Top 10 Affordable Destination Weddings In The US

affordable destination weddings in the us

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Today, we’re going to be looking at affordable destination weddings in the US. Weddings are one of the most expensive events that’ll happen throughout your life. And some people’s budgets are much tighter than others – I know mine was! So if you’re looking for an affordable destination wedding in the US – look no further!

Did you know that the average wedding costs just over $30,000?! But never fear – we’ll be diving straight into the top 10 places cheap places to get married within the USA!

What Is A Destination Wedding?

Before we begin, let’s go over what a destination wedding is. A destination wedding is a ceremony that takes place not in your hometown. It will require some form of travel for the couple themselves and wedding guests.

Cheap Destination Weddings USA

This is the part you’re likely here for! If you need help, check out these places for destination weddings in the US – at a fraction of the price of other states!

Nashville, Tennessee

If the price is the most important aspect for you, Nashville is the place for you! Generally speaking, this is the cheapest place to have your wedding. Whether you’re wanting to get married in nature, a gorgeous hotel, or even a vineyard – Nashville has it all. It’s also a great destination wedding if either half of the happy couple are country music lovers. A November wedding here would be perfect.

Omaha, Nebraska

Wedding costs usually reflect how much local housing costs, so it may be the largest city in Nebraska, but the cost of living is well below the average – so it’s a great place for your affordable wedding! It hosts a huge range of venues, so whether you’re looking for anything from a ballroom to a barn, you’ll be able to find it at a reasonable price in Omaha. You can even have your wedding in a museum!

Scottsdale, Arizona

If good weather is something that’s important to you, you may want to consider Arizona – the state where the sun (mostly) shines. Whether you’re wanting to get married on a golf course or a ranch, it’s almost certain the sun will be shining on your special day.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Somewhere I’m desperate to visit in the US is New Orleans – and it just so happens to be one of the most affordable cities to have your wedding. If you’re looking for a quirky wedding full of charm or set in a place brimming with history, New Orleans is a great choice. It’s always buzzing, but also has some stunning locations for your wedding.

Tampa, Florida

Another town brimming with history and character is Tampa. This is also perfect if you’re a thrill-seeker and want to have your wedding at a theme park. Busch Gardens is one of my favorite places in the world – what better place to have your ceremony?! Of course, Tampa has lots of far more conventional choices too.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for somewhere modern, trendy but still affordable – Pittsburgh is the place for you. It’s full of one-of-a-kind venues that will definitely leave a lasting impression on you (and your guests). Again, there’s a huge range of venues to choose from, for every taste.

Weatherford, Texas

Texas may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of weddings, but Weatherford is a great place for your wedding. If you’re looking for a barn wedding with outdoor cooking alongside peace and serenity, look no further!

Huntington Beach, California

If you’re looking for a beach wedding that will take your breath away – of course, California is the place to go. And Huntington Beach is the perfect backdrop. While a wedding on the beach is the most popular choice, there are plenty of other affordable options to choose from. And a great place to get a quick surf or two in before or after the wedding.

West Orange, New Jersey

Whatever venue you’re in search of, West Orange likely has it – and at an affordable price too. There are a few places to choose from including Montclair Golf Club and Highlawn Pavillion. It’s a tranquil place that’s ideal for a wedding.

Blue Heron Lake, Ohio

A beautiful place for your wedding is Blue Heron Lake. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable options here. And a sunset boat ride to end the day would be perfect. You can find more about this idealistic destination wedding here.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Get Married?

The time of year of your wedding is also another important factor. Without a doubt, January is the most affordable month. With November and April coming in closely behind. If you’re looking for a super affordable wedding, I would highly recommend booking within those months to get the most from your budget. And if you’re worried about the weather, I had an August wedding and it rained all day! So there really is no guarantee of good weather on the day.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with some of the most affordable destination weddings in the US. Some other places in the US you may want to consider are Salem (Massachusetts), Key West (Florida), and Aiken (South Carolina). These are just a few suggestions to take a look at – the US is full of affordable hot spots across the country.

If you can think of any other affordable destination wedding spots in the US, or you had your wedding in a cheaper part of the US, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. You may be helping out future brides and grooms with their own weddings. If price is the most important factor to you, be sure to shop around and visit as many venues as you can. You may be surprised at the gems you’ll find at an affordable price.

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