What Size Wedding Dress Am I?: Everything You Need To Know

What Size Wedding Dress Am I

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Today, we’re going to be looking at how to answer the question: what size wedding dress am I? Choosing your bridal gown will probably feel like one of the most important aspects of your wedding – at least, it was to me.

When I went bridal gown shopping, I wanted to go in with some knowledge of my measurements and what size I may be. But how do you measure yourself for a wedding dress? Is wedding dress sizing the same as standard clothing sizing? Let’s take a closer look.

Choosing Your Dream Dress

Before you go for your bridal consultation, you may want to do some research online. Whether that be choosing your preferred fabric, dress shape, cut, or style – it’s good to go into the boutique with a vague idea of what you’re looking for.

Of course, that may change the second you try the dress on! But it’s good to go into the store with some ideas of what you’d like to try on and what you’re looking for. That way, your bridal consultant will have a starting point and know where to begin.

I’m one of the rare few who chose my dream dress online, found a local stockist, tried it on…and fell in love. My consultant told me that was incredibly rare and often brides leave the store with a dress completely different than what they’ve envisioned. Even if you love a dress, be sure to try on a few so that you can be sure it’s “the one”.

Are Wedding Dress Sizes Different?

Yes! Wedding dress sizes are different from standard sizing. Whatever size you think you are, that is more than likely not the case in wedding gowns. They are different in many ways – and we’ll be looking at why they’re different in more detail later in this article.

Wedding Dress Sizes: How to Find Out Yours

To find out your size, there’s a range of ways to do this. The size will all depend on the style and shape of the dress. And frustratingly, what fits in one designer’s size, may not fit in another. Let’s take a look at how to find out your wedding dress size.

Do Your Research

Finding out your regular size before you go into a boutique is actually really helpful. Your bridal consultant will know how the sizing of their gowns compares to standard sizing, so giving them that information will be super helpful.

You can also let the consultant know what dresses you usually opt for and suit your body shape – that way they have a starting point on how to flatter your body shape the most, and also what you feel most comfortable in.

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How to Take Your Dress Measurements

If you’re wanting to go in with knowledge of what dress size you may be, this is definitely possible. Wed2B has an amazing Wedding Dress Calculator, which lets you input the style of dress you’re looking for and your measurements. Then it gives you a rough sizing for the style – how incredible is that?

Measuring couldn’t be easier, so let’s take a look at the most important measurements and how to take them.

  • Bust. You should measure directly across the bust and then around under your arms at the widest part of your shoulder blades
  • Waist. Measure wherever your natural waistline is, all the way around the waist
  • Hip. Fullest part with feet together
  • Waist – Hem. Vertically measure from your waistline to the floor

Be sure to use a flexible tape measure so the measurements are as accurate as possible.

Wedding Dress Size Chart

Every bridal boutique and wedding dress designer will have its own size chart, so if you’re looking for a certain designer, be sure to look at their size chart beforehand. Most bridal boutiques have a website you can visit and download their sizing guide.

Do Weddings Gowns Run Small?

Yes! I can’t stress this enough. There is a huge possibility that you will likely need a size or two bigger than usual for your wedding gown. For example, if you’re a size 4, you may need a 6 or 8. While this may be something that you feel insecure about, please don’t. This is very common with wedding dresses and it’s simply just the way the sizing is.

There is no “one chart” for every wedding dress, but most will run smaller than standard sizing.

Is Every Designer Different?

Frustratingly, yes. You may be different sizes depending on which designer you’re trying on. So take into account that every style has slightly different sizing, and every designer does too – knowing your size can be a bit of a minefield!

The most important thing is that you have your measurements, as ultimately that’s how you decide on a size and every designer will have one.

What If I Want To Lose Weight?

Many brides will choose to shift some weight before the big day. It’s important not to buy a size that’s too small for you. While you may think it’ll give you motivation, it puts a lot of pressure on you too. It’s much easier to tailor a dress to make it smaller than it is to make it bigger.

So opt for the dress size you are on the day you try it on, and the dress can be tailored as and when it needs to be. Be sure to shop well in advance so there’s enough time for any adjustments that need to be made.


I hope this article has helped you to answer the question: what wedding dress size am I? And hopefully, you’ll now enter the bridal store brimming with confidence and knowledge about your dress size and style.

Are there any tips you would recommend for finding out your wedding dress size that we’ve not looked at today? Please feel free to leave any answers in the comments below.

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