Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs: Top Picks

Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs

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Today, we’re going to be looking at Irish mother-son wedding songs and seeing what our top picks are for the first dance between the mother and son, and other Irish wedding songs you may like to incorporate throughout your special day. If you’re Irish yourself, or just love Irish music – there are plenty of choices to choose from; suitable for any moment of your wedding. Let’s take a look at our top choices.

Irish Songs Throughout Your Wedding Day

From the first song of the ceremony to the last dance of the reception – there’s an Irish song suitable for all the moments of your wedding. If one, or both halves of the happy couple or Irish, or you have any Irish in your family, you may want to include some Irish songs to celebrate where you’re from. You definitely won’t be disappointed with any of our choices. Whether you’re looking for songs about Ireland or songs from Irish artists – we’ll be looking at them all!

Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs

For Irish songs about mothers, for mothers, there are a few choices to choose from.

  • My Son by Pat Roper. By far the most popular choice for an Irish mother and son wedding is My Son. It’s a timeless classic and has the most beautiful, profound lyrics.
    Lyrics: “My son, you were the seed of life in me, and now, I can’t believe the man I see, with pride, I watched you grow up, you wanted so much to change the world for me”
  • A Mother’s Love is a Blessing by Bridie Gallagher. If you’re looking for the perfect way to honor your mom at your wedding, this is the perfect song to show her how much you care.
    Lyrics: “A mother’s love’s a blessing, No matter where you roam, Keep her while she’s living, You’ll miss her when she’s gone”
  • Did Your Mother Come From Ireland? by Bing Crosby. Another popular Irish favorite, to make your mom feel loved.
    Lyrics: “Did your mother come from Ireland, for there’s something in you Irish, and that bit of Irish steals my heart away”

Irish Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Another special dance is the dance between father and daughter. Here are some of our top picks.

  • Daughter of Mine – John McDermott. If you’re looking for a song that will leave everyone with tears in their eyes for this special moment, this is most definitely the song for you. The lyrics are so powerful, and perfect for any wedding day
    Lyrics: “These are the thoughts of a father, On the wedding day of his daughter, As his mind wanders back to the first time he held her, He looks at her now, the same pride in his eyes”
  • Sure, She’s Irish by Sonny Knowles. The perfect way for a father to share the love he has for his daughter on her wedding day; while not forgetting her roots too!
    Lyrics: “Sure she’s Irish, she’s the belle of ball, she’s the star of them all”

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Irish Songs for the Ceremony

For the ceremony, you’ll likely be looking for songs that are romantic and calm. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

  • Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor. While this song isn’t popular for being the happiest of tunes, it’s a beautiful song nonetheless
    Lyrics: “I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard, But I’m willing to give it another try, Nothing compares, Nothing compares to you”
  • Love You ’til the End – The Pogues. One of my favorite songs of all time. This would also work well as a first dance between the happy couple – it’s stunning
    Lyrics: “I just want to be there, When the morning light explodes, On your face it radiates, I can’t escape, I love you ’til the end”
  • The One – Kodaline. No song is better suited for the first dance than this song by Kodaline. It may be more modern, but it’s going to be a wedding classic in years to come
    Lyrics: “‘Cause I knew the first day that I met you, I was never gonna let you, Let you slip away, And I still remember feeling nervous, And tryna find the words to, Get you here today”

Some other ceremony songs to consider are:

  • When You Say Nothing at All – Ronan Keating
  • You Raise Me Up – Westlife
  • The Irish Wedding Song – Andy Cooney
  • The Sweetest Thing – U2
  • Have I Told You Lately – Van Morrison

Irish Songs for the Reception

Once the ceremony is over, and the first dances have been had – you want to celebrate the night away! There’s a huge selection of Irish songs to get everyone up on their feet – classic and modern. Here’s some of our favorites.

  • Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran. It’s the perfect song to get everyone on their feet – and who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran?
    Lyrics: “She played the fiddle in an Irish band, But she fell in love with an English man, Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand, Said, “Baby, I just want to dance”
  • Come on Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners. While there aren’t any particular lyrics within the song that screams “wedding”, it’s an iconic song regularly played at weddings, that everyone loves

Some other reception songs to consider are:

  • Mr. Brightside – The Killers
  • Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  • Brown-Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

You can find a range of Irish wedding songs here, many of which we have taken a look at today.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with the many Irish mother-son wedding songs available, and other popular Irish favorites that will fit in perfectly with any Irish wedding.

Do you know of any other Irish songs that would work well in a wedding, that didn’t make the list? If so, please feel free to let me know any suggestions in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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