Cute Ways To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift: How To

cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift

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Today, we’re going to look at cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift. Traditionally, physical gifts were given to help kit out your new home together with whatever you may need. However, nowadays, most couples are already living together – and there’s no real need for a toaster or a kettle. Asking for money as a wedding gift is something that is becoming increasingly popular. And there’s a huge debate whether it’s considered rude or not.

However, there are plenty of polite ways to ask for money for a wedding! I’m sure your guests would much rather their gift go to good use, rather than not being used. So let’s look at how to ask for money for the wedding. There are lots of cute ways, and it’s easier than you may think!

Where Do I Ask For Money?

There are a few places you can ask for money, and it’s best to choose whichever you feel most comfortable with. There’s no right or wrong place to ask – so whatever works best for you. Here are a few ideas as to where you can make your monetary requests.

Wedding Invitations

While it may be the most blunt, asking in your wedding invitations is the easiest way to do it. It’s direct, every guest will read it and you’ll likely find most guests will be happy to oblige. There are plenty of cute ways to word this, which we’ll be taking a look at later.

Wedding Website

For my own wedding, I had a wedding website. I found it was a great place to have all the information guests needed in one place. Some guests will lose invites so it’s always best to have backup information. I had an FAQ page with the most popular questions guests may have. I also had a gifting section, whereby I had politely asked for money donations for our wedding gifts, which would be put towards our dream honeymoon – no one seemed to mind!

Ask Friends and Family

If you’d prefer to ask people in person and ask friends and family to spread the word around, rather than it being on your invites or online – go for it! Some couples prefer to be upfront, and that’s absolutely fine. However, if you’re relying on family and friends to spread the word, be prepared that some guests may not be told. And you also can’t control the way in which it’s asked – so it can be a tricky one to navigate!

Set up a Registry

A registry is one of the most common, direct ways to go about asking for money. You can explain in detail what the money is for and guests will feel safe using a well-known registry such as Honeyfund or The Knot. They’re well trusted and easy to navigate.

Social Media

You’ll likely be friends with all of your wedding guests on social media – there aren’t many people who don’t have some form of social media nowadays! Make a post asking for a monetary gift for your wedding, and add a super cute poem. Guests may also not feel as much pressure if it’s on social media.

How Do I Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift?

Whether you’re looking for money for a honeymoon, a house fund, a new baby, or simply for a bit of fun – be sure to tell your guests why you’re asking for money. Guests will feel more comfortable if they know what their money is being put towards. And it’s seen as courteous to make your guests aware of what you’re saving for.


Without a doubt, I would always opt for a poem. They’re super cute, polite, and a direct way to ask your guests without seeming rude. Here are some of our favorite poems to use for your money requests.

If a gift is your intention,
We thought that we would mention,
We’d love some pennies to rub together,
To save for something we will treasure!


As we’re getting married, we thought it would be great,
To move into a brand new home — we really cannot wait!
As wedding gifts are bulky and we’re a little short on space,
Some money would be the ideal gift to help us buy our place!


We’d love for you to celebrate our wedding with us,
But there’s really no need for a big old fuss.
There will be no gift-laden table,
So actually, if you are able
We’d much prefer the gift of money
So we can jet off somewhere sunny!

These are just a few suggestions – there are plenty of poems to choose from, or you can even write your own to make it really personal.


If you don’t think a poem is suitable for you as a couple, here are a few simple, polite phrases you can use to ask for monetary gifts.

  • Having you in our lives, and at our wedding is the greatest gift as all. However, if you wish to gift us anything, a cash gift would be very welcome (to help with honeymoon/new home, etc.)
  • We are lucky enough to have a home full of everything we need, so if you’d like to help us celebrate our wedding with a gift, a cash gift would be very welcome
  • Cash gifts are welcome, but not at all expected. Your presence at our wedding is more than enough of a gift


I hope this article has helped to show you some cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift. Nowadays, it’s far more acceptable to be seen asking for money instead of a traditional gift, so if you’re putting the money to good use, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m sure your guests will be more than happy to help. Maybe add a handful of physical gifts to the gift registry for any guests who may prefer to do so.

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