How To Make Cheap Place Cards

How To Make Cheap Place Cards

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Today, we’re going to be looking at how to make cheap place cards. Whether you’re wanting something simple, or something a little less traditional – we’ll be looking at a range of ideas to make, in the cheapest way possible. Let’s look at some cheap place cards!

What Is A Place Card?

A place card is usually a small piece of paper, which directs your guest as to where you’d like them to sit for the rest of the ceremony. Traditionally, it fits in with the style of the wedding. i.e. it may match your color scheme. As well as the guest’s name, you may like to add the couple’s names/date of the wedding.

How To Make Cheap Place Cards

The first thing you’ll want to decide is – are you going to print them or write them by hand? While writing by hand is more time-consuming, it is far more personal and something your guests will more likely treasure. However, not all of us have handwriting good enough for a wedding!

Handwritten Cheap Place Cards

If you decide to write them by hand – this is by far the cheapest option. You can pick up place cards from your local craft store for around $4 for 50. Once you’ve chosen a pen that you think matches your place cards well, the rest is up to you! You can decorate the place cards as you wish. There are a plethora of tutorials online how to draw fancy fonts – which will work perfectly for your place cards.

You can buy ready-made cards plain, or with a border, or flowery designs – whichever you’re looking for. For my wedding, I used plain white place cards with a glitter border. My mom (her handwriting is much better than mine) handwrote all of the place cards I needed. If a family or friend has beautiful handwriting, it would save you lots of time if they were happy to do them for you.

NOTE: If you or a friend/family are writing your own place cards, do several practice names to ensure you’re happy with the handwriting before you write directly onto the place cards.

Printed Cheap Place Cards

Printing your own is an option that may suit you better if you’re looking for a design that’s a bit less traditional. However, if you do not have time to write out each name by hand, there are some beautiful handwriting fonts that look as though they have been written by hand. If you’re looking for some free fonts to use for your place cards, try using:

  • Lovely Home
  • Stylish Calligraphy
  • Geraldine
  • Weather Sunday
  • Ants Valley
  • Easy November
  • Lucy Said Ok
  • Biancha

You can find a full list of free fonts that will work well for place cards here. If you’re looking for a particular pattern or design, there’s a huge range of free templates for you to work with, which make designing place cards as easy as possible.

Once your design is complete, you’ll need to print them. Of course, you could get them sent away and printed at a company such as Vistaprint, but it will likely work out cheaper for you to do this yourself.

Avery do a range of styles and sizes for you to choose from, at an extremely reasonable price. For a white background, you likely won’t be using much ink at all, so as long as you have a printer, it will be cheaper to print at home. You can get 150 cards for just $17 direct from their website!

How To Print Your Place Cards

Most computer software has Avery already installed, so it’s a great starting point for place cards. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this via Microsoft Word here. It couldn’t be easier and once you’ve done it once, it’ll be super easy! You often need a LaserJet ink printer to print card, so be sure your printer is compatible before you try printing.

Affordable Fun Designs

Depending on the theme/time of year of your wedding, you may want to try some fun ways to liven up your place cards. This is a cute idea if you choose a fairly simple place card. If you’ve chosen an extravagant design for your place card, it may be best left as it is, so it doesn’t seem as though too much is going on.

Here are some cheap wedding place card ideas:

  • Pine Cones. You can go on a nature walk and collect as many pine cones as you need for your big day – completely free. Once you have enough, just pop the place cards into the cones and they make super cute place cardholders.
  • Corks. Cut a cork in half (longways) – make a slit, and slip the place card into the slit. That way, it’s easy for guests to find where they’re sitting. Ask around for corks – you’ll be surprised how many you’ll find once you ask people!
  • Bulldog/Binder Clip. Decorate the clip with a color/style of your choice and add the name cards into the clip. They’ll look adorable!
  • Bracelet Place Cards. If you have time to spare, instead of writing, you could make bracelet place cards. Just get some elastic cord and letter beads – and it’s a super fun place card that your guests can even wear!

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I hope this article has helped you to see how easy it is to make cheap place cards, that still look beautiful – and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Place cards are one of the first things your guests will see on their table, so make sure they’re full of personality, and suit the style of the wedding.

No matter what your budget, you can make affordable place cards, easily. What place cards did you have at your wedding/plan to have at your wedding? If you have any other affordable ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. You’ll likely be helping out other couples with their weddings!

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