How To Make A Wedding Playlist On Spotify

Today, we’re going to be looking at how to make a wedding playlist on Spotify. Spotify is one of the best services to use if you’re looking to DJ your own wedding. But where to even begin? How do you make a playlist? How to choose songs? Let’s take a look at what you need for your big day.

What Is Spotify?

You’ll likely already know what Spotify is, but if not – Spotify is a service that offers millions of songs, videos, and podcasts. All of which is free! The free basic service comes with ads, which obviously isn’t ideal for a wedding, so you’ll need to upgrade to the premium service for your wedding. This enables you to listen ad-free and even download the songs you need so you can listen without Wi-Fi.

How To DJ Your Own Wedding With Spotify

So you’ve decided that you’re going to be the DJ at your own wedding. It may feel a bit overwhelming at first, and you will need to put a lot of time aside, as this can take a while! Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do.

  1. Download Spotify Premium. There’s usually a 2 month free trial. If you choose all the songs before starting the trial, you may not even need to pay for it! However, if you opt to pay for it, it’s around $10 a month. You need Spotify Premium to avoid any adverts.
  2. Choose which songs you’d like to have. Make notes on paper with your partner and then start creating your playlists. It’s important to make individual playlists for each part of your wedding day: procession, first dance, parent dances, reception, etc.). Making individual playlists makes it much easier to navigate on the day.
  3. Make sure you’ve downloaded all of the songs, so you don’t need Wi-Fi on the big day – who knows how reliable it will be.
  4. Buy your speakers (or use of a sound system). This will likely be the most expensive part of DJ’ing your own wedding. However, if your venue is happy for you to use their speakers, it will help the cost massively. Once you have them, be sure to test them out at the venue. Whether your using your phone or laptop or any other piece of technology – check it’s compatible and sounds good. If using a phone – ensure flight mode is on!
  5. Plan a script of which songs need to be played when and choose a person(s) you trust to control the music for the day. Someone needs to be pressing play all day long!

If you’re wanting to know which speakers to buy, where to put them, whether to buy lights, microphones, etc., Wedding DJ Central has a great article which covers everything that you may need. It even explains how to connect everything up on the big day!

Tips And Tricks For Your Spotify Wedding Playlist

Here’s some tips to make the playlists as simple and secure as possible on your wedding day:

  • Individual Playlists. This makes it easy for any family member or friend to navigate each part of the day if they need to step in last minute. It also saves a lot of time, as you’re already prepared. You can even order them, to make it even easier
  • Save. Save the playlists to several devices. If something breaks on the day, you need to be prepared; you don’t want to be left with no music
  • Choose Someone You Trust. Someone needs to be controlling the music and you want it to be someone you trust wholeheartedly. However, they will be missing parts of the wedding by manning the music, so bear that in mind when making your decision
  • Don’t Choose Pre-made Playlists. It’s easy to search wedding playlists on Spotify and find thousands already made. However, some song choices may be inappropriate, not relevant to you, or songs you don’t like. So try to be original and make your own.
  • Test. Be sure to test how everything plays through the sound system/speakers before the wedding. Check which volume is the best and that everything sounds as it should
  • Chargers. This may seem obvious but be sure to pack any chargers you need! You don’t want a device dying on you throughout the day

Spotify Wedding Playlist

If you’re unsure how to make a playlist on Spotify, it really is super easy! All you do is open the app, find the My Library icon. Find playlists, and tap the Create Playlist button. A pop-up will appear where you’ll enter the name and you can add any songs you wish! It really is that simple.

If you’re unsure which songs to play, have a browse of other playlists before you make your own. You may draw inspiration from them! You can ask your family and friends if they have any requests beforehand – I did this before my wedding and it went down a treat!

Sit down with your partner and enjoy choosing the music. It will take time, but it’s something special to choose together. If you’re unsure how many songs you need to choose or which songs to avoid, this article from Yeah Weddings is really helpful!

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I hope this article has helped you to learn how to make a wedding playlist on Spotify. It really couldn’t be easier and will hopefully be a fun experience for you and your partner. It’s important to note, that although the cost is much lower when DJ’ing your own wedding, it takes far more preparation and is a lot more time consuming. If this is something you’re happy to do – I would highly recommend being a DJ at your own wedding!

Did you make playlists for your wedding and control everything yourself? If so, please feel free to leave any tips and tricks in the comments below. It can feel overwhelming, so any help will be appreciated by future brides and grooms!

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