Funny Wedding Team Names: Top 50+

funny wedding team names

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Today, we’re going to be looking at funny wedding team names. And not just funny wedding team names, but classy, friendship, food inspired – all kinds of team names! Let’s be honest, bridesmaids and groomsmen are traditional – but are they fun? Not really. Are they inclusive? Absolutely not. Do they show off how freaking incredible your nearest and dearest are? No way!

So why not use one of our other wedding team name ideas to make your wedding team unique and personal. Whether you’re looking for something laugh-out-loud, cheesy or cute – we’ll be covering them all! And don’t worry, whether you’re looking for gender inclusive, bridal party, or groomsmen names, we have something for everyone.

Gender Inclusive Wedding Team Names

It’s very outdated that men will only have male friends and women will only have female friends. When I got married, I had myself a Man of Honor and he was awesome! Not only that but there may be member(s) of your wedding party who do not identify as male or female – and you want them to feel included as part of your special day!

So if you’re like me, you need something inclusive and suitable for all. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. “I Do Crew” – this is completely gender neutral and can be used for the bride or groom’s nearest and dearest
  2. “Pew Crew” – if your wedding is happening in a church, this is a fun option to refer to yourselves as
  3. “Harbingers of Wedding Cheer” – this will be sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face who’s part of this gang!
  4. “Bridesminions” – it scraps any gender and just makes you the bride’s minions instead – which is totally hilarious!
  5. “Bridespeeps” – much like the Bridesminions options, it’s very open and doesn’t conform to any genders
  6. “Commitment Crew” – I love this one! You’re all there for the same thing – to help your friends/family commit to their partner, so what better name than commitment crew?
  7. “Bridesfolk/Groomfolk” – scrap the maids and men, and just replace it with folk!
  8. “Friends of Honor” – if you’re just having friends as part of your bridal party/groomsmen, friends of honor is a great way to group them all together

Bridal Party Wedding Team Names

Bridesmaids/Bridal Party doesn’t seem a good enough name for all the work these wonderful people do to help with your wedding. From the bachelorette party to the bridal shower, to help you get ready on the big day – they’re there every step of the way! So how can you personalize your group name? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Tribesmaids
  2. Bridal Par-Tea
  3. Pizza Their Heart
  4. You Can’t Sip With Us (who can resist a Mean Girls reference?)
  5. Bride Squad
  6. It’s Bride Time
  7. Mermaid to be Friends
  8. Nacho Average Bridal Party (this is my favorite! Who doesn’t love a food pun?!)
  9. Friends for Wife
  10. Dream Team
  11. We’ll Be There for You (if the bride is a Friends lover, this is the perfect name!)
  12. Bride and Boujee
  13. Miss to Mrs. Crew
  14. Whole Latte Love Here
  15. Aisle Be There for You (wedding puns are the one!)
  16. Bae Watch
  17. Peachy Queens
  18. Partners in Wine (you can choose partners in crime…but surely partners in wine are even better?!)
  19. Fab Five
  20. Fantastic Four
  21. Three Musketeers
  22. Doughnut Know What I’d Do Without You
  23. My Support Bras (your friends should be supporting you like your bras, so this is a great funny one!)
  24. Matrimony Homies (this is perfect for the bridal or groom party)
  25. Champagne Campaign
  26. Slay All Day (sassy and fabulous!)
  27. We Can’t Keep Calm, She’s Getting Married
  28. On Her Side
  29. Bride Entourage
  30. Wedding Sisterhood
  31. Pillars of Strength
  32. Bride’s Ride or Die’s

Groomsmen Wedding Team Names

Hey, this is definitely not just for the bride’s side of the wedding. The groom can definitely have his own team name too! Here are some of our favorite ideas to choose from:

  1. Suited and Booted
  2. Matrimony Homies
  3. Broship
  4. Broship Enterprise (perfect for any nerds in your life!)
  5. Bachelor Brigade
  6. Groom’s Gang
  7. Goodfellas (is the groom a film fan? If so, this is a perfect choice!)
  8. Team Groom
  9. The Henchmen
  10. The Bodyguards
  11. Matrimony Matrix (any Matrix fans out there?)
  12. Right-Hand Men
  13. Groomsquad
  14. Honor Guard
  15. Groom’s Guild
  16. Caught in a Bad Bromance (cheesy, bromantic, and funny)
  17. Three Musketeers
  18. Fantastic Four
  19. Fab Five
  20. Avengers Assemble (who doesn’t love superheroes?)

Other Team Names

If none of our options are taking your fancy, why not invent your own? There may be a specific nickname that you go by or something that’s particularly relevant to you and your friends. If so, try and incorporate that into the group name.

When you have your bachelor/bachelorette parties, you can even have personalized t-shirts and sashes with your name on them. Or maybe even on your wedding day, present each member of the party with a small gift that has the group name on it. It’s something that you and your nearest and dearest will be able to treasure forever.

If you’re looking for funny phrases or sayings to go alongside your team name, Party Conclusions has a great article which will leave you spoilt for choice!


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with funny wedding team names and any other options you may be looking for when deciding on a name. Try to make it as memorable and unique as possible. That way you’ll all never be able to think of those words again without being reminded of a really special time in your life. It’s important to make everyone feel welcome and included in your tribe.

Did you have a unique wedding team name? Or are you choosing one of our favorites from this list? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you! And if you have your own ideas, you may be helping out future brides and grooms with their own funny wedding team names!

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