almost inevitable. Drunk people, excited children – these things happen. So if you do decide to hire your vases, it may be helpful to keep some money aside…just in case.

A Note to Think About

Another point worth noting, if you do purchase bulk tall glass vases for your wedding – you can sell them on after to another bride or groom. This means you’ll likely be getting some of your money back after the wedding. This may be worth taking into account when budgeting.

If you don’t have the space to accommodate that volume of vases post-wedding, or simply don’t have the time to resell after, it may be better to opt for hiring.


I hope this article has given you lots of ideas of how to purchase cheap tall vases for wedding receptions. Wherever you’re happy to shop, there’s a range of options available. Personally, I would check reselling wedding sites and groups first – those are the best places to find the cheapest prices for anything you’re looking for.

Did you manage to find cheap tall glass vases for your wedding? Or are you on the hunt for them now? Please let me know in the comments any successes you have, and how much you manage to purchase them for. You may be able to help out any future brides and grooms! Sharing is caring.

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