Why Do We Do That Bridal Shower Game Answers & Other Shower Games

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the bridal shower game, Why Do We Do That and the answers you’ll need when playing this game at your bridal shower. When you think of weddings, you’ll likely instantly think of superstitions and traditions that come with getting married. Whether it’s the bride’s something borrowed and something blue, or the bride wearing a white dress – there’s often many that we follow without even realizing that we’re doing so.

 wedding traditions game

Wedding Traditions Game

Whether you know the game as Why Do We Do That Wedding Game or the Wedding Traditions Game, it’s one that’s most often played at bridal showers. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you may like to ask. These (obviously) all start with, Why Do We Do That?

  1. Tie cans to the car of the bride and groom
  2. The bride wears a white dress
  3. The bride holds a bouquet
  4. Having a ring bearer
  5. Bride wears something blue
  6. Bride throws the bouquet
  7. The bride wears a veil
  8. The bride wears something old
  9. Bride takes something new
  10. Ringing bells
  11. Designating a specific ring finger
  12. Couple goes on a honeymoon
  13. Serving wedding cake to guests
  14. Bride stands on the left of the groom
  15. The groom wears a boutonniere
  16. The men have a stag party
  17. Carrying the bride over the threshold
  18. Have a flower girl dropping petals
  19. Groom throws the garter
  20. Cutting the wedding cake together

You can find a free printable version here, in a range of colors here from Games for Bridal Showers. Or if you’re creative, you can try making your own and coming up with some of your own traditions and answers.

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Wedding Traditions Game Answer Key

Never fear! If you’re looking for the answers to the example questions above, they’ll all be here in order to make planning the game as easy as possible for you.

  1. So the noise will frighten away the evil spirits
  2. It is a symbol of royalty and purity
  3. Guarantees the couple to have many chances of having children
  4. Marriage is said to be doomed if the ring is dropped by the groom himself
  5. It shows a bride’s worthiness
  6. To pass on her good fortune
  7. Works as a disguise for the bride to ward off any evil spirits
  8. It represents the past of the bride
  9. It symbolizes the couple’s new journey and happy future together
  10. Keeps evil spirits away when they hear the bell
  11. It contains the vein of love
  12. Considered a cooling-off period for the bride’s family
  13. So guests can collect crumbs as a token of good luck
  14. To defend his bride, his right arm must be free
  15. He wears his lady’s colors to display his love
  16. To kiss the bachelor days goodbye – a fond farewell to single life!
  17. The bride tripping means bad luck
  18. The strong smell of flowers wards off evil spirits
  19. To distract guests so they keep their eyes off of the bride (oo-er!)
  20. Symbolizes the couples shared future

Of course, these are just some of the ideas you can use within the game. If you know of any other traditions or superstitions that you think are worthy of the list, please feel free to let me know in the comments below – the more the merrier!

Other Bridal Shower Games

 wedding traditions game answer key

If you’re hosting the bridal shower, you may feel at a loss at which games to include – but don’t worry, there are lots of options to choose from. And most of the ideas you can do yourself, or buy from online marketplace such as Etsy and eBay. Some popular bridal shower games (besides Why do We Do That) are:

  • Find the Guest. This is a great game to start off the bridal shower and acquaint any guests that do not know each other. Questions are asked such as, find the guest that: speaks a different language, is wearing red shoes etc. This way your guests will have to mingle and become familiar with one another!
  • Making Cocktails. Split your bridal shower into small teams and get some cocktail ingredients at the ready. Set a time limit for the teams to make the best new cocktail of their choosing…and even name it something wedding related! You can offer a small prize for the winning team, or their bragging rights can be enough of a prize!
  • Charades: Wedding Version. Charades is a common game that most people enjoy, so why not play it with a wedding twist? Act out books, films, TV shows (all wedding themed, of course). You could use ideas such as Say Yes to the Dress, Mamma Mia, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Singer etc.
  • Musical Bouquet. You’ve no doubt heard of musical chairs…but what about musical bouquet? It’s musical chairs with a twist! Have guests sit in a circle and pass round the flowers. Whoever is holding the flowers when the music stop is eliminated. Much like musical chairs, the last person is the winner!
  • Scavenger Hunt. This can be in the room that you’re hosting the bridal shower in, or you can go big with this one! You can use clues such as, “the couple’s favorite place to eat”, or “the bride’s favorite place to shop”. It will be a lot of fun for the guests and get everyone involved.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with Why Do We Do That and other popular bridal shower games. There’s a plethora of games you can play at your bridal shower, so just choose games that you feel most comfortable with. The most important thing is that you have fun, and enjoy whatever you do at your bridal shower – whether that involves games or not.

What games did you play at your bridal shower? Or are you like me and didn’t have a bridal shower at all? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below. I love reading them!

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