What Do You Wear To A Barn Wedding?

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Today, we’re going to be answering the questions: what do you wear to a barn wedding and what do you wear to a farm wedding? Whether you’re a female or male guest, we’ve got you covered! The invite has just arrived through your letterbox and you can see you’ve been invited to a barn wedding. Let’s take a look at what you should wear to a barn wedding dresses for guests…and suits, of course!

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding?

There’s a few points to consider before you decide on your outfit for the big day. Let’s take a look at some deciding factors.

What’s the Theme?

Now we know it’s a barn wedding – but there’s actually a few types of barn wedding it could be! The first thing to take note of: is there a dress code? Check your invite. Sometimes they do specify a specific color or style they would like you to dress in.

Is it a casual wedding? One that is romantic, yet breezy. Ask the bridal party/groomsmen if you’re not sure. If the answer is yes, wear something light and easy. Something flowy and chic is perfect for this style of wedding. For the male guests, ditch the blazer and just wear a waistcoat and tie. If you can opt for light colors such as beige and light brown (definitely not white!).

Is the wedding more formal? Some couples do opt for a formal barn wedding. If this is the case, a full suit and smart dresses may be the best option. The same colors will still work well, but you don’t want to be turning up to a formal wedding in a boho flowy dress!

Which Length Should I Wear?

barn wedding dresses for guests

If you’re a female guest, you may be wondering which length of dress to go for. The more casual the wedding, the more freedom you have on this. Usually, formal weddings prefer guests to wear long dresses. But if the wedding is casual and you want to wear a maxi dress – go for it! There’s plenty of casual maxi dresses out there that would work well at a wedding.

Colors and Fabrics

We’ve taken a look at colors, so let’s recap. Unless the invite states otherwise, it’s best to go for light colors. Whether you’re sticking to the browns and beiges to match the theme of the wedding, or going for bright, bold colors – try to avoid dark colors. Barn weddings are, more often than not, light-hearted and not too serious. If that’s the case, you don’t want to turn up in all black, without a splash of color in sight!

As for fabrics, something light like lace and chiffon works really well. Softer fabrics and subtle prints are the perfect idea for barn weddings. Materials like sequins and satin will usually look silly at barn weddings – you’ll likely stick out…for all the wrong reasons!


Barn weddings usually come with a lot of one thing…mud. Now, I’m not suggesting turning up to the wedding in wellington boots! (Although some brides do opt for wellies to stop the dreaded sinking into mud). But wedges or boots would be the footwear I’d suggest. Even flats if they don’t look too casual.

Unfortunately for men, you’re just going to have to embrace the idea of your best shoes getting muddy!

If you’re really missing wearing a killer heel, take them with you and leave them in the car. Change into them once the ceremony is over and you’ll still get to show them off. Personally, I like to avoid heels at all costs, so a barn wedding is perfect for my uncoordinated feet!


Barn weddings are often fun and not to be taken too seriously. If this is the case, you can add some cute accessories to your outfit; especially if you’re a male guest. Men often wear suspenders and bow ties to add a bit of fun to their outfits. If this is something you’re comfortable with, go for it!

If you’re a female guest, any outfit with ruffles on is super cute for a barn wedding. A headband is also a great addition to a barn wedding outfit. If you’re feeling really bold, opt for some cowboy boots – you’ll really be embracing the theme then!

what to wear to a barn wedding

What to Avoid

We’re assuming the wedding is a relaxed barn wedding. If that’s the case, the less glamorous the better! Ditch the glitz and glam. Embrace the farmhouse vibe. Come to terms with the fact that you’re likely going to end up with mud in questionable places and get down and dirty!

Sequins, cocktail dresses, floor-length dresses, tuxedos – avoid them all. Despite what’s ingrained into your mind when it comes to traditional weddings, barn weddings just aren’t quite as serious!

Where to Buy Clothes

Most clothing stores will have attire suitable for a barn wedding, especially a casual one. In fact, you may even have something in your closet already that would work. Sites like ASOS are a good place to start. They have thousands of outfits available – casual and formal.


The main point to take away from this article is to wear something effortless and breezy. You do not want to stick out for the wrong reasons at the wedding. If you’re unsure of the vibe of the barn wedding and the invite does not specify – ask! The couple won’t take offense and would prefer you to fit in with the other guests on their big day.

Have you attended a barn wedding before? What did you wear? I would love to know your responses, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

My sister had her wedding in a barn – unfortunately, it was formal so I didn’t get to embrace my nature-loving side. I will keep my fingers crossed for any future weddings I attend!

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