Making Your Own Chuppah

making your own chuppah

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Making your own chuppah for your wedding can be a wonderful way to make your big day more special. You are able to make it personal to you and your significant other. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you and your spouse built it yourselves.

Building your own chuppah will allow you to add any special touches that you like. You can add your favorite types of flowers to give it a more romantic vibe. In addition, you can even make it based on your wedding colors for a more special look.

What is a Chuppah?

A chuppah is traditionally a canopy that a Jewish couple will stand underneath as they get married. Oftentimes it consists of a sheet that is supported across four poles. It is open on all four sides and is used for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Though many synagogues have a chuppah, some people may opt to use their own for a more personal feel. In addition, if someone is having their wedding outside, it may be easier to build one rather than rent one.

Though some people prefer to stick with the traditional style of a chuppah, others prefer to be more creative. It has become a trend to add fresh flowers to create a more personal and romantic look.

How to Build a Chuppah

Fortunately, building a chuppah doesn’t have to be hard. You can make your own beautiful special for your big day. Before you get started, make sure to measure the space to make sure there is plenty of room for your chuppah.

Next, you will want to make sure that the parts you buy are big enough. Make sure to select tall poles, at least right feet, and a cloth top that will be plenty big. Some people even opt to use a tallit.


  • four patio umbrella stands
  • screw hooks
  • level
  • cloth top
  • flowers (optional)
  • flower wire (optional)

Assembling Your Chuppa

Once you have all your equipment, it is time to assemble your chuppa. You want to assemble it right at the location of your wedding ceremony, as it will be difficult to transport. Ideally, you will want at least one person to help you with the process to ensure it goes smoothly.

The chuppa can be assembled a couple of days ahead of your wedding, but you want to wait to add the flowers till the day of. Make sure that your wedding venue is alright with you building your own chuppa before you get started on the project.

Place the Patio Umbrella Stands

First, place down your patio umbrella stands. Using patio umbrella stands allows for an easy assembly that will be sturdy.

Measure out the size of your cloth and space them a couple of inches shorter than the length of it. This will allow the cloth to have a slight droop instead of being too tight.

Instead of umbrella stands, you can use flag pole stands instead. Just make sure that whatever you choose can be adjustable.

Add the Screw Hooks to the Birch Poles

Carefully add the screw hooks to the top of the birch poles. This will allow you to easily attach your cloth.

Add the Birch Poles to Your Umbrella Stand

Once you have your umbrella stands placed in their spots, add the birch poles. Carefully lower the pole into the umbrella stand and tighten them until they are secure. You can use a level to make sure your DIY chuppah frame is straight.

Add the Cloth Top

Once the birch poles are level and securely in place, add the cloth to the top. Use the hooks to attach the cloth, making sure that it is not too tight. If needed, you can tie string to the cloth and then to the hooks to attach it securely.

Be sure that the cloth is securely fastened. If it is an outdoor wedding, you don’t want it to blow away if it gets windy out.

Attach Flowers if Desired

If desired, you may decorate your chuppah with flowers. Flower wire is a great way to attach flowers to your chuppah. Stock flowers, Lisianthus, hydrangeas, and orchids all will look beautiful on it and give it a lovely appearance.

In addition to flowers, you can also add foliage. Willow and Eucalyptus add an elegant touch that will make for a beautiful statement piece.

Feel free to add the foliage and flowers anywhere you want on the chuppas. You can add it anywhere on the birch poles or on the umbrella stands.

When adding flowers, wait to add them till the day of the wedding. This will help ensure they won’t wilt and dry up ahead of time, leading to a lackluster chuppa.

Instead of floral wire, or in addition, you can use ribbon to attach the flowers. You can use ribbons of your wedding colors to make for a more personal look.

Making Your Own Chuppah That is Beautiful and Elegant

Knowing how to make a chuppah is a wonderful skill to have if you plan to have a Jewish ceremony. Though you can always borrow one or buy one, making your own is more special. It gives you the freedom to customize it to the style of you and your spouse.

In addition, you can take pride in knowing that you built part of your wedding ceremony. You and your significant other can do this project together to make it even more special. Building it is easier than you think and your guests will be impressed to know you did it.

By using birch poles and patio umbrella stands you can easily create a sturdy yet beautiful frame for your chuppa. With the addition of screw hooks, you can securely add your cloth on top. Then, you can add flowers, foliage, and ribbon to create a personal and elegant look.

Do you have any questions regarding making your own chuppah? If so, please ask any questions regarding chuppahs and how to build one down below.

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