How to Say No Gifts on Wedding Invitation?

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Traditionally, the wedding invitation is a form of communication from your family to guests. It’s an opportunity for them to get you and their families in touch with one another ahead of time and put some thought into what they’re interested in doing with you on your special day. However there are also times when it can feel like too much pressure or make someone feel uncomfortable about what gifts people may want to bring – whether that be cash (especially if you’ll be paying), something unique or just not able to attend the big day altogether because the cost will break them financially speaking. Here we explore how those who have said no thank-you cards can say ‘no’ without saying it out loud during such moments.

The “clever ways to say no gifts, please” is a question that has been asked many times. The best way to answer this question is by giving an example of how you would like your guests to respond.


The “how to say no gifts on birthday invitation” is a question that many people will have. The answer is simple, just write “no gifts” or “no presents.”

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