What To Give For 30th Wedding Anniversary: Top Gift Ideas

what to give for 30th wedding anniversary

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Today, we’re going to be looking at what to give for 30th wedding anniversary. The 30 year anniversary is no doubt a huge milestone. Three whole decades together is definitely something worthy of celebrating, even if you don’t celebrate individual anniversaries usually. From paper to cotton to leather, there is a traditional gift theme alongside every year of marriage. But what is the 30th? Let’s take a look – and some gift ideas for him, and for her.

What Is The Traditional Gift For 30th Wedding Anniversary?

You’ve come a long way since first gifting each other paper gifts for your one-year anniversary! The traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is the pearl. It symbolizes purity and wisdom – which after 30 years together, is likely something you both have a lot of!

What Is The Modern Gift For 30th Wedding Anniversary?

The modern gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is the diamond. It symbolizes strength and being able to endure anything. It also is a symbol of clarity – as nothing is clearer than a diamond!

Whether you opt for the modern or traditional gift theme, it’s certainly not going to be a cheap anniversary. But we have lots of ideas which we’ll be taking a look at later in this article; whether you’re on a tighter budget or you’re looking for something more extravagant.

Traditional Colors And Gemstones For 30th Wedding Anniversary

There are also traditional colors and gemstones that go alongside every anniversary. For the 30th wedding anniversary, the color green is symbolic. And if you’re looking for an alternative gemstone to a pearl or diamond, you could opt for jade too.

30th Anniversary Gift For Wife

Let’s start with looking at gift ideas for her. Women are more often than not, much easier to buy for! That’s always been the case for me, anyway. Here are some of our favorite ideas that you may like to consider.


The obvious choice is some form of jewelry. Whether it be a ring, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace – there’s plenty to choose from in the way of pearls and diamonds. This CHAULRI Genuine Premium White Pearl Pendant Necklace 18K Gold Plated 925 Silver is a stunning choice, that will take her breath away.

It comes in at just under $150 and is the perfect gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. With a freshwater cultured white pearl, you’ll be dazzling everyone when you’re wearing this. As no two pearls are the same, this is a completely unique gift.

And there’s even a small diamond-like gem, so you’ll be combining modern and traditional. It’s important to note that the diamond is made from cubic zirconia, and not a real diamond.

It comes highly recommended on Amazon and it makes for a radiant gift for your significant other.


Another great idea is a watch. Whether you’re opting for modern or traditional, it’s super easy to find a watch with diamonds or pearls. I love this Anne Klein Women’s Premium Crystal-Accented Watch and Bangle Set. They’re faux pearls and diamonds, but the set is absolutely stunning, and is even water-resistant up to 100ft! The set is priced at around $70 – which I think is a steal for such a gorgeous set. 

It’s described as comfortable, consistent, and high quality – what more could you possibly ask for from a gift?

There are plenty of other gifts you could opt for. The sweet pea is the flower of the 30th wedding anniversary, so a beautiful bouquet with sweet peas would be lovely. And very meaningful too!

30th Anniversary Gift for Husband

Men are notoriously harder to buy for – especially when needing to incorporate a theme. However, there are a few brilliant ideas you may like to gift your husband. Let’s take a look at some gift ideas for him.


Not only are cufflinks a nod to your wedding day, but incorporating pearls within the cufflinks, means that they’re perfect as a 30th wedding anniversary gift. This Pearlina White Pearl Cuff links Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearls come in a gorgeous gift box and are solid stainless steel. This means that they’ll not discolor or rust – they may still be in good shape for the next 30 years of your marriage!

These are just $39.99 – which makes for a great affordable gift. Plus they come highly recommended, with many 5 star reviews!


This may seem like an odd choice – but who knew that you could get a Mother of Pearl knife? Perfect if you have a hunter or avid camper in your life. This idea is quite pricey, but the ALSTIN Damascus Steel Mother of Pearl Folding Pocket Knife is a stunning piece. It comes presented in a leather box and is a really unique gift that will leave a lasting impression on your husband.

The price for this piece is $97, but for the craftsmanship and presentation – I think it’s a fairly reasonable price. And one that will come to good use! It’s 6.9 inches and there’s even a mini one to match which is 5.5 inches if you were looking for the set.


If you’re looking for something more sentimental, for him or for her, there are some gorgeous blankets, glasses, mugs, jewelry boxes, trinket dishes over on Amazon that comes with personalization and 30th wedding anniversary available on them. The world is your oyster – which is quite fitting, considering the 30th wedding anniversary is a pearl!

I hope this article has helped to give you a few ideas of what to give for 30th wedding anniversary. Your gift can be as small or large as you wish. Even a homemade card decorated with pearls would be a touching gift – you don’t need to be spending too much money at all!

What did you get your partner for your 30th wedding anniversary? I would love to hear your answers in the comments below. You may be helping out future couples with gift ideas!

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