How To Not Cry At Your Wedding: No Ugly Tears!

How To Not Cry At Your Wedding

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Today, we’re going to be looking at how to not cry at your wedding. While a few tears are okay on your wedding day, there’s a high chance you won’t want to be ugly crying throughout the ceremony. And you certainly won’t want black streaks of watery mascara running down your cheeks, as you’re overflowing with emotion.

While it’s common for the groom to cry, a bride crying at a wedding is far more likely. But whether you’re male or female, there are plenty of ways to stop the overwhelming feeling of incoming tears on your wedding day. Let’s take a look.

Why Do People Cry At Weddings?

Weddings are emotional, there’s no doubt about it. Even the most stone-faced of people have been known to crack when watching someone they love to say their vows. But why do people cry at weddings? And not just the happy couple – but the guests too! There are a few reasons.

  • Bottled Emotions. Some people will bottle their emotions up, so when there’s a time to release them – they go all out!
  • Seeing Someone Else Cry. When I see someone else cry, it makes me start to well up too. This is extremely common, and as a few people will likely be crying at a wedding – it definitely sets off a chain reaction
  • Happiness. Seeing someone you love looking so beautiful and blissfully happy is another reason you may cry. Lots of people cry happy tears, and it’s not uncommon on a wedding day
  • Music. Music is incredibly powerful. Hearing the first few beats of my wedding song is enough to make me sob. Music can move people in many ways; often to tears

How To Not Cry On Your Wedding Day?

While it’s inevitable that there will be a tear or two throughout the day, there are plenty of ways to ensure as little damage as possible is done to your makeup. Let’s be honest, that’s why we’re all worried about crying, right? Here are our top tips and tricks to keep your wedding day looking perfect.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The tears most often occur at the ceremony. Looking into each other’s eyes and reciting your vows for the first time can be overwhelming, and incredibly intimate. While it’s lovely for the first time you say them to be on your wedding day, it’s a great idea to practice beforehand. Not only does it stop you from feeling overwhelmed, but it also helps if you’re feeling anxious about sharing your vows too.


This is something I did on my own wedding day. Simply just thinking of ruining my makeup at times was enough to stop the tears from flowing over. It did also help that I chose the best waterproof mascara (check out the top picks here) I could find. And I also set my face with Urban Decay Setting spray, so the few tears that did escape did not cause any damage to my foundation.

Ask Your Make-Up Artist to Stay

I chose to do my own make-up, and I had my bridesmaids keep my essentials close by if I needed them. However, if you have a make-up artist, it may be worth asking them to stick around for an extra hour or so. Tears most often occur during the ceremony, so asking them to stay and fix you up after the ceremony is a great idea. That way, you can feel more relaxed if the tears do start to flow!

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Do a “First Look”

A moment during the ceremony that can be incredibly emotional is seeing each other for the first time. While traditional couples want their first look to be on the aisle, it may be a good idea to keep the moment between the two of you, before the ceremony. It’s incredibly intimate and makes for some gorgeous photos. And also can stop that overwhelming feeling of seeing each other for the first time, in front of your nearest and dearest.


As mentioned earlier, music can be incredibly emotive. Walking down the aisle to a song that means so much to both of you is bound to create some tears. If music is an emotional trigger for you, try to walk down the aisle to something more traditional like the Bridal March.


While you’ll be in a celebrating mood, it’s best to keep the alcohol to a minimum before the ceremony begins. Alcohol intensifies any emotion you’re feeling, so it may be best to stick to a glass or two before the ceremony, and then you can start celebrating afterward!

Cry, Cry, Cry

Having a good cry before you apply your makeup is a great idea. Whether it’s the night before with a good rom-com and a glass of wine, or the morning before the ceremony with your girlfriends – let it all out. Hopefully, you won’t have any tears left and you’ll be all cried out!

Use a Safe Word

Ceremonies can feel incredibly serious, and that’s usually why the emotions start to overflow. If your partner looks like they may be about to cry, use a word, or an inside joke that always makes you both laugh. Something fun, and lighthearted – that’s guaranteed to give you both a smile. Laughing is much better than crying!


While it may seem cliché, focusing on breathing is a great way to center yourself, and give yourself some balance. If you feel tears coming, take a deep breath in and take the moment in. Allow yourself to feel what your body wants to feel. It’s a calming technique that has always been a great help to me.


I hope this article has helped you to discover ways of how to not cry at your wedding. It’s an emotional time, so I’m sure you’ll be forgiven for a tear or two! Embrace the moment and embrace the day.

What helped you to not cry at your wedding? Let me know in the comments below.

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