How Much Are Baby Breath Flowers?

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Today, we’re going to be answering the question: how much are Baby Breath flowers? Baby’s Breath flowers are becoming increasingly popular at weddings – but how much will they take out of your wedding budget? This will all depend on what you need them for! First, let’s take a look at what they are, what they symbolize, and the colors you can find them in.

What Are Baby’s, Breath Flowers?

Baby’s Breath is part of the Gypsophila family. And it comes from the type of soil it thrives on. You’ll find them all around the world. They’re becoming increasingly popular in weddings because they’re a budget-friendly filler flower. If you’re looking for a easy, affordable way to bulk out your flowers – Baby’s Breath is the way forward!

Also, if your wedding is in Summertime, you may even find the plants have small white or pink flowers growing – which makes them even more beautiful.

Another reason that they’re so popular at weddings is because of what they symbolize. Baby’s Breath symbolizes purity and everlasting love. This makes them the perfect flower for any wedding.

They come in a range of tinted colors to make them suitable for many color schemes. These colors include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Burnt Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • White

 baby's breath arrangements

How Much Are Baby’s Breath Flowers?

The answer to this question is simple: it all depends on how much you need, and what you’re using it for. If you’re making a Baby’s Breath wedding bouquet – it can be very easy to keep the cost down, and still have a gorgeous bouquet. However, if you’re wanting several Baby’s Breath arrangements, the cost will be significantly more.

Typically, a single stem will cost between $1-2 if buying individually. And a single bunch will contain between 8-13 stems. The price will vary throughout the year (Valentine’s Day is always the most expensive time for flowers!).

Depending on which arrangements you’re having at your wedding, will dictate how many stems you need.

  • Mason Jars – 6-8 stems per jar
  • Aisle Flower Arrangements – 14-20 stems per arrangement
  • Small Bouquet – Just under 1 bunch (approx. 10 stems)
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet – 1 bunch (approx. 10-12 stems)
  • Bridal Bouquet – 2 bunches (approx. 22 stems)

Obviously, this will depend on how big you want your bouquet to be, and whether you’ll be using other flowers in the bouquet besides Baby’s Breath.

 how much are baby breath flowers

How Much Is Baby’s Breath In Bulk?

If you’re buying Baby’s Breath already in bunches, the price in bulk will depend on how many you buy. Naturally, the more you need, the cheaper each individual unit becomes.

Blooms By the Box have a great website to help you estimate how much you’ll need, and how much the cost will be. Depending on the color and style, their single bunches range from around $15-$20. However, many bunches are only available at wholesale at a minimum of 10 units each.

For example, their Gypsophila Cosmic Flowers bulk is $14.79 for 13 bunches (minimum) and goes down to $14.07 if you need 39 or more bunches.

If you’re needing very few bunches, it may be best to see what your local florist has on offer. If you’re looking for large quantities of Baby’s Breath, sites like Blooms By the Box are a great starting point.

It’s important to note that if Baby’s Breath is only one of the flowers you’re using for your wedding – remember not to over-order! The guidelines we’ve seen today are measurements when using Baby’s Breath only.

 how much is baby's breath in bulk

How To Use Baby’s Breath Flowers In Your Wedding?

You may be wondering how to incorporate Baby’s Breath flowers into your wedding besides the standard Bride and Bridesmaid’s bouquets. Let’s take a look at some innovative ways to use these gorgeous flowers in your wedding.

  • Hair. Using flowers in your hair is a stunning way to use Baby’s Breath. Whether you’re making a flower crown out of them, or just placing them throughout a braid, the finished product is beautiful
  • Arch. If you’re wanting a memorable place to have your ceremony under, a Baby’s Breath flower arch is a good way to do this. It’s romantic and elegant
  • Seating Plan. You’ll usually have a seating plan at the reception for everyone to see. Decorating the edges with some flowers is a subtle way to add them to your big day
  • Centerpieces. Whether you’re putting them in huge buckets, mason jars, or delicate vases – they will look great in the center of your tables
  • Cake Decoration. Many people choose to adorn their cake with flowers and what better flower than Baby’s Breath? It’s important to note that they are not edible, so should be removed before eating the cake
  • Drinks. Looking for a pop of color to decorate your drinks? Decorating the glasses with a spring or two of Baby’s Breath is the perfect idea
  • Lighting. If you’re looking for something dramatic and stunning – using the flowers on lighting such as a chandelier will look striking and beautiful

You can use these flowers for almost anything. It’s a great way to utilize them if you need to buy them in bulk and you’re unsure what to do with any you have leftover.

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I hope this article has helped to answer the question: how much are Baby Breath flowers? It’s an easy way to keep the cost of the wedding down if you want real flowers. I had artificial flowers at my wedding, so it was one less thing for me to worry about on the big day! But real flowers look truly beautiful and Baby’s Breath flowers create a romantic, ethereal vibe at your wedding. No matter how much you end up using at your wedding, I highly doubt they’ll be any disappointment!

Did you have Baby’s Breath flowers at your wedding? If you don’t mind sharing the cost, please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. Or even where you bought them from. You’ll certainly be helping out fellow brides and grooms on their future wedding days.

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