How To Decorate A Flower Girl Basket: DIY

How To Decorate A Flower Girl Basket

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Today, we’re going to be looking at how to decorate a flower girl basket. With anything wedding related, if you buy it ready-made, the cost is a lot more expensive. So why not try making some of the items for your big day yourself? One of the loveliest items to make yourself is a flower girl basket. But how do you decorate it? If you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, and even tutorials – look no further!

What Is A Flower Girl?

Usually, a flower girl is a close relative of the bride or groom themselves. Typically, they’re between 3-8 years old, but it’s entirely up to you if you don’t feel the young female in your life is old enough to be a bridesmaid. Often, flower girls throw petals from a basket just before the bride herself walks down the aisle. A flower girl is an adorable way to incorporate the younger members of your family into your wedding. It makes them feel important, and they look super cute whilst doing it!

What Is A Flower Girl Basket?

A flower girl basket is what a flower girl traditionally takes down the aisle. The basket is often white and wicker. And full of flower petals or flowers. This is for the flower girl to decorate the aisle with and make a grand entrance for the bride. While the basket of flowers is traditional, you can use anything! We’ll be looking at alternatives later.

How To Make A Flower Girl’s Basket

Usually, you can visit your local arts and crafts store and pick up a plain white wicker basket (if that’s the color you’re looking for). Of course, you can opt to leave the outside of the basket plain – but it really does add an extra bit of magic to your wedding if you opt to decorate it.

This Flower Girl Basket DIY from Paper N Snitch Blog is super handy if you’re looking to decorate the outside of your basket with fresh flowers. You can match the color of the flowers to your color scheme, or just opt for subtle, pastel colors – they usually work the best in weddings.

In this particular tutorial, they use pink roses, lavender tulips, lamb’s ear, and white and lavender sweet peas – but you can choose whichever flowers you’d like. The items you’ll need to decorate your flower girl’s basket are:

  • Fresh Flowers (or faux if you’d prefer)
  • Basket
  • Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors

Most of those items you may already have at home, so it shouldn’t be too difficult! This may also be a nice activity to do alongside your flower girl(s). One of the most important points to remember if using fresh flowers is to make sure that they’re hydrated. The more hydrated they are when starting the creation, the longer the flowers will last once attached to the basket.

If you’re looking for more suggestions with flowers, this article from Wedding O Mania is a great starting point.

Flower Girl Baskets Ideas

If you want to decorate with something other than flowers or use a different style basket, there’s plenty of other options. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Corsage. Why not stick on a corsage to the outside of your basket? It’s quick and easy to do – and makes it easy to spot that your flower girl is part of the bridal party.
  • Jewel Rim. Adding some rhinestones and jewels to the rim of the basket is simple but effective. It adds a bit of sparkle to your baskets in a subtle, cute way.
  • Wrapping Paper. Something cost-effective and easy is decorating your basket with wrapping paper. You can stick to one design, or use a variety to make lots of different patterns,
  • Glitter. You can’t go wrong with spray glitter – it’s perfect for any wedding!
  • Ribbon. Another simple but effective idea is ribbon. This is great for an elegant, classy feel.

Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

If you’re not sure if a basket is right for your flower girl, there’s plenty of other alternatives that you can buy or make yourself at home. Here’s some of our top suggestions.

  • Single Stem. If you’re looking for something simple that requires little effort from your part, why not have your flower girl walk down the aisle holding a single flower?
  • Wand. Wands are becoming increasingly popular for flower girls. It really will look like they’re adding a sprinkle of magic to your wedding day! And they can made with anything such as flowers, butterflies, ribbon, paper, etc.
  • Confetti. Sprinkling confetti instead of flowers is a really common alternative. You can even choose confetti that fits into your color scheme.
  • Bubbles. If your ceremony is outdoors, why not have your flower girls blow some bubbles down the aisle? Everyone loves bubbles! And they make for great photo opportunities.
  • Balloons. Walking down the aisle with a single white heart balloon is a super cute idea – you can even add Mr. and Mrs. to the balloon itself!
  • Parasols. If your ceremony is outside, parasols are perfect. They’re romantic, classy, and good for Summer weddings.
  • Signs. Something simple like a “Here Comes the Bride” sign is a good way to let your wedding guests know that the bride is ready to make her grand entrance!

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I hope this article has helped you become more familiar with how to decorate a flower girl basket and enlighten you on just some of the creative ideas you can utilize for your flower girl baskets. Every flower girl is different and something that suits one, may not suit another – so make sure your flower girl is comfortable with whatever you choose.

Did you have a flower girl at your wedding? Or do you plan to? Let me know if you’re decorating your own basket, or having them hold something completely unique. Please feel free to let me know any answers in the comments below.

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