Rent To Own Wedding Rings

Today, we’re going to be looking at rent-to-own wedding rings and all the questions you may have when it comes to renting to own jewellery. It may not be a process that you’re familiar with, but rent to own weddings rings are surprisingly common! If you’re unsure of what the process even is, don’t worry, we’ll be covering it all in this post. But renting to own is a great idea if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to break the payments down.

It’s often looked upon negatively, but it’s the perfect solution for many couples who are desperate for their dream ring(s).

How Does Progressive Leasing Jewellery Work?

With progressive leasing, you get to take home the jewellery that you’re looking for today. The process is relatively simple and helps to protect both the customer and supplier. All you have to do is:

  • Apply online or in-store
  • You will receive an instant decision on your query
  • Choose the ring(s) you require
  • Discuss your plan with a sales associate either online, over the phone or in-store
  • Make a down payment
  • Set up payments to be taken at the intervals of your choice (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Sign the contract
  • Take your ring(s) home

The progressive programme also allows you to pay off your item within 90 days, which allows you to save money off of your lease. Be sure to discuss this with your sales associate.

Things to Avoid When Buying Rent to Own Jewellery

Some contracts may seem almost too good to be true. If this is the case, it probably is! Be sure to go through the contract with a fine-toothed comb and query anything that you’re unsure of. Some warning signs you may want to look out for are:

  1. 0% APR Introductory Rates. While this seems great at first and you’ll have a certain time period interest-free, if there is anything left to pay after that initial period, you’ll end up paying interest on the entirety of the original balance – which may be quite a hefty sum! If you know you’ll be able to pay the item off before that time period ends, it’s completely okay to go ahead with the deal
  2. Fees. When reading through your contract, there will likely be several instances where they talk of fees. Keep an eye out for the words, “late fees”, “returned payment fees” and “origination fees”. If you’re unsure of what any of the terms mean, please discuss with your sales associate before signing the agreement
  3. Low-Interest Credit Cards. Again, these are great if you have a steady income and know you’ll be able to pay off the amount on every payment date. But missing a payment can make the interest rate jump from 8%-10%, to anywhere between 25%-30%…which doesn’t seem quite as appealing!

Rent to Own Wedding Jewellery Suppliers

You may be wondering the best place to shop for rent to own jewellery, and the good news is, most companies will offer this in some way, shape or form. Even the infamous Tiffany’s have a rent-to-own option! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Tiffany’s (who doesn’t want an engagement ring or a wedding ring from here?!)
  • James Allen
  • Gage Diamonds
  • Blue Nile

Be sure to check your local jewelers, as they may be able to supply you with a better deal than some of the leading brands we’ve looked at. Shopping around for the best deal is really important, particularly if you’re on a strict budget.


I hope this article has helped you to become more familiar with rent-to-own wedding rings. It’s a great alternative to buy your dream wedding ring, without saving a huge sum of money. As long as you’re reading the agreement thoroughly and know you’ll be able to make the payments for the agreed period of time – it’s the perfect solution.

Did you rent to own your wedding rings? Or do you know of anyone who has? If so, please feel free to leave your experiences in the comments below. I would love to read your experiences; positive or negative. Sharing is caring!


Can You Finance Jewelery With Bad Credit?

In short: yes. You may not have the same options available as those with a good credit score, but it's definitely possible to with a bad credit score. The best thing to do is to call the jewelers and ask about their qualifications for financing jewellery and ask if they're happy to set up a financial plan with yourself. It's worth shopping around and looking for the best deal, particularly with a bad credit score.

Can You Make Monthly Payments on a Wedding Ring?

Absolutely! Think of your wedding ring like a car, or a mortgage payment on a house. The more payments you make monthly, the closer you get to owning the object outright. The jewelers will often have a range of payment plans to suit your needs, and you pay the monthly amount back every month until the ring is yours! This isn't available at every jeweler's, so be sure to check before you find your dream ring.

What is Ring Rent?

It's much like financing a car, or a new couch - you sign a deal to agree to pay a certain agreed amount of money weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Some stores offer a no credit needed option, so your credit score is of little consequence. However, like any rent, if you miss a payment, the consequences could be catastrophic. So be sure to read through any contract and chat to your jeweler at length before agreeing to a plan.

Can You Lease a Wedding Ring?

Yes! And it's actually becoming increasingly popular, particularly with engagement rings, which are estimated to cost on average, a whopping $5000! It's available in many stores, and a simple Google search will give you instant options nearby - some can even be done online; it couldn't be easier.

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