Cowboy Wedding Attire For Guests: What To Wear

Cowboy Wedding Attire For Guests

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Today, we’re going to be looking at cowboy wedding attire guests and the do’s and don’ts at a western wedding. Country weddings are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the US. When you’re invited as a wedding guest, you may be unsure on what’s the best outfit to wear. And although western weddings often sound dreamy and romantic, the practical side as a guest can be difficult to work an outfit around. Let’s take a look at some top tips and outfit choices on what to wear to a western wedding.

What To Wear To A Country Wedding?

Whether you’re a male or female, you may be confused as to what to wear – but don’t worry! It doesn’t need to be as difficult as you may think. The first thing to bear in mind: is there a dress code? Sometimes on invitations, a dress code is provided. It’s seen as good wedding etiquette to follow any guidelines you’re given around your outfit. Whether that be color, how formal, etc. If there is a dress code, you should follow it.

However, if there’s no dress code – try to base your outfit around the venue and what type of guest you are. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you a close relative of the bride/groom? If so, you may want to dress a little more formally than you usually would.
  • Are you an evening or day guest? Evening guests often choose far more casual outfits. As day guests will be in many of the photographs, you should take care choosing your outfit.
  • Where is the wedding taking place? There’s more than likely going to be fields around at a western wedding – heels are a no-go! Opt for wedges or cowboy boots. You don’t want to be sinking into the field with your heels. Depending on how casual the wedding is, you could even wear wellie boots.

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Female Wedding Guest Attire For Cowboy Wedding

Here are some top tips and ideas for you to wear if you’re a female attending a western wedding as a guest.

  1. Choose an outfit such as a dress or a jumpsuit – but make sure, it doesn’t touch the ground. It’s likely to be muddy and you don’t want grass stains on your outfit. The ideal length is a few inches from the ground.
  2. Try to avoid clutch bags – it’s best to have your hands free at a western wedding. Whether it be for hitting away bugs or sipping on prosecco, you’ll want your hands visibly available.
  3. If you’re wearing cowboy boots (which lots of female guests do!), make sure your dress is high enough to show off your awesome boots.
  4. Don’t be afraid to showcase your inner cowgirl. Wear a cowgirl hat. Wear cowboy boots. Embrace the wedding wholeheartedly.

Male Wedding Guest Attire For Cowboy Wedding

Male attire is usually much easier. But much like female attire, it all depends on how casual the wedding is. If the wedding is extremely relaxed, you may even be able to wear a shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. However, if it’s a more formal wedding, you can still stick to the cowboy hat, boots, and jeans – but a suit jacket and tie may work best. If you’re unsure about an outfit, the best thing to do is ask the bride or groom.

Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots To A Wedding

You may be wanting to wear cowboy boots. But you might be unsure of what dresses look best paired with cowboy boots. Here’s some tips to bear in mind when choosing a dress to go with your cowboy boots:

  • Short Hem Dresses. Usually, mid-thigh to knee length are the best choices. This is because you can showcase your gorgeous cowboy boots!
  • Dresses that are longer at the back, but shorter at the front are perfect. They look more formal than a standard shorter dress, but your boots will still be visible.
  • If you want a dress length down to the floor, perhaps opt for a dress with a slit. This is a great way to still show off your boots to other guests.

There are some lovely dresses on Amazon, that will go perfectly with cowboy boots. Here are some of my favorites.

Example Dresses

1 . The MISSMAY Women’s Vintage Swing Dress brings together country and formal. It’s elegant but still will give off a country vibe when paired with boots. The dress comes in a huge selection of colors, to suit any color scheme, and sizes range from XS to XXL. Prices vary between £45 – £145, depending on the color and size you’re looking for. It’s off the shoulder, which I always think is a great choice for a wedding. And is super breathable so you can dance the night away in the evening.

2 . The Azalosie Wrap Maxi Dress is flowy, airy, and will bring a splash of color to any wedding you attend. It’s a few inches from the floor but also has a high split, which means your boots will still be seen. This dress is breathable, comfortable and will work perfectly for summer country weddings. The sizes start at XS to 3XL and the price tag is £47. It comes in a range of colors – but don’t be afraid to go bold!

This is just a few ideas to give you some inspiration for outfits you might like to wear.


I hope this article has helped you become more familiar with cowboy wedding attire for guests and given you some ideas. If you choose an outfit and you’re unsure whether it’s suitable, be sure to ask the happy couple. They’ll more than likely be happy to help with any questions you have. And make sure that you’re comfortable!

Have you attended a western wedding recently? If so, what outfit did you wear? I would love to know! So please feel free to leave any answers in the comments below.

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