How to Keep Diamonds Shiny?

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When diamonds are exposed to too much light, they can begin to lose their shine. The key is keeping them in a dark location and taking good care of them.

Diamonds are a popular jewelry option. They can be expensive, but they are also beautiful and worth the investment. To keep diamonds shiny, it is important to clean them regularly.

How do I keep my engagement ring shiny?

A: To keep your engagement ring shiny, you should avoid wearing it in the shower or while swimming. You should also avoid wearing it when you are doing activities that could cause friction with other jewelry. If your engagement ring is made of gold, you should avoid using harsh chemicals on it such as bleach and ammonia.


Cleaning your diamond ring is easy. You just need to use some vinegar and a cloth. The vinegar will remove the residue that has accumulated on the surface of your diamond ring. Reference: how to clean diamond ring vinegar.

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