Free Color Swatches For Bridesmaid Dresses: Where To Get Them

Free Color Swatches For Bridesmaid Dresses

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Today, we’re going to be looking at free color swatches for bridesmaid dresses and where you can get them. Color swatches for weddings are actually super important. There’s so many things to organize for a wedding, and when choosing a bridesmaid dress, you want the color match to be easy. And of course, you want it to fit in with the rest of your wedding theme.

What Is A Color Swatch?

You’ll likely already know what a color swatch is, but if you’re unaware, a color swatch is a small piece of material, that comes in a range of different fabrics and colors. When you receive the small piece of material, you can see how it matches to other parts of your wedding, and decide whether it’s the choice you’d like to go for. Once you’ve made a decision, you can order the material and color in whatever you need it for. In this case, bridesmaid dresses.

A color swatch for bridesmaid dresses is usually to ensure that it matches the groomsmen. Tradition states they should be coordinated, after all.

Free Wedding Color Swatches: Where to Get Them

You may be considering receiving lots of color swatch samples. And so you should! Choosing anything for your wedding is a big decision, so you want to be absolutely certain of the color before purchasing. Especially if it’s a big purchase. But where can you get free color swatches? The price will add up if you’re trialing lots of colors. My top picks for free color swatches are:

  1. Kennedy Blue – if you use code 3FREECOLORS, this enables you to get three free color swatches for any of their bridesmaid dresses; which are usually $2-4 each! You can find a range of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from. This company is US-based.
  2. For Her and For Him – Their color swatches are exclusively for their bridesmaid dresses only. And this store enables you to have 5 free color swatches, from a range of materials and colors. This company is UK based.
  3. The Little Wedding Company – not only does this company offer bridesmaid color swatches, but also swatches for hats, stationery and cakes too! How incredible is that? Much like Kennedy Blue, only 3 free color swatches are permitted. This company is UK based.
  4. Dress and Charm – while there aren’t many styles available, they do allow you to have 9 free color swatches, which is great if you’re completely unsure of which color to go for. Or even if you’re looking for rainbow bridesmaid dresses. This company is US-based.
  5. Physical Stores. Nothing beats physical stores! Most boutiques and bridal stores offer swatches for bridesmaid dresses they stock, so it may be worth going into your local store and asking. Usually, they’re more than happy to let you take swatches away with you and decide if they’re the right match. And shopping locally is always great for supporting small businesses.

Things To Consider

There are a few things you may want to consider when looking for color swatches. Here are some top tips and things to think about.

  • Order your swatches before you make any final decisions. Even if you’re certain on a color or shade, it’s always best to check – especially if it’s free! Use one of the choices on the list above.
  • Once you’ve received your swatches and narrowed the choice down, try doing these things. Test the swatch in different lightings and see how it looks. Match against the complexion of your bridesmaids – sometimes your perfect color doesn’t suit them whatsoever.
  • Be open to other fabrics. Chiffon, velvet, tulle, and sequins are just a few you may like to use for your bridesmaid dresses. And it’s important to note that each color will look slightly different depending on the fabric you decide on. So be sure to get a swatch in each fabric!
  • Think about whether the color compliments your groomsmen and the color scheme of the wedding. This is especially important if your wedding closely matching is a must for you. You want everything to work well and look good together.

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Benefits Of Color Swatches

You may think that color swatches are a waste of time, especially if you already have your heart set on a color and style. But it’s always best to check. And when there’s no expensive, what’s the harm in checking? The benefits of color swatches are:

  • It makes coordinating easy! You can use them for groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls – whoever you want. And it makes planning so much easier and stress-free; which is exactly what you want for your wedding.
  • Once you have a color, you can inform all of your suppliers of the color you’re opting for. This makes matching everything at your venue super straightforward. Even down to products like chair covers, or napkin rings!
  • Transportable. When shopping around for items, having a small piece of material that fits into your handbag is convenient for when you need to match something at the last minute.


I hope this article has helped you learn where to find free color swatches for bridesmaid dresses and what a huge convenience they are when choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Whether you’re opting for a strict color theme, or something a little more casual – it’s still a great idea. As lighting, material, weather – all of these are factors that can make a color look slightly different.

If you’re completely unsure on colors, most stores that stock bridesmaid dresses will have a full-color palette, but that will not be free.

Did you use color swatches for your wedding? What did you find the advantages were? I would love to see any of your responses in the comments below. If there’s a store I haven’t mentioned that supplies free color swatches, please let me know. You may be helping out a future bride or groom with their bridesmaid dresses!

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