Where To Buy Ring Bearer Outfits: A Guide

Today, we’re going to be looking at where to buy ring bearer outfits and what the suitable ring bearer attire is for toddlers and children. Whether you’re the parent of the child looking to buy an outfit for an upcoming wedding, or you’re one-half of the happy couple looking for an outfit, you may be unsure which outfit to choose. The internet is swamped with ideas and it can be overwhelming – so we’ve got you covered. Whether you have a formal Summer wedding or a casual Spring wedding – we’re here to help.

What Is A Ring Bearer?

I may be getting ahead of myself – you may not even know what a ring bearer is! A ring bearer has a huge responsibility on your wedding day. They are the lucky person you’ve chosen to walk down the aisle during the ceremony. Usually, they’ll then present the rings to the best man, or keep watch of them until the happy couple needs them for the exchanging of rings.

How Old Is A Ring Bearer?

If you have flower girls within your ceremony, they’ll often be the same age as them. The average is around 3-8 years of age. Although that’s the traditional age, those are just guidelines and they’re not set in stone.

Your ring bearer can be of any age, although it’s usually a child. If it’s an older child, they’re often far more responsible so they’ll be less worried over the safety of the rings. If it’s a younger child, you can use fake rings for the ring bearer, and keep the real rings with the best man. And if it’s a toddler or smaller, it may be best to have someone accompany them down the aisle – we all know how little ones are prone to outbursts and tantrums!

Who Pays For The Outfit?

Usually, the parents of the child pay for the outfit. There will usually be discussions about the outfit, such as color schemes and general outfit ideas, then the parents will purchase it. However, if you want your ring bearer to wear a specific outfit of your choosing, it’s seen as polite to gift the outfit yourself. If the parent(s) are willing to pay for the outfit, you can gift an accessory for the wedding such as a bow tie.

Ring Bearer Attire

Usually, the attire of the ring bearer will match the attire of the rest of the bridal party/groomsmen. Your ring bearer should be easily identifiable as part of your special day. Whether that be wearing the same color as the bridal party, or the same tie as the groomsmen – the choice is yours! Let’s take a look at some ideas for outfits for toddlers and boys.

Ring Bearer Outfits for Toddlers

Usually, you’ll be wanting a toddler to look cute as a button. The most common choices to opt for a suspenders and bowtie combo with linen shorts, shirt, and waistcoat. If your wedding is a bit more casual, feel free to remove the waistcoat.

Bowtie and Suspenders

Often, suspenders will come separately to an outfit, which for toddlers may be quite frustrating and may distract them. However, this super cute linen 3 pieces from Etsy. If you buy the full set, it comes with suspender shorts, a vest, a bowtie, and a shirt. For the full set, it comes in at around £116. The set comes in over 50 different colors, so you’ll be sure to find a match suitable for your wedding.


If you’re having a more casual wedding, or you’ve chosen a baby as your ring bearer, you may want to choose a onesie or a t-shirt. There’s a great personalized Ring Security Shirt/Onesie for any toddler or baby in your life. It’s super cute and no one will doubt what their role is on your wedding day.

Ring Bearer Outfits for Boys

For a boy aged 3 or over, you can definitely still use the items above (they come stocked in older ages). However, you may like them to feel slightly more grown-up and part of the “groomsmen”. This is assuming your ring bearer is a boy, of course!

Formal Outfits

If you’re having a formal wedding, this Ring Bearer 4-Piece from White Bridal Boutique is a stunning option. It comes with trousers, a jacket, a vest, and a white long-sleeved shirt. Prices start at just over £100 for the entire set – which is definitely great value for money. The age range is from 9 months – 14 years, so you won’t be stuck for sizing issues. It’s only available in navy blue, charcoal grey, light grey, and black; but those colors will usually work well within any wedding.

Casual Outfits

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, Vestos has a good selection of informal (and formal) outfit choices for ring bearers. I particularly love this choice of a Boys Linen Suit. It has removable braces if you want to dress the outfit up or down. Prices start at around £130, but the outfits are definitely high quality and you can see that. You can choose any height from 56cm-134cm.


I hope this article has helped to identify where to buy ring bearer outfits. When I was looking for such outfits for my wedding, I found sites like Etsy and notonthehighstreet to be the best places to find unique outfit choices. However, you can also try your local bridal and groomsmen boutiques. They often have a range of outfits, which can usually be tailored. However, the price for these will often be significantly more due to the extra time required.

Did you have a ring bearer at your wedding? Where did you buy their outfit from? I would love to hear any ideas or tips you have for buying a ring bearer outfit. So please feel free to let me know of your experiences in the comments below. You may be helping out a future couple with their ring bearer outfit choice!

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