Renting A Restaurant For A Wedding

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Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at renting a restaurant for a wedding. But first, we must look at some important deciding factors when choosing a venue. For example, what’s the cost? How do you find one? We’ll be answering all of those questions today.

Having a Restaurant Wedding Reception

When you’re renting a restaurant for your wedding/wedding reception, there are a few things you may want to consider and decide on when choosing your venue.

You may choose a restaurant for your wedding reception because it has sentimental value for you and your partner. For example, it may be where you and your partner got engaged. Or, it may be because wedding receptions at restaurants can actually be the cheaper option, depending on where you choose. This is great if you’re working on a tight budget.

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Tips on Deciding on a Venue

Here’s a few things to consider when you’re choosing your dream venue:

  • Budget – Before you even begin your search, have a budget in mind for how much you’re able to spend. The price will depend on how much space you’d like, how many guests you have, which day you have your wedding on, and if you’d like exclusive use of the venue. This can all be discussed with the manager/events organizer of the restaurant usually. Be firm with your budget once you’ve decided on an amount.
  • Décor – Restaurants are already set up in their own design. It may be tricky to make your wedding reception feel authentically yours if you aren’t able to put up decorations or add some wedding flourishes. Be sure to check if you can do this before you book; especially if it’s important to you.
  • Parking – At a wedding, most people will be driving to you. Be sure to check that there’s enough parking spaces available for your wedding party. This is especially important if you have lots of guests.
  • Food – You’ve likely chosen a restaurant because you and your partner are big foodies. If you’re choosing a restaurant you’ve not been to before, make sure you sample the food! This one should go without saying, but you don’t want to book a venue and then find the food isn’t to your liking.
  • Cake – A traditional wedding cake is important to some couples. However, some restaurants may not allow you to serve food at their establishment. An alternative to this is asking if the restaurant can provide a wedding cake for you.

Most of these tips are all about good communication with your chosen venue. As long as you feel comfortable with your point of contact at the venue – everything should run smoothly.

Cost of a Restaurant Wedding Reception

There’s no doubt about it, depending on which restaurant you choose – restaurant wedding receptions can be expensive! Whenever a wedding is mentioned, prices usually skyrocket. For example, if you ask a bakery for a wedding cake, as opposed to a birthday cake – they’ll often charge you more, even for the same style cake!

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So if you’re researching how many restaurants are, be sure to tell them it’s a wedding – as they just might have an additional charges. It’s frustrating but necessary to tell them.

It’s impossible to give you a price of how much you’re reception would cost without knowing where you’re booking. Depending on which area you’d like the restaurant to be in, the size of your venue, and how many guests you have, are all deciding factors on how much it will end up costing.

Value Penguin have estimates for each type of wedding venue – restaurants included! They estimate that if you’re wanting something more modest, you’ll be looking at around $2,000. If you’re wanting something more extravagant, it can be around $22,000. The difference is astounding!

Restaurants to Have a Wedding Reception

But how do you find out which restaurants offer a wedding reception service without manually having to research every restaurant? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as there are plenty of search tools online to make the whole process easier for you.

Wedding Wire is a great search tool. All you need to do is enter your selected area and it will list all available options – it really is that simple. You can enter your chosen date, how many guests, the settings, and amenities. Ones that match your chosen requirements then show up with contact details.

What I love about this website is that it also has a section to support diversity when narrowing your selection down. This may be important if you’re a same-sex couple and would like your reception to be owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

This website isn’t just open for the US, it’s international too. So wherever you are in the world, this website is a fantastic tool.

If Wedding Wire isn’t for you, try not to worry – there’s a plethora of search tools. Google is your oyster!

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I hope this article has helped you learn more about renting a restaurant for a wedding. It can feel overwhelming searching for a venue, especially if you don’t have a wedding planner. Maybe set aside half an hour every evening with your partner to look at venues. It’s important not to do too much in one sitting – it can feel tiresome and like a chore; we certainly don’t want that.

The most important part of your choice is cost, so before you start your searching – keep that price in mind. And remember to enjoy the planning. It’ll be the big day before you know it. Planning was one of my favorite parts of getting married – but I do love organizing things!

Did you have your wedding/wedding reception in a restaurant? Or do you have an upcoming wedding planned in one? What were the deciding factors when choosing your venue? I would love to know. Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below.

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