Bridal Shower Game How Well Do You Know the Groom?

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A bridal shower is a great opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be, her family and friends. The event provides an opportunity for guests to learn more about the woman who will soon be their new friend or landlord. A fun way of introducing yourself as well as some trivia can make this party unforgettable.

The “how well do you know the groom funny questions” is a game that helps to get everyone in the mood for the big day. The game can be played by asking each person a question about their significant other and then answering it yourself.

How does Mr Mrs work?

A: Mr Mrs is a game of chance. The player rolls two dice, the first die shows how many points the player has and the second die shows what number to place on top of your head. If you roll doubles, you win!



This is a game that the bride will play with her friends to see how well she knows her future husband. The questions are about the groom and his interests, hobbies, and personality. Reference: how well does the bride know the groom free printable.

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