Who Buys The Groom’s Wedding Ring?

Who Buys The Groom's Wedding Ring

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Today, we’re going to be answering the question: who buys the groom’s wedding ring? Are you having a traditional wedding, whereby you follow wedding etiquette? Or is your wedding day going to be more modern? Whichever you decide, let’s take a look at who should be buying the groom’s ring.

Who Buy’s The Guy’s Wedding Ring?

We’ll be looking at a range of options today – from traditional to a more modern approach.


Tradition states that the Bride should be the one to buy the Groom’s wedding ring. Whether she foots the bill herself or obtains help from her family – the Bride is the one who chooses and pays for the Groom’s wedding ring. This works both ways, therefore the Groom should buy the Bride’s ring. You can show each other the rings beforehand, or leave it for a surprise on the big day.

If you’re a classic couple, this makes for a great photo opportunity and makes the ring even more special. However, this approach is binary and excludes a large amount of weddings. We’ll be looking at same-sex weddings later.


There’s a variety of options you can choose for your wedding rings. Let’s take a look at the most common options.

  • Choose the Rings Together. If you want to get matching rings, or would just simply prefer to see what each other’s choices are – go shopping together! It may not be traditional, but you can choose rings that are special to you both, and lots of couples now opt for similar style rings.
  • Buy Your Own Rings. Let’s be honest, you want your wedding ring to be something you love – you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. And you may want to buy something extravagant and expensive, whereas your partner may want something simple and affordable. If that’s the case, choosing and paying for your own may be the best option. Many couples fear for what their partner may have chosen for their “forever” ring, so if this is a worry of yours – buying your own is the perfect solution.
  • 50/50. If you’re unsure what to do about the cost, go shopping together and split the cost down the middle. Sure, one may be more than the other – but you are a couple now! What’s mine is yours, and all that jazz!
  • Receive as a Gift. One of your parents (or other family or friends) may wish to help out with the cost of the wedding rings. It can take a large chunk out of the budget, so if they wish to contribute a monetary sum – why not spend it on the wedding rings? That way you won’t have to worry about who buys what!
  • Whoever Earns More. One of you may work, and the other not. Or one of you may earn more than the other. If that’s the case, the higher earner (whoever that may be) may wish to purchase both of the rings. Whether you go together, or set a budget and surprise each other on the day, this option works for some couples.

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Does The Bride Buy The Groom’s Wedding Ring?

As we’ve seen earlier in this post, it is traditional for the Bride to buy the Groom’s wedding ring. But as a couple, you must decide what works best for you. As long as both of you are happy with the decision, it doesn’t matter who buys what for who!

Same-Sex Couples

Etiquette is usually very binary, which is frustrating. This isolates a lot of couples – so what’s the etiquette from same-sex couples? As there’s no “tradition” set, you can do whatever you want for your wedding! Whether you buy the rings individually, buy each other’s, or split the cost 50/50 – do whatever works best for you as a couple.

Picking The Perfect Wedding Ring

Now you’ve made a decision on who is paying for what – now you need to choose the rings! The Knot have a great guide to show you how to make the perfect decision. They say that there’s 9 ways to choose the right bands for you and your partner. They include:

  • Incorporating your style
  • Setting a budget
  • Shopping as early as possible
  • Shopping together
  • Considering the lifestyles you both have
  • Considering personalization of the rings
  • Hold off on any re-sizing of rings
  • Think of what the engagement ring(s) will look like with the bands
  • Put faith and trust into your jeweler

The full article is informative and a good starting place to read before you go ring shopping. Speaking of ring shopping, you may be wondering where to look. Looking online is a good place to start, but I would always advise making any purchases in person as rings can look very different online, as opposed to in person.

Look for a jeweler that comes recommended if you can. Ask your family and friends for any suggestions, they will probably have some ideas for you.

Conclusion On Who Buys The Groom’s Wedding Ring

I hope this article has answered the question: who buy’s the Groom’s wedding ring? The simple answer is: it really doesn’t matter. Tradition or not, as long as both people in the couple are happy, that’s the most important thing. There really is no right or wrong answer to almost every question in a wedding. There may be etiquette and guidelines you may like to follow, but nothing is set in stone – and that’s important to remember.

Who bought the rings in your marriage? When I got married, me and my husband both chose our own wedding rings and payed for our own rings. We did go shopping together though, so it was a special experience for us both. Let me know what you did/are doing in the comments below. I would to know what worked for you. You may be helping out any future bride and grooms.

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