Places To Have A Wedding Shower: Our Top Picks

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the perfect places to have a wedding shower.

What Is A Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower usually occurs during the day. The bridal shower is a traditional way of celebrating the bride’s upcoming marriage. The bride is about to start her journey into married life, and this is the time to shower her with gifts to ensure the journey runs as smoothly as possible. Guests are usually female friends and family members, but in more recent years, it’s become more common to invite whoever you wish.

When Should A Bridal Shower Be Held?

A bridal shower is typically held anywhere between two weeks and two months before the wedding. It usually takes place after the bachelorette party. Some brides like to have their bridal shower as close to the wedding date as possible, as it’s the perfect time to get herself, and her guests excited for the big day.

 how to have a wedding shower during covid

Our Top Picks For Where a Bridal Shower Should Be Held

While you can have the bridal shower anywhere, here’s some of our top suggestions of the best places to have a wedding shower.

  • Home. If you have a particularly anxious bride or a bride that likes things small and intimate, have a gathering at one of your homes. It’s a place she’ll likely be familiar with, already feel comfortable, and can completely relax before her big day
  • Restaurant. The best part of having a bridal shower at a restaurant is that there’s no need for a caterer! Food and drinks will already be provided throughout the shower, and it’s a neutral environment for everyone to enjoy themselves
  • Church. If you have a religious bride, hosting the shower in her church would be a beautiful idea – especially if it’s the church she’s marrying in! She can become even more familiar with the venue, and it will make the shower even more exciting
  • Park. If she loves the outdoors and good weather is on the cards, why not get a permit for your local park? Lay down some blankets, bring a gorgeous picnic, and enjoy your time together outside
  • Vineyard. Okay, there’s not supposed to be too much drinking at a bridal shower (that’s what the bachelorette is for, right?), but vineyards are open throughout the day, and it will definitely be a lot of fun
  • Afternoon Tea. While this option is more British, it’s luxurious and a real treat for any Bride. Enjoying finger food over a glass of champagne (or two) – what more could you ask for?

Other Places to Consider

 places to have a wedding shower

Our list above is by no means extensive and there are plenty of places to have a wedding shower! Some other popular choices include:

  • Escape Rooms – for your adventurous bride
  • Art Studio – for your creative bride
  • Dance Studio – for your energetic bride
  • Beach – for your surfer bride
  • Casino – for your gambling bride
  • Botanical Gardens – for your nature-loving bride
  • Virtually – for your lockdown bride

Ideas of Wedding Showers During Covid

Here are some ways to celebrate a wedding shower during covid:

  • Virtually. We all have Zoom accounts now and probably utilized them massively throughout the pandemic (I know I did!). So why not send the bride gifts via mail and watch her open them over Zoom? You can even play some virtual games. There’s a great list of virtual bridal shower games here.
  • Drive-By. While it’s not ideal, if you need to stick to restrictions, just drive by the bride’s house and leave her gifts on the doorstep. You can have a quick chat and maybe watch her open the gifts.
  • Small Gathering. If restrictions allow, just invite her closest family members and friends – and plan a bigger celebration for when the lockdown eases!

 Where should a bridal shower be held?


I hope this article has helped to give you some inspiration on the perfect places to have a wedding shower. There’s an array of choices to pick from, but if you’re unsure, just ask the bride her opinion. She’ll likely be more than happy to help you plan her bridal shower!

Where did you have your bridal shower? Or where do you plan to? I would love to hear your experiences, so please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Where should a bridal shower be held?

If you're following traditional wedding etiquette, the bridal shower should be held at the home of whoever is hosting the party; whether that be the bride herself, the maid of honor, or any other female family member. However, nowadays, bridal showers can happen absolutely anywhere. The bride's favorite hotel, favorite restaurant, beauty salon, a spa - the choices are endless!

When planning the bridal shower, it's important to keep the bride's interests in mind. If she's creative, why not incorporate some painting or pottery? If she likes to be pampered, why not treat her to get her hair and nails done just before the big day? It's the time to spoil her rotten, and show her the excitement you all have for her upcoming wedding.

Can you have a bridal shower at a hotel?

Absolutely! Whether the bride wants to stay in her room with her closest friends and order room service, have a drink in the hotel bar, or have a trip to the sauna - there's a range of activities to make the most out of a hotel visit. Hotels are most suited to small, intimate bridal showers, so keep the guest list in mind whenever you're booking the wedding shower.

How to have a wedding shower during covid

While we're hopefully nearing the end of the worldwide pandemic, covid is still very much a part of our lives. It's definitely worth keeping a backup plan in mind if your bride suddenly comes down with covid, or new restrictions arise. But never fear, you can still have an amazing wedding shower during covid! Depending on the situation, virtual wedding showers and drive-by wedding showers were all the rage in the midst of the pandemic.

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