How Many Ring Bearers In A Wedding: What’s Normal?

Today, we’re going to be looking at how many ring bearers in a wedding, and answering questions like how you should ask them and what to get them as a thank you gift for being such a special part of your day. Make no mistake, ring bearers play a very important part in your day. Usually, you’ll choose your own child, or a child you’re close to within your circle of family and friends to fulfill the role.

But you may not even know what their role is! Let’s first take a look at what their special job is and how many ring bearers you usually have within a wedding.

What Is A Ring Bearer?

You may already know, but it’s the ring bearer’s responsibility to walk the wedding rings down the aisle to the happy couple, during the ceremony.

How Old Is The Ring Bearer?

If you’re having flower girls within your wedding, ring bearers are usually around the same age. The average age is 3-8 years old. Although this is the traditional age of a ring bearer, there are no guidelines you need to follow, and your ring bearer can be any age you choose!

There are some couples who will choose their baby to be carried down the aisle (with an adult, of course) and others who will choose their grandparents as ring bearers. There is no right or wrong answer! However, most couples will choose a child who’s responsible to take on this role – it is one of the most important jobs, after all!

How Many Ring Bearers Should There Be?

If you’re following tradition, there is usually only one ring bearer. If the child is particularly young, an adult or older child will often accompany them, but it’s usually a one-child job.

However, it’s definitely possible to have more than one! It’s just important to assign each person involved a set task on the day. Children usually love to have their own special role, so it’s important to make them all feel valued if you’re asking them to be part of your wedding.

Here are some ideas to involve more than one ring bearer:

  • Have each child hold one ring each
  • An older child could pull small children in a wagon/cart
  • Other children could walk down the aisle with the ring bearers holding signs

What Does The Ring Bearer Carry?

The ring bearer carries the happy couple’s wedding bands down the aisle. However, some couples opt for their ring bearer to carry fake rings down the aisle; that way, there’s no worry of any damage coming to the real wedding rings.

Ring bearers often carry the rings on a pillow or a special box. More recently, it’s become popular to present the rings looped around greenery, such as baby’s breath and magnolia leaves.

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How To Ask Ring Bearer?

There’s a range of ways to ask your ring bearer to be part of your special day. However, the most important thing to do first (if it’s a child), is to get the parent’s permission. Generally, the child’s parents will be more than happy for their child to be part of your wedding, but it’s always best to ask. And that way, you can start planning their outfit too – which the parents of the child usually pay for themselves.

Here are a few tips to ask your ring bearer:

  • Be patient. Children are excitable and impatient! So ask them as close to the wedding as possible (usually a few months before)
  • Buy them a book when you ask them (there are some great choices on Amazon). Sit down and read through the book with them, and get their parents to do so every so often. It helps them to become more familiar with their role and gets them excited for the big day
  • Make a proposal. Children love feeling important – so why not make a proposal for them to be your ring bearer? Marketplaces like Etsy have a huge amount of ideas; including cards, personalized puzzles, t-shirts, and balloons. You can find more ideas here

What To Get Ring Bearer For Gift

It’s seen as a tradition to present anyone who has a role within the wedding with a small gift of thanks. Adults are usually much easier to buy for when it comes to thanking you gifts! So if you’re looking to buy a thank you gift for a child ring bearer, here are some ideas:

  • A “Ring Security” personalized t-shirt. This is a gift to show the little person in your life how important what they’re doing is. If you’re looking to make them feel important, this will certainly do the job!
  • Buddy Bearer. If the child is anxious or looks like they’re in need of a friend – why not buy them a soft toy? And explain to them that this bear was specially made to walk down the aisle with the ring bearer. It may calm any nerves and make the walk down the aisle less scary for them!
  • A Game or Activity to do After the Ceremony. Let’s be honest, weddings are boring for children. So why not get them a game to play or something like a personalized coloring book to keep their little hands busy?
  • Something catered to their interests. What’s their favorite show? What are their favorite sweets? Let them know you’ve had them in your thoughts when picking out their gift.


I hope this article has helped to answer the question as to how many ring bearers are in a wedding and other questions you may have, such as how to ask them and what to get as a thank you gift. Children are easily pleased, so as long as you make them feel included and special – that’s the most important thing.

How many ring bearers did you have at your wedding? How did it go? I would love to hear your experiences, so please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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