Who Should You Invite To A Bridal Shower?

Who Should You Invite To A Bridal Shower?

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Today, we’re going to be looking at who should you invite to a bridal shower? Upon your engagement, they’ll be plenty of events to plan and celebrate – your bridal shower being one of them. One of the tricky things to navigate is who you should be inviting to which event. But don’t worry, we’re going to be covering all things bridal shower and the people that should definitely be receiving an invite!

What Is A Bridal Shower?

If you’re unfamiliar with bridal showers, they’re an event that happens during the daytime – unlike a bachelorette party. It’s a celebration of the bride’s upcoming nuptials. Gifts are often given to the bride to mark this new chapter of her life. It’s typically only female relatives and friends who receive an invite to this occasion.

When Should A Bridal Shower Be Held?

There is no “perfect” time that you should be having your bridal shower, but typically it’s held anywhere between two weeks, to two months prior to your wedding date. The bachelorette party should happen before the bridal shower. A bridal shower is a way to get yourself and your wedding guests excited for the big day, so the closer to the wedding – the better.

Where Should A Bridal Shower Be Held?

If you’re following traditional wedding etiquette, the bridal shower is held at the host’s home. However, nowadays, a bridal shower can occur anywhere of your choosing. A restaurant, a spa, a church, a picnic in the park – a bridal shower should be tailored to whatever the bride’s interests are; it’s her day of being spoiled after all!

Can I Have Multiple Bridal Showers?

Yes. You may have several groups of friends or family members you’d like to keep apart, or simply just want to celebrate as much as you can. It’s totally acceptable to have a few bridal showers, but try not to invite the same people to multiple bridal showers – there are only so many gifts you can expect them to buy! For example:

  • A Bridesmaid organizing your shower? Invite close friends and bridal party only
  • An auntie organizing your shower? Consider inviting extended family members and females you’d like to catch up with before the wedding
  • In-Laws organizing your shower? Invite females from your partner’s side of the family and your immediate family too – it’s the perfect time for them to mingle

What Do You Do At A Bridal Shower?

If you’ve not attended a bridal shower before, you may not know what happens. Typically, the attendees bring a gift for the bride to be and watch her open them. It’s usually a time to socialize with drinks and food and catch up before the wedding day.

It’s common to play games at a bridal shower. The games should be fun, lighthearted, and give the bride a chance to relax before the big day. If you’re struggling with game ideas, Brides has an incredible article of 28 Bridal Shower Games Ideas you should definitely check out! From Vow Mad Libs to Charades: Wedding Edition, there’s something for everyone.


I hope this article has helped to answer the question: who should you invite to a bridal shower? I think the easiest way to navigate the guest list is who not to invite. Anyone that does not have a wedding invitation, should not receive a bridal shower invitation. As long as their on the wedding guest list, you can really invite whoever you want and have your bridal shower wherever you wish.

Who did you invite to your bridal shower? Did you opt for an intimate gathering or a large one? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to let me know your answers in the comments below.


Do You Have to Invite Every Woman to Bridal Shower?

In short: no. You can invite whoever you wish to you bridal shower. You may feel as though you need to invite every woman who's attending your wedding to your bridal shower, but you can make it as intimate or large in size as you wish. If you do choose to have a large bridal shower, it would be nice to invite as many female friends and family as possible, but you are under no obligation to do so! 

How Many Guests Should Be Invited to a Bridal Shower?

There is no real guide as to how many guests should attend your bridal shower. The people that should most definitely receive an invite are your bridal party (bridesmaids, maid of honor, flowers girls if you're allowing children etc.). The next group of people to invite are close female family members (mother, sisters, aunties etc.). And finally, close female friends. But you don't need to invite everyone if you don't want to - it really can be an intimate gathering with just a few of your nearest and dearest. 

Should You Invite Someone to a Bridal Shower and Not the Wedding?

Absolutely not! If you're following traditional wedding etiquette, it's seen as impolite to invite someone to your bridal shower, who will not be in attendance of your wedding. If you're having a "work bridal shower" with your work colleagues, this is the only time this rule will not apply (I had a work bridal shower myself!). But be sure that only wedding guests receive an invite to your bridal shower, as not to cause offense to anyone. 

Does the Groom go to the Bridal Shower?

The groom does not usually receive an invite to the bridal shower. However, if you're having a joint wedding shower, having male guests and your fiancé there is totally normal. If you're sticking to the tradition of females only and would still like your groom to be there briefly, get him to make an appearance at the end of the bridal shower. That way, he has a chance to say hello to everyone and thank them for the gifts they've bought you both too! 

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