How To Make A Map For Wedding Invitations

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Today, we’re going to be looking at how to make a map for wedding invitations. Usually, when sending out invitations, there will be a map insert inside to help guests locate the venue, and also highlight any hotels or accommodation nearby to give guests an idea of where they can stay. Maps for wedding invitations are extremely popular and we highly recommend you include one with your invitations.

It can be as basic or extravagant as possible. We’ll be covering it all in this article.

DIY Wedding Map

DIY wedding map doesn’t have to mean something difficult – it just means something you do yourself, either by hand or on a computer. A map for wedding invitation insert is one of the easiest things you can do yourself for your wedding, and it can give the invitations a real personal touch. Let’s take a look at your options.

Written Directions

If you’re not great with technology, you can be as traditional as you’d like with your directions! Something as simple as typing up or writing directions by hand is perfectly okay to do.

For example,

“*Your Wedding Venue*

  • Head north on 1st St. toward Tiffany St.
  • Turn left at Tiffany St.
  • Turn right at Napa Rd.

 map for wedding invitation insert

etc. And just add the addresses for the wedding on the invitation. It really can be something as simple as that. Then you can choose to print it yourself (if typing) or photocopy copies if you’ve chosen to write the directions by hand. And then pop the inserts into your invitations – and your maps are good to go. This is no doubt one of the quickest ways to do it – but also the least creative.

Copy A Google Map Image

Another simple way (but requires some basic technological skills) is copying a google map image. If you’re familiar with Google maps and are good on a computer – copying a map image couldn’t be simpler. Follow these simple steps to find out how:

  1. Find the address on Google Maps and get an image of the location you require on your screen
  2. Zoom in or out, depending on the level of detail you need on your map
  3. On your computer, locate the “snipping tool” (this may be different depending on your computer)
  4. Select “New Snip”
  5. Drag the box around the area you want to copy. An image will pop up of the area you have selected
  6. From the file menu, save the image as a JPEG
  7. Your insert is ready to print and add to your invitation!

Trace A Map

Another idea is to trace the map. Whether you have a traditional map book or you print off an image from Google maps, you can trace the map yourself and add your own cute designs to the map. Use markers to highlight key places and add your own drawings. This feels really personal and is a lovely touch to your wedding invitations.

You can then scan or photocopy your map as needed. This tutorial from eHow is great if you’re a visual learner and want to trace your own map.

Check Your Wedding Venues Website

This may seem like a basic idea, but it’s proven to be successful many times! Many wedding venues will have a “locate us” or “how to get here” section on their website. And some even have a list of local hotels. It’s definitely worth checking your venue’s website, as it could be something as simple as a copy and paste from their website. That will save you a lot of time and searching!


If you’re creative with your hands, but not so much on the computer – why not draw your own map? This idea is very similar to tracing, but there’s a lot more freedom involved and everything is done freehand. It can be illustrated as and how you’d like. Freehand maps are a perfect way to really personalize your wedding map and add your unique style to your wedding invitations. But if like me, you’re terrible at drawing – this may not be the best option!

Once you’re happy with the design, scan and save it as a JPEG or simply photocopy and include it as an insert.

Hire A Designer

This may seem like a cheat way out of doing it yourself, but if you aren’t creative at all, or simply do not have the time – hiring a designer may be the best option for you. And there’s no shame in that! You may just want it to be as perfect as possible. Some invitation makers do wedding map inserts too, so it may be worth asking yours before you hire a wedding map designer.

But be prepared, this will not be cheap and may take an unnecessary chunk out of your budget, so only opt for this option if you have to.

Marketplace sites such as Etsy and eBay have a great selection of designers to choose from. Many of which you can order samples from to determine whether you’re happy with it before you commit. Online stores such as Mustard and Gray LTD are a great starting point if you’re unlikely to design your own.

maps for wedding invitations


I hope this article has helped you become more familiar with how to make a map for wedding invitations. Whichever way you choose, it really doesn’t matter! As long as your guests know where they’re going, that’s the most important thing. And if all else fails, as long as they have the address for the venue – most people have satnavs or Google Maps on their phones nowadays!

Did you make your own map for your wedding invitations? How did you do it? Was it one of the ways listed above? Please let me know any answers or suggestions in the comments below. You may be helping out future brides and grooms with their own wedding maps! Sharing is caring.

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