Red String Of Fate Wedding Ceremony

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the red string of fate wedding ceremony. But what is it? What does it symbolize? How do you incorporate it into your wedding? Let’s take a closer look at everything important to do with the red string of fate in your ceremony.

What is the Red String of Fate?

The Red String of Fate is a belief originating from Chinese legend in East Asia. You may also come across it in Japanese legend. According to the belief, the gods are thought to have tied a piece of red string around the ankles of those that we’re fated to meet one another. This pair were destined to meet at a certain time, or in a certain place – in this instance of this article, your wedding day.

Japanese tradition is slightly different as to where you tie to string but don’t worry, we’ll be looking at where to tie it later in the article!

Meaning of Red String of Fate

The meaning behind the red strong of fate is beautiful and sentimental. The string signifies that whatever has taken place in both of your lives, you were always going to end up here. Your destiny was to be together irrespective of any barriers or challenges you may face. The cord is said to be almost magical, as it can stretch, tangle, but it will never break – much like your marriage.

The red string of fate is the equivalent of a soulmate in the western world; which is likely an expression you’re very familiar with.

How does the Red String of Fate Work in Your Wedding Ceremony?

If you decide to use the red string of fate in your wedding ceremony, it works just as you’d expect. Depending on where you decide to tie the string, you usually do a reading (like the one below) and tie the red string to you both. We’ll be taking a look at where you can tie it later in the article.

Insider has a beautiful reading which you can use in your own wedding. With part of the speech including words such,

“The red string of fate can stretch throughout the world, yet will always lead us to each other, forbidding us to successfully love another.

We are forever connected, by this string tied around your ankle and mine, binding our hearts together since the beginning of time.”

it makes for a very special moment that you’ll both treasure forever.

Where is the Red String of Fate Tied?

Depending on whether you’re following the Japanese, Korean or Chinese tradition, you can tie the string in one of three places. In the Chinese version, the string is tied around both parties’ ankles, as they were destined to meet, no matter what their walk of life. In the Japanese version, you tie the string around from a male’s thumb to a female’s pinky finger. Whereas, in the Korean version, you tie the string round both partners’ pinkies.

red string of fate meaning

However, as it’s not a religious ceremony, and rather a tradition – you can tie it wherever you choose. Some couples tie it around one of those three places and then opt for something more permanent. A simple red string bracelet is a physical way to show the invisible bond between you forever. Some couples even choose to have red string of fate tattoos! Do whatever works best for you.

How to Prepare Yourself and How to See it?

According to the legend, you must prepare yourself and notice the signs to look out for to see your red string of fate. You may think it’s something to be taken lightly, but when you’re incorporating something into your wedding, it’s important to educate yourself. These are legends from different cultures and should be respected.

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Red String of Fate?

The legend states it’s important to love yourself first. And to be familiar with the differences between love and fear. Your outlook on life should be positive The six stages are as follows:

  1. Do not mistake fear for love
  2. Appreciate yourself
  3. Spread kindness
  4. Know yourself
  5. Pay attention to things happening around you
  6. Have fun and be fun

red string of fate

How to See Your Red String of Fate?

You will likely have a few partners in your life. There’s a huge difference between a partner and a soulmate. You will love them entirely, despite any flaws they may have. The connection you have will be like nothing you’ve felt, and that is where the red string of fate comes in. The signs to look out for are:

  1. Can’t describe how you feel with your red string of fate
  2. Complete each other
  3. Love them with all their flaws
  4. Feel intensely for one another
  5. Feel like it’s you two against the world
  6. You feel each other’s joys as well as sorrows
  7. Find it easy to hold conversations
  8. Respect each other’s space and don’t feel threatened by it

Considering you’re marrying your partner, I will assume you already feel all those things about each other. However, it’s great to learn more about what will be a big part of your special day, if you choose to have it. You can find out more about the Red String of Fate and it’s customs here.

ed string of fate on hands


To conclude, the Red String of Fate is a beautiful way to symbolize your love for one another. And tying the Red String of Fate on hands is a simplistic but memorable way to show your everlasting bond, and that you were always destined to be in this moment, with that special person.

Is this a custom that you used on your wedding day? Or is it something you’re now thinking of adding? If so, please share any stories in the comments below. I would love to know how you felt, and what your wedding guests thought of such a unique way of showing your love for one another.

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