When Do You Have A Bachelor Party?: The Perfect Time

When Do You Have A Bachelor Party

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Today, we’re going be answering the question: when do you have a bachelor party? When, you announce your engagement, one of the first questions you’ll likely be asked by friends is “when’s the party?”, and it’s important to plan the party at the perfect time – but when is the sweet spot? We’ll be taking a look today! And other important questions like who pays for the party, and who typically receives an invite.

What Is A Bachelor Party?

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know what a bachelor party is, but if not, it’s a (small or large) gathering of friends and family members to celebrate when a man is about to get married. You may know a bachelor party as a stag do or a buck’s night – all depending on where you’re reading this from!

For a bachelor party, it’s usually only men that receive an invite. However, in more recent years, it’s become increasingly common for female friends to be invited – or even to have joint bachelor and bachelorette parties! It all depends on the couple and what they’re comfortable with.

What Is The Point Of A Bachelor Party?

You may be wondering what is the reasoning behind a bachelor party, and it often symbolizes two things. The first is to wave farewell to the end of a man’s single life, and the other is to celebrate the new journey he’s about to embark on with his new forever partner.

Who Pays For The Bachelor Party?

You may be wondering who pays for the bachelor party, and it’s a simple answer. Whoever is attending the party should pay for themselves. The financial costs do not fall down to whoever is planning the party. Usually, every attendee pays for themselves and etiquette says that all attendees pitch in so the groom pays nothing.

However, if the party is out of town, or requires a plane, the groom is usually expected to make some contribution, particularly if the destination is his choice.

As long as everyone attending is happy with their contribution, that’s the most important point.

When Is A Bachelor Party Held?

The reason you’re here – when should it take place? Before we highlight the perfect time, let’s have a look at when you shouldn’t have it.

Too Early

I know planning the bachelor party is exciting and you’ll likely want to start the experience as soon as possible, but it’s important not to have it too far in advance. The bachelor party is often a great way to really get pumped for the wedding, and if it happens 6 months prior to the wedding – it will lose its magic and the true meaning of a bachelor party will get lost.

Too Close to the Wedding

While it’s tempting to have the bachelor party as close to the wedding as possible, sometimes even the night before – this is not the best idea. In the lead-up to the wedding, there will likely be lots of last-minute planning and you’ll want that time to relax. You also don’t want to be nursing a hangover on one of the most special days of your life!

Another aspect to bear in mind is that attendees may not be able to get time off work that close to the wedding if they’re already taking time off to attend that – particularly if it’s a destination wedding.

Without Planning

You should aim to give the guests at least a month’s notice for the bachelor party; this should be longer if it’s a destination party. This is why it’s important to do some planning, no matter how loosely it is. You’ll want to make sure that everyone the groom wants at the party is able to attend, and that won’t be possible without at least, some planning.

The Perfect Time?

The perfect time is usually 1-3 months prior to the wedding. The most common time is around one month before. It’s close enough to the wedding that the excitement is really starting to build, but far enough away to recover from the party and then look forward to the wedding.

Who Plans The Bachelor Party?

If tradition is important to you, the best man should be the one to plan the party. Or if he needs some help, it falls down to the male friends and family members of the groom to help with any planning. However, in recent years, the groom may like to do the planning himself.

If the best man isn’t a particularly organized person, it may be best to assign some tasks to everyone within the bachelor party group to ensure everything is booked in enough time.

If you’re looking for some bachelor party ideas, you can find some great inspiration here.

Who’s Invited To The Bachelor Party?

It’s really down to the groom to decide how small or large the party is. It’s seen as etiquette to run the guest list by the groom before sending any invites, that way he can make the final call on who receives invites. While some grooms may love a huge party, others may not. You should always have the groom in the front of your mind when choosing who to invite.

Male family members and friends are the most important people to invite to the party. And it’s important to note that anyone who receives an invite to the party, should also receive an invite to the wedding.


I hope this article has helped to answer the question of when the best time is to have the party. And other important questions like who pays and who helps to plan the party. There really are no set rules on how to have the perfect party – you should be led by the groom and what he wants.

When did you have your bachelor party? Was it close to the wedding? Please feel free to leave any answers in the comments below.

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