Flower Urns For Weddings

Flower Urns For Weddings

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Today, we’re going to be looking at flower urns for weddings. Urn vase wedding décor and centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular – but why? There’s many reasons why flower urns are perfect for your big day, but first, let’s look at what they are. Then we’ll get onto how much they cost, and even doing them yourself!

What Is a Flower Wedding Urn?

You may not even know what a flower wedding urn is! I have to admit, before my wedding, I had no idea about items like wedding urns! To put it simply, flower urns are big wedding flower vases (that is putting it very simply!). They are often very large and a showstopper for any wedding. They also aren’t just used at weddings – they’re often used at many formal occasions.

If you’re a fan of flowers, urns are the perfect item to add to your wedding. They’re luxurious, elegant, and add a touch of class. They’re definitely bold and striking. A stunning urn overflowing with beautiful flowers – what more could you ask for?

Where To Use a Flower Urn For Your Wedding?

There’s a range of ways to use a wedding urn vase or two (or more!) on your special day. Let’s take a look at the most popular places incorporate them.

  • Entry Markers. When you walk into your wedding, you may want your guests to be dazzled and flower urns are a great way to do this – while also showing where you’ll make your grand entrance down the aisle. They make a bold statement here and look stunning in photos.
  • Aisle. Some couples like an urn to be at the end of each aisle – but this can be quite costly and should definitely only be an option if you’re opting for a more extravagant wedding.
  • Centerpiece. Whether you have mini flower urns on every table or choose to have a show-stopping urn at the center of your top table, urn centerpieces look beautiful.

Types of Flower Urn

If you’re ordering a flower urn from a company, it is often bespoke and there will be a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whether you want a more rustic urn, or something more modern – companies will usually be able to help. Type, color, size, and scent are all things customizable for your flower urn, so they can match the color theme and feel of your wedding.

If you do want to opt for something ready-made, it will be less expensive. So if you’re not having a color scheme, or are on a budget – this is a great idea.

How Much Do They Cost?

Without knowing what you’re looking for (size, flowers, etc.), it’s impossible to give an exact figure as to how much your flower urns will cost. However, after checking a plethora of suppliers – be prepared for wedding urns to take a hefty chunk out of your wedding budget.

If you’re looking for something simple and not entirely customizable, you’ll be looking at around $150-$200 per urn. Yes, that’s right – per urn! This supplier charges £225 per urn, whereby you can choose from a selection of pre-picked colors.

If you’re looking for something bespoke, you’ll be looking at significantly more! Although they’re incredibly expensive, they do look stunning on your wedding day, and make for great photos.

Do It Yourself

If you have time to spare or are simply wanting to do keep to a stricter budget – why not try doing it yourself? I will point out that it isn’t easy and will take lots of time and practice. However, it is certainly worth the additional effort and will feel extra special when you get married.

What’s great about making your own is that everything is chosen by you. You can go to your local garden store (or browse online if you’d prefer) and choose your preferred urn. Whether you opt for something modern like iron, or traditional like resin – you’ll be making a statement.

Once you’ve chosen your flowers from your local florist, the arrangement begins. This is the tricky part. Here’s a tutorial to learn how to make urn flower arrangements. It may sound easy, but it’s definitely not as simple as it may seem.

Tips When Making Your Own Flower Urns for Weddings

If you’re nervous about making your own, here’s a few tips to get you started.

  • Be sure to store in a cool environment the evening before the wedding, so it looks as fresh as possible before the wedding
  • Be sure to use a range of sizes and textures to give your flower displays some definition
  • You may not want to use fresh flowers. If so, artificial flowers can be arranged well in advance to ensure there’s less stress on the wedding day itself
  • Check which flowers are in season around the time of your wedding – you want your flowers to be looking as beautiful as they can be
  • Be sure to fill the urn with items such as sand, rocks, or glass gems, so it’s easy for the stems to be put into place
  • The most important piece of advice is to be patient…and have fun!


I hope this article has helped you make a decision on whether you’d like flower urns for your weddings. Although they take a hefty amount out of your budget, it’s a worthwhile purchase. Especially if you decide to make them yourself. However, if you choose to make them yourself, make sure you have space for the urns after your wedding – you don’t want to be left with ten urns to squeeze into a one-bedroom apartment!

Did you have flower urns for your wedding? It wasn’t something I could afford for my wedding, but I wish I could have! If you did, feel free to share any tips or tricks that helped you with your big day. You may be able to help out some future couples on their wedding planning.

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