Wedding Gift Ideas For Groom From Bride

Today, we’re going to be looking at wedding gift ideas for groom from bride. We’ll take a look at wedding day gift etiquette between the happy couple, and what gift ideas are truly memorable. Despite the title, it’s worth noting that these gifts are also perfect if it’s a Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom wedding.

Wedding Exchanging Gifts Etiquette

It’s a wedding tradition to exchange gifts with your partner for your big day. It doesn’t have to be something expensive and extravagant (although it can be if you wish), but it’s usually something sentimental that the other person can treasure forever, as a reminder of your special day.

Why Exchange Gifts?

Exchanging gifts is good for many reasons. As it happens so close to the wedding itself, it’s a great way of relieving any nerves you have about the wedding – it’s a big day, after all! It’s also an extra way of letting your significant other know that you’re looking forward to the wedding, and what the future holds for you both. Having a keepsake from the wedding from your other half is something you’ll appreciate forever.

When Should Gifts be Exchanged?

Gifts are usually exchanged on the wedding day. However, it can be the day before. As close to the wedding as possible. Exchanging gifts just before the ceremony can be a special moment for your photographer to capture. But if you want the first time your partner sees you to be walking down the aisle – exchanging gifts the night before is an alternative option.

I exchanged gifts with my now-husband the day before and it worked perfectly for us. Do whatever works best for you and your partner. Even if that means no gift exchange at all!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Husband

Finding a gift wedding gift for the groom can be tricky. You may not even know where to begin! Never fear, I have a range of brilliant ideas for a wedding gift for him. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted, sentimental, or practical – we’ve got it covered!

Practical Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom from Bride

Practical gifts are a great idea to get your future husband something he can use on the wedding day, or in his everyday life. Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

  • Cufflinks. Whether they’re personalized with your wedding date or your names, or something simpler like the color scheme of your wedding – cufflinks are the perfect gift. Your groom can wear them on the wedding day. These monogram cufflinks with your initials and the wedding date are adorable.
  • Shaving Set. Something more traditional, yet practical, is a shaving set. This is something that can be used on the wedding day, but also for the rest of their lives. Get it engraved with your wedding date, or your groom’s name to make it extra special.
  • Briefcase. It may not be of use on the wedding day, but it’s something he can make use of at work and always think of you when he sees it.
  • Watch. A new watch with a note like, “It’s time to get married”, is super cute and fun, yet also practical.

Sentimental Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom from Bride

If you’re a sentimental soul, like me, you may want to give your partner something they can treasure forever.

  • Three Heart Map. The three heart map is stunning. It has the dates and locations of where you met, where you got engaged and where you’re getting married. It can be on display in your home and always be a reminder of your special day. There’s plenty of options available on stores like Etsy, but this is my favorite.
  • Journal. If your partner likes writing, a journal is a great idea. You can suggest making it a scrapbook-type journal for your future and suggest that your journey together starts here and it will be special to document it.
  • Handwritten Letter. Possibly the most special gift a groom can receive from you is a handwritten letter about your love. It’s something he can re-read whenever times are rocky and the perfect keepsake for your wedding day.

Lighthearted Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom from Bride

If you want to keep it lighthearted and funny, these options are great and will give a much-needed laugh before the ceremony begins.

  • Wedding Lego. You could give this one the night before and make it together to take your mind off the day approaching. It can be extremely nervy, so this is a great thing to keep you both busy – and something cute to do together. You can buy the Wedding Lego set here.

  • Groom Survival Kit. This is something I bought for my now husband. You can make them yourself or buy them from stores like Etsy/eBay. It’s a collection of mini gifts to help them get through the day.
  • Groom Boxers and Socks. A pair of boxers with “the groom” on and a pair of socks that say, “in case of cold feet” are a super cute and fun gift.

Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom from Bride

If you’re looking for something to blow your future hubby’s mind, I would highly suggest a sexy boudoir shoot. Whether you take the photos yourself or get them professionally done at a studio; putting them all into an album for your partner to enjoy is certainly something he won’t forget!


I hope this article has helped you come up with some ideas for your future partner! Whether it’s something funny, practical, sexy or sentimental – I’m sure he will love it, because it’s you that’s given it to him. No matter your budget, you can find something perfect.

What did you get your husband for your wedding day? Did your gift not make the list? If so, please let me know in the comments below. You may be helping out any future couples with their wedding gifts.

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