Do You Have To Wear White To Your Bridal Shower?

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Today, we’re going to be answering the question: do you have to wear white to your bridal shower? While your wedding day is the most important day of all, the build-up to the wedding should also be fun and memorable. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with the people you love, and share your excitement about the upcoming big day.

The best place to do this is your bridal shower! Not every bride decides to have a bridal shower but it can be a lovely day full of love and celebrations with your family and gal pals. But what should you be wearing? Does it have to be white? Should it be white? Should it be a dress, or can you wear anything at all? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does Bride Wear to a Bridal Shower?

Traditionally, the bride-to-be will wear a bridal shower dress. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be a dress! If you’re not one for dresses, or you prefer rocking a romper or a trouser suit – do whatever feels most natural to you. Some people relish being center of attention, while others don’t. Some important points to remember when choosing your outfit are:

  • Where is the event? If your bridal shower is in a barn, it may not be best to go wearing stiletto heels and a bright white maxi dress. A pair of cowboy boots and short dress may suit better for that type of bridal shower! However, once you know where the event is taking place, plan your outfit with the venue in mind
  • Give Clues. A cute way to give your nearest and dearest an insight into your wedding day outfit is to incorporate it into your bridal shower outfit. Are you wearing lace? Choose a lacy dress. Are you opting for satin? Wear a satin dress. It will be something to talk about on your wedding day when your outfit is finally revealed
  • Activities. If you’re sitting eating afternoon tea, you can wear anything! But if you’ve got an active bridal shower planned, be sure not to wear clothes you can’t move about freely in. Your host may want it to be a surprise, but just ask what kind of clothes you should be wearing so you don’t damage your best dress
  • New. It doesn’t have to a new dress. If you have an outfit already in your closet that you think will work well, there’s no obligation to buy something new. Just wear whatever clothes you feel most comfortable in. If you go for comfort over glam, that’s no problem at all!

can you wear white to a bridal shower

Can You Wear White to a Bridal Shower?

If you’re asking this question as a bride – of course! If you’re asking this question as a guest – absolutely not. Unless the bride has specifically asked for all the shower guests to wear white, this color should be avoided at all costs by guests.

If you’re a bride, white is actually the most common color to wear at your bridal shower. Being a bride gives you a free pass to wear white any time of year, right up until your wedding day. You’ll likely only get to do this once, so make the most of it! It doesn’t have to be a white dress, it can be a white anything! Dress, skirt, romper, jumpsuit, blazer suit – go wild with white!

It’s important to note that “white” includes ivory, off-white, champagne, etc. It all comes under the same umbrella of bridal white.

Do You Have to Wear White to Your Bridal Shower?

The answer is quite simple: absolutely not! You can wear whatever color you’re most happy in. However, it’s seen as tradition to wear white at your bridal shower. While it may not be classed as bad luck to not wear white, wearing white makes you the center of attention. Which most brides are more than happy with surrounding their wedding!

what does bride wear to bridal showe

If you’re the only one wearing white, it makes you stand out and easiest to spot at moments such as taking photos. If you like all eyes being on you, definitely utilize wearing white.

However, if you want to detract attention, or simply don’t like wearing white – you are under no obligation to do so. If the color scheme for the wedding is pink and white, why not wear something pink? Or if you still want the attention but aren’t keen on white, ask your guests not to wear the color dress you’ve chosen. It’s the lead-up to your special day, so they’ll likely be more than happy to oblige.

If you’re not choosing to wear white on your wedding day, it may be nice to choose a bridal shower dress the color of your wedding dress. That way it’ll be a continuation on your big day.

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Whatever you decide to wear, be sure to choose something that feels right for you. If you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a dress – don’t opt for one just because you feel like you should! You do not want to be looking back at your bridal shower photos in years to come and not even be able to recognize yourself. As long as you feel happy in what you’ve chosen, that’s the most important point. Whether it’s white or not isn’t a deal-breaker!

What outfit did you wear for your bridal shower? Did you choose something white? Did you choose a traditional white bridal shower dress? Or something completely different? Whatever you wore/are planning to wear, feel free to leave any answers in the comments below. I would love to know your choices – and I’m sure many other future brides would too!

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