Little Sister Of The Groom Speech

Today, we’re going to be looking at how to perfect your little sister of the groom’s speech. Traditionally, only the best man and father of the bride made a speech, but nowadays it’s far more common for there to be a handful of speeches, from important people in the happy couple’s lives. Whether that be godparents, siblings, mothers – you can choose anyone you’d like to make a speech at your wedding; tradition doesn’t always have to be followed!

If you’ve been asked by your brother to give a speech at his wedding – this is a real honor. He obviously feels as though you’re one of the closest people in his life and has a really special bond with you. While it may feel intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll be running through how to plan the perfect speech, and some tips to ensure it’s heartfelt, funny, and personal. Let’s take a look.

How To Plan Your Speech: Step By Step

It may feel overwhelming putting pen to paper, but this is a real privilege and if you’re confident enough to do so, should take this opportunity and take this chance to show your brother how much he means to you.

  1. The first thing to do is PLAN. Brainstorm some stories, anecdotes, jokes you’d like to include and roughly make a draft. This doesn’t have to be perfect – so don’t stress too much!
  2. Much like a story, your speech should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should be an introduction to yourself and a hello to the happy couple. The middle is where to add some jokes, some personal stories, and be sure to include some moments that include the bride – this speech isn’t just for your brother. The ending is where you should honor your parents and initiate a toast for the happy couple
  3. Once you’ve planned a beginning, middle, and end – type your speech out, write it out, put it onto your phone, however you want to read it on the day…and practice!
  4. Rehearse the speech several times. Practice with a friend if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. On the big day, be sure to have tissues at hand a glass of wine to calm your nerves – and enjoy every moment!

Tips For The Sister Of The Groom Speech

  1. I know it’s tempting, especially on a day where your emotions are so heightened – but try to keep it light-hearted, and not too heartfelt. While the sentiment is lovely, you don’t want to be crying throughout the speech, so leave the soppy stuff nearer the end!
  2. Talk to family members! If you’re unsure where to start, or not sure you have enough content for your speech, ask for help from your parents, other siblings, his friends – they’ll be more than happy to supply you with some embarrassing stories to share!
  3. Make it personal. I know it’s easier to use a template from Google, but if it lacks any originality, it won’t convey the right message to the groom, or the other guests
  4. Practice! You don’t need to know the speech word for word from the top of your head, but knowing a rough idea of what moments follow which throughout the speech will help to calm the nerves on the day, and help you to feel more familiar with the content
  5. While it may feel a little cliché, a lovely idea is to include some quotes from a film, a book, or a band that is special to both of you. While it may not mean much to the other guests, it can be a touching moment between siblings
  6. Try not to make the speech too dirty, or inappropriate. There’s a time and a place for those moments, and it isn’t necessarily on your brother’s wedding day!

If you’re completely stuck with where to start, The Knot has some great Sister of the Groom Speech Templates to give you some inspiration for a good starting place. If you are using one of these for inspiration, be sure to make the speech your own.


I hope this article has helped to give you some ideas on a little sister of the groom speech. The most important aspect is to make sure it’s from the heart, and try to make it as personal as possible. If it feels generic, you may not get the message across for how much you love him, and how happy you are to be introducing him into the family.

Did you have your sister do a speech at your wedding? Or did you give a speech at your brother’s wedding? If so, please feel free to leave some tips below – you may be helping out future sisters with their speeches! Sharing is caring.


How Do You Start the Sister of the Groom Speech?

The most important thing to do at the start of the speech is to introduce yourself. There's probably quite a few people at the wedding who aren't sure who you are, so greet everyone and then follow that on by congratulating the happy couple, in your own words. This is the perfect warm up to your speech, before you get into the heart of it. 

What Does the Groom's Sister Do?

There's no specific role for the sister of the groom, but don't be disheartened by this. This just means that she can take on any role that's given to her. Whether you'd like her to give a reading at the ceremony, do a speech at the reception, light a candle, or even be a groomswoman - yes, that is absolutely a thing in this modern age!

Should Groom's Sister be Bridesmaid?

Let's be clear on one thing - this is your wedding, and if you don't want bridesmaids, only want one or simply aren't close to your partner's sister, she doesn't have to be a bridesmaid at your wedding. However, if you are happy to invite her into your bridal party, it's a lovely idea and a real chance for you both to bond over a mutual love - your partner/her brother.

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