Gay Wedding Reception Ideas

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Today, we’re going to be looking at gay wedding reception ideas. And also some gay wedding ceremony ideas. There’s a range of ideas you can choose from to add a bit of pride and LGBTQ+ love to your wedding ceremony and reception. Whether you want go big, or want something more subtle, this article is for you. Let’s have a round-up of some of the most fun and cutest ideas!

Pride Décor

There’s a whole host of ways you can add a bit of pride to your wedding. Some of my favorites ideas include:

  • A “traditional” white-tiered wedding cake on the outside. When you cut into it, it’s full of color and a rainbow design. Or even full of multicolor sweets! It adds fun to your wedding cake, and LGBTQ+ representation in a subtle way.
  • If you’re wanting something slightly bolder – use the LGBTQ+ colors as your color scheme for the big day! You can even match it your sexuality. For example, a lesbian wedding idea could be the lesbian flag colors. The main colors are oranges, pink and purples. Getting your guests to arrive in those colors would be perfect. Or if you’re bisexual and proud, the flag colors are pink, royal blue and purple. Match your wedding to your sexuality. Or cover all basis and just go full rainbow!
  • If you’re wanting to incorporate the colors in less subtle ways, maybe match your bouquet to the colors. Bold, multicolor flowers can look really beautiful together – real or artificial.
  • Rainbow confetti is not only a great way to celebrate your LGBTQ+ wedding but also makes for the most beautiful wedding photos. All photos look better with an explosion of color in them.
  • Incorporate pride into your shoes. Whether you have rainbow laces or colors added to the bottom of your shoe choice – this is another good subtle way.

This list is by no means extensive, there’s a huge selection of ideas you can do using pride décor in your wedding.

Cake Toppers

 gay wedding ceremony ideas

Looking at gay wedding plans, getting adorable custom same-sex cake toppers is such a lovely idea. You can find designs on sites like eBay and Etsy. There’s a selection available here. You can add dates, pets, outfits – whatever you wish! Depending on how lifelike you want your topper to be, they start at a reasonable price and go up to prices that may take a hefty chunk out of your budget.

Cute Wedding Signs

There’s a variety of signs you may like to have at your wedding that suit you and your partner. Some of my favorites include:

  • Seating Plan – Rather than having a traditional seating plan, let your guests choose where they’d like to sit. You can signal this with cute wording like, “pick a seat, not a side, either way, it’s for a bride”.
  • Matching Flags – Whether you and your partner decide to hold them, or your bridal party/groomsmen, matching “Here Comes the Bride” or “Here Comes the Groom” signs are super cute.
  • Banners and Flags – Give each of your guests mini rainbow flags each. You and your partner could hold a banner saying something like, “love is love”. A group photo with these props would be a keepsake you can treasure forever.
  • Pets – If you and your partner want a fun way to incorporate your fur baby into your wedding, pop a little sign on their collar saying, “daddy and daddy” or “mummy and mummy” are getting married. There will no doubt be some gorgeous photos from that!


On sites like Etsy, you can find Mrs. and Mrs./Mr. and Mr. spoons and cake servers. This is a lovely, subtle touch – and also a great keepsake for you and your partner. These can be available to all guests as a favor, or exclusively for the top table. Or even just for you and your partner to enjoy!

Matching Accessories or Bouquets

Wearing the same color bowtie/tie or cufflinks is something quick and easy to do – and adds that little bit extra to your wedding. You can do this with brooches too, for female guests if they’d prefer. And for two brides, matching bouquets always look stunning. If you’re feeling extra bold, have the accessories/bouquets rainbow colors. That way they’ll really stand out from the crowd.

 gay wedding plans


Having hers/hers or his/his cupcakes or rainbow cupcakes is the perfect way to incorporate your sexuality into your big day. And also an extremely tasty addition. You’ll likely already be having cupcakes at your ceremony anyway, and you could even make them yourselves.

Ditch Tradition!

Tradition can be boring! This is your wedding and it can however you want it to be. If you want to wear a playsuit, or shorts and shirt – go for it. If you don’t want a bouquet and want to walk down the aisle waving a wand – who cares?! This is your wedding and it should be 100% authentically you. Go as over the top as you want, or be as subtle as you want. It’s your big day and you should embrace every second of it – whether traditional or not.


I hope this article has given you a few ideas to get started on planning your wedding, and given you some gay wedding reception ideas. Sexuality is a huge part of who you are, and likely for some of your life, you may have suppressed it – I did until I was in my 20’s! So now you’ve found your soulmate, celebrate with pride for all the world to see. Love is a beautiful thing and love is love, whatever your gender is.

Have you had a LGBTQ+ wedding, or are you currently planning one? I would love to know some of your ideas, or if you end up using one of our ideas on your big day. Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below – you may be helping out future bride/grooms.

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