Wedding Etiquette: Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear A Corsage?

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Today, we’re going to be looking at wedding etiquette and answering the question: does the Mother of the Bride wear a corsage? You may have your buttonholes chosen and your Bridal bouquet at the wedding – but what does the Mother of the Bride wear? She’s a huge part of your special day, and it’s important to include her when deciding on your flowers. A corsage, wristlet, small bouquet – which is best for your mom? Let’s take a look.

Mother Of The Bride Corsage Etiquette

While there is no set wedding etiquette on whether she should wear a corsage, common practice states that a corsage for Mother of the Bride is the most traditional option. However, you can choose whatever your mom feels most comfortable with – we’ll be looking at alternatives to a corsage later in this post!

 corsage for mother of the bride

If you’re looking to be traditional, the Mother of the Bride will usually wear a corsage (along with the Mother of the Groom). The corsage should be on their right-hand side and should be pointing downwards. However, it can be placed anywhere – or can even be a wristlet if you and your mom prefer.

A wristlet may work better if your mom does not want attention drawn from her dress – after all, it is a special day for her too!

It’s important to note that grandmothers are often given corsages too. However, you may wish for your mom to wear a corsage on her dress and your grandmother to wear a wristlet – that way they’re both involved, but in different ways.

Mother Of The Bride Corsage Alternatives

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a traditional corsage for your moms. However, if your wedding is more casual, or modern – you may be looking for a different alternative. One that makes your mom stand out, but isn’t quite as old-fashioned. Let’s take a look at some of the top suggestions you may want to use on your wedding day.

 mother of the bride corsage alternatives

  1. Hairpiece. A floral hair accessory is an easy way to incorporate a flower into your mom’s wedding outfit. If she’s having her hair up, sliding in a floral hair accessory matching the bridal bouquet is a perfect option. It also looks elegant and classy – which is probably the vibe your mom wants for your wedding!
  2. Small Bouquet. Often known as a nosegay bouquet. It should not be as big as the bridesmaids’ bouquets’ (if you have them). You certainly do not want your mom to be unidentifiable as a Mother of the Bride. But a few flowers is the ideal way to get her involved.
  3. Brooch. If your mom loves all things glitz and glam, this may be the option for you. Whether it’s crystals, rhinestones, or any other glittery gem, this is something she’ll be able to wear not just on your wedding day, but for years to come too.
  4. Boutonniere. While tradition calls for groomsmen to wear boutonnieres, there’s nothing stopping the Mother of the Bride wearing one too, if she prefers! Whether it’s a single flower or a small cluster, you’ll certainly know that she’s an important part of your wedding day.
  5. Clutch Bag. Your mom may want something subtle and simple. If that’s the case, you could attach a floral spray to her chosen bag. That way she doesn’t have to worry about ruining her dress, or having a corsage on her wrist throughout the day!
  6. Floral Necklace. If your mom is wanting something that will make her pop, why not opt for a necklace? Intricately incorporating delicate flowers into a necklace looks beautiful and certainly makes a statement.

For more alternatives to corsages, you can try sites lite Etsy and Not on the High Street for ideas.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly bold – you can skip the corsage altogether! I’m not a huge lover of flowers, so besides me, my husband, and my bridesmaids, we had no flowers! Not only was it my preference – but it saved hundreds of dollars on flowers too! This is always an option if tradition isn’t important to you.

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 mother of the bride corsage etiquette

Wearing A Corsage On The Wedding Day

If you do decide to opt for a corsage on the wedding day (it is still the most popular option, after all), there are some things you may want to bear in mind when choosing your Mother of the Bride outfit and how to take care of your corsage.

  • Be sure to find out what your corsage will look like before deciding on your outfit. You do not want your wedding outfit to clash with the flower color choice.
  • Choose flowers which are sturdy – especially if the wedding starts in the morning; you’ll be needing it to last all day! The best flowers to choose are ones such as baby’s breath, roses, and orchids.
  • Spray the bottom of the stems with cold water – this keeps the flowers looking beautiful and fresh.
  • Communication! This is the most important point. If you’re not comfortable wearing a corsage but your daughter wants you too, just tell her. I’m sure she’ll understand and accommodate your needs in any way she can.


I hope this article has helped to answer the question of: does the Mother of the Bride wear a corsage? And help with any alternatives if a corsage just isn’t the right option for you. Being comfortable is paramount, so discuss any issues you have with your floral arrangement as soon as you can.

While tradition does say that corsages should be worn by both mothers (and potentially grandmothers), you do not have to follow this and you should choose whichever feels best for your wedding.

Did you have corsages for your mother at your wedding? Or do you plan to? I would love to know! Or maybe you have an alternative we haven’t looked at. If so, please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.

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