Wedding Games

Wedding Games

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the assortment of wedding games you can play on your big day. Let’s be honest, if your day is starting early (which it usually is), you need to find some way to keep the guests entertained. And some games can even be a good ice breaker between guests. Weddings can be quite daunting for friends and family members who don’t know others at the wedding, so this can be a great way to lighten the mood and atmosphere.

But what wedding reception games can you play? Whether they’re questions at the table or giant versions of popular games outside – we’ve got you covered! Fun wedding activities and games coming up!

Wedding Party Games

There are a ton of games to play at your wedding, that adults and children can enjoy. They’re actually becoming increasingly popular and are great for occupying kids for a while, so you can have a dance!

Outdoor Games

While you can play a game of rounders or cricket outside (they do make for great photos!), the most common outdoor games are giant versions of classics. These are cropping up at weddings so often now. A few places are even letting you hire them so you don’t need to fork out a load of cash! With classic games such as Jenga and Connect Four in oversized versions – these are a fantastic addition to any wedding.

Table Games

If you’d rather keep everything at the table, or you don’t have any outside space – that’s completely fine! Why not bring a few board games from home and set up a games table? Or you can use some free download games such as Mad-Libs (the wedding edition). It will leave your guests crying with laughter and will relieve any tension there may be.

Drinking Games

This may not be something you want to do if you have children at your wedding – because it will likely end with a lot of drunk adults! If you want to relive your younger days, this is a brilliant way to do so. With old favorites like beer bong and flip cup. Why not unleash your inner college kid?

Interactive Games

These are games that get everyone involved. One of my favorites is The Shoe Game. This is when the newlyweds sit back to back and each remove their shoes. They give one shoe to their partner and keep the other. The couple then answers a series of questions (which can be chosen by guests, or a “game host”) and hold up the corresponding shoe to who the answer is most suited to. For example:

  • Who made the first move?
  • Who’s funnier?
  • Who’s better in the mornings?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who’s the better cook?

It’s great for the Bride and Groom to answer, and for the guests to watch.

Wedding Reception Activities

If you’re looking for activities to keep your guests busy, there’s lots of options! Ranging from completely free, to a little more luxurious. Let’s take a look at some of the top suggestions.

Scavenger Hunt

There are plenty of options available, but the most popular scavenger hunt at a wedding is the photo scavenger hunt. Not only does it keep guests busy, but it gives you so many extra photos from your wedding. You can even set up a hashtag on social media. To keep the price down, you can make your own or sites like Etsy do ones pre-made. Some ideas to put on the checklist are:

  • First dance
  • Bride and Groom kissing
  • Seeing the Bride for the first time
  • People laughing
  • The first person to get drunk

It’s a fun and memorable activity.

Coloring Station

This is an activity that’s more child-friendly. If you want somewhere for the children to have some downtime, setting up a coloring station is a great idea. You can find pencils and coloring books relatively cheap on places like Amazon, and it’ll likely keep them busy for hours! If you’re having an adults-only wedding, there are some hilarious adult coloring books out there – you could even set a small prize for the best one.


This may seem like a strange one, but much like a coloring station, it’s a good way for people to enjoy some relaxation. Weddings can be stressful for a few members of the family (not just the happy couple!), so it’s a fun way to let out your inner child again.


This is one of my favorite activities. And the best part is, everyone can get involved! You can even buy wedding-inspired piñatas, so they would fit in with the wedding perfectly. Who doesn’t love taking a good swing?! Plus, you can put anything you want inside – confetti, sweets, mini favors, anything works!

Photo Booth

One of the most popular activities at weddings is a photo booth. I had one at my own wedding and it’s something I’ll always remember – and never regret. They are definitely a pricey activity, but so worth it. Whether you get a booth, or just buy some props and get your photographer to snap some photos, it’s a fun activity. And let’s your guests have some incredible photos too, to remember your wedding day.

If you opt for a photo booth that prints photos instantly, you can customize the border with names and dates, which make good souvenirs for the couple and the wedding guests.

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I hope this article has helped you become more familiar with just a few of the many wedding games and activities you can do on your special day. This article from Hitched has a few more unconventional choices if you’re still looking for more.

Did you play any games or activities on your wedding day? If so, what did you do? Please feel free to leave any answers in the comments below. Or if you’re planning to use one of the suggestions above, do let me know!

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